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[Michael West] ß Poseidon’s Children (The Legacy of the Gods, #1) [young-adult-romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ Man No Longer Worships The Old Gods Forgotten And Forsaken, They Have Become Nothing Than Myth And Legend But All That Is About To Change After The Ruins Of A Vast, Ancient Civilization Are Discovered On The Ocean Floor, Coast Guard Officers Find A Series Of Derelict Ships Drifting In The Current High Priced Yachts And Leaking Fishing Boats, All Ransacked, Splattered In Blood, Their Crews Missing And Presumed Dead And That S Just The Beginning Vacationing Artist Larry Neuhaus Has Just Witnessed A Gruesome Shark Attack, A Young Couple Torn Apart Right Before His Eyes Least, He Thinks It Was A Shark And When One Of These Victims Turns Out To Be The Only Son Of Roger Hays, The Most Powerful Man In The Country, Things Go From Bad To Worse Now, To Stop The Carnage, Larry And His New Found Friends Must Work Together To Unravel A Mystery As Old As Time, And Face An Enemy As Dark As The Ocean Depths So i ll admit that i am an avid mythology buff so it s extremely hard to please me when it comes to mythology I downloaded the sample just based off the titleand the amount of good reviews it recieved I read about the first 4 pages and was hooked immediately I bought it without even finishing the sample Then as i got further i became increasingly annoyed because it seemed as soon as i got used to one character 6were introduced and they all had a voice It drove me near insanity I almost gave up and refundedbut then i thoughtokthis authors writing style is extremely unique and i love it There has to be a reason he has introduced me to all of these characters and given each of them a voice I ll press on So i read a littleAnd i was hookedabsolutely hooked You find yourself frustrated from all the different points of view but it all comes together at the endit was well thought out There was a point somewhere along the book where we are introduced to Horror Show the Hitman And i m thinking to myselfmy lordwhat is the significance Do i really need to know the thoughts of the hitman, the town barber, the icecream man, and little debbie from down the street AnswerYes you do It kind of reminded me of the less dramaticmythological version of crash All of these characters paths crossed and had it not of been for the numerous POV swe might have been lost Could you imagine the confusion if Carol just suddenly showed up on the island and said Hi I found Atlantis and just thought this place was connected You d immediately start wondering what her real intentions are, but with her own voice in the book i knew exactly what kind of character she was and though i hated her at firsti mean despisedI really grew to love her character Because i had every characters POV i felt myself connect to each and every one of them i was sad when view spoiler our little firebug diedwhen our hitman went to jail The only person i felt no sympathy for was Karl hide spoiler The first novel in my Legacy of the Gods series This epic, four book saga has been a project that I have been toying with off and on since 1989, and I am so happy that Seventh Star Press is giving me the opportunity to be able to finally share it with all of you.
I remember when I read my first Hemingway Sitting in my grandfathers study snuggled under my great grandmother s knitted blanket with a small 60 watt bulb illuminating the treasured book from his shelves His study smelled like leather and typewriter ribbon, I will never forget that When I smell these things or snuggle under that blanket, which I still have, I go back to that time in that chair with that Old Man Memories are heavily tied to scent, taste, feeling and for me words I was so emotionally invested in the Fisherman and I stayed up all night till the tale was done.
You know what books I am talking about, the ones you read which stay with you, like my Hemingway moment That have grabbed you in some way with some hook , dragging you along for the ride The ones that a month, a year or even five later you see something, or read something which brings you back to that moment in the book, where you are, what you are doing, what you are eating Some of you have a handful, some of you, like me, have different handfuls that I cycle through because books are part of a central core of my beingPoseidon s Childrenand the rest of the Legacy of Gods series may possibly come to be one of those books Let s talk about why, this definitely will not be a normal review, perhapsof a discussion on passion and why I feel passionate and so excited about talking about Michael West s latest experience in words.
Earlier this week I asked Michael West why Urban Fantasy I tend to not read reviews or synopsis because every time I do I get thrown completely off and at times I go off on a tangent because these labels that are forced upon authors in order to sell the book at times screws the pooch Now Urban Fantasy does not screw the pooch with this, however I cannot putPoseidon s Childrenspecifically in this category nor can I label it as Cthulhuian mythos, or Horror, or thriller, or fantasy, or science fiction, or this is a book that I had a very hard time nailing down If I had to I would say Urban Carnivale but they do not have that subgenre yet Michael may just be the firstFirst off to understand where I am coming from you need to understand the term or phenomena of Carnivale, at least in how I am using it In its root carnevale is derived from the two words meaning, carne , meat food or flesh sex It has been much discussed in the sociological circles as an actual phenomena dating back in many different cultures thousands of years During these times the world, society is tumultuous with most social hierarchies being inverted with satire and a farce, even mockery Reversals of relations between man and beast, men and women, fathers and sons.
and in this book definitely mothers and daughters If you have read this, you know exactly where I am headed If you have not read it, think about the fantastical aspects of a Carnivale The cotton candy, the chaos, the thrills, chills and the Freak Show Michael presents you one with this amazing read.
I literally did a fist pump and giggled when I read the opening scene The series starts off set on a small New England island off the mainland of New Hampshire One of those little tourist traps with quaint shops, quirky hotel clerks, clueless tourist and rich mainlanders that summer on the shores One of these rich mainlanders is a man called Roger Hays and Roger had a son, one that as the book opened up was treading water in the surf coaxing his neurotic girlfriend, who is afraid of open water, out to have a little tryst int he sea Just like our skinny dipper from Jaws soon finds out, this will be the last risqu thing these two lovers do ever Susan Rogers had been right to fear the water There were monsters lurking just below its churning surface Now, they pulled her down into the dark depths things with black and orange stripes, things with claws, with fangs like sharpened steak knives, and, unfortunately for her, they were not inclined to swallow her whole location 163 Here is where it gets tricky, I want to tell you all about it, I want to stand in front of my webcam and give you jazz hands and giggle as I recount a scene.
but I can t Yesterday I started blathering on and on about the story to my fiance until he raised his hand up and said, Stop, wait sea monsters, Atlantis, a town full of sea monsters, a lost god, a weapon wait.
a mobster WTH where is Bruce Campbell I laughed so hard because I had been saying all along that all that was missing was a horde of zombies, Bruce Campbell and a chainsaw.
Now before you roll your eyes and dismiss this, you have gotten this far in the review in so give it a bitSimply put, it was brilliantly woven I giggled continually when I saw the correspondences It is not just the story that is Urban Carnivale , the writing style, the cleverly woven plot devices everything fits overlayed into this frantic masterpiece Oh and the love scenes fanning myself all of them, including the ones that were a bit harder to read, involving one of the bad guys Since this is the start of the series his cast character list is large The protagonists consist of numbers which would fill at least a starting line up for a baseball team Perhaps Colonial Bay Creatures umm no.
anyway One thing people have discussed is because of this some of the characters did not get fluffed enough could not resist I started reading this knowing it was the first in a series Many times when this is the case the first half of a book is nothing but setting up the world, fluffing out the depths of the characters so by the time you get to the meat of the piece you are almost finished It didn t even occur to me while I was reading because I was swept along with the tentacles of each story arc The characters that needed filling, were filled and those that were not will obviously bedeveloped later so this was not an issue for me.
When you open this up, expect to smile, to cover your mouth in horror, to catch yourself needed to grab a breath, taking a couple of hot showers, checking before you dive into a pool from now on and appreciating the fact that most beaches are PROBABLY safe.
probably Thrills, chills.
train wrecks you cannot stop watching in a good way and remember they may not need to need to worry about being able to take a big deep breath before diving in, but you will I cannot recommend this bookit will redefine the genre, or become the beginning of a new one I think I will go tag it with Urban Carnavale now I have been taunting everyone for weeks since the teaser about tentacles and Cthulhuian dreams and words of horror that will thrill you With this incredible book, I have found another treasured memory placeholder I will always have a moment when I read anything that tugs pulls and twists at my memory I will probably smile fondly each time I make my crab cakes But I had not read the book yet I have now, andPoseidon s Childrenwill always have this hook in the flesh of my subconscious.
CHECK Cabin Goddess for ALL four of my posts on POSEIDON S CHILDRENPoseidon s Children The Legacy of the Gods It s been a while since I have read this type of monster story, but I love the movies This one played like a movie in my mind I am giving Poseidon s Children 4 1 2 stars for the story and writing 1 2 star for exceeding expectations I look forward to the next book.
Michael West has done a great job of creating unique twists to well worn myths, giving us both beautiful and terrifying new creatures in the process There is a large cast of characters human and monster , but with each having their own personality, you should not have a problem keeping track In fact, this adds to the real world feel and makes you leap with happiness sadness when the deaths start stacking up.
I liked the pace It doesn t reach out and grab you immediately You start with a nonchalant event that gives a taste and sets the scene for what will be the heart of the story You get confident in knowing where the story is going, but that just makes itexciting when you start to see a few chapters in that this is NOT what you expected There is some sex, but I am happy that it did not feel gratuitous or overly detailed.
This book really touches on several genres horror, sci fi, fantasy, action, and mythology If you read the basic description of Poseidon s Children and it seems even vaguely interesting to you, take the risk and give this one a try I am confident that, at worst, you will be satisfied and at best, you will love it.
Disclosure I received a free copy of this novel from Seventh Star Press I was not compensated in anyway except for receiving the book The thoughts and opinions written here are entirely my own I was not required to write a review.
Very enjoyable monster movie book That s just what it felt like I ve always loved monster movies and this book didn t disappoint Sea creatures shape shifting people an isolated coastal community an ancient prophecy Atlantis discovered How can you go wrong What else can I say Just read it Great book I really loved the Greek mythology aspects of the story, as well as the way Mr West is able to turn things on its head and make it new again The characters in this story were very vivid and I had no problem imagining they could be real.
This novel hit the ground running and did not relent until the very end I definitely can t wait forto come, to see where the story goes next and to continue the wonderful journey of these cast of characters.
Mr West has really outdone himself with this one If you have any inclination to read this, I would do myself a favor and give it a go I don t believe you will be disappointed.
This was defiantly different, in one of the best ways possible, instead of the same old fish attack story, like jaws, this takes that in a totally new and amazing twist The characters are rich and never bored you to death, they feel like actual people, and nothing really feels out of place or forced that would drag you out of the experience You get sucked in so easily that this makes it an easy read I can t wait to see what comes next in the series.
Poseidon s Children is the first book in the The Legacy of the Gods series by Michael West.
How would you classify the 1998 movie The Faculty I would classify it as horror, yet I ve seen it on urban fantasy lists I find the same blurring of lines with Michael West s Poseidon s Children It is classified as an urban fantasy novel, but it is very much a horror story.
Poseidon s Children starts out a lot like Jaws except the sharks in Poseidon s Children have hands These sea monsters are descendents of Poseidon, and they have taken up residence in Colonial Bay What kind of mythological creature would you like to be is a common question among paranormal book discussion forums and the book blog hops I ve never had an answer to that question until now I want to be one of Poseidon s children It would be awesome to be able to transform between a sea creature and a human If I had a set of gills, my life would be complete.
Moving on.
There are a lot of characters in Poseidon s Children It seemed like every chapter in the first half introduced someone new I worried about being able to keep them all straight, but even with West switching between first and last names, I was able to keep track of such a large cast I m looking forward to further development of some of the characters in the next book.
Poseidon s Children is a great start to the The Legacy of the Gods series The ending provides a lot of setup for the next installment, but we are given a complete story prior to the sizable epilogue I greatly appreciate when a series book can be read as a stand alone.
If you enjoyed the 1998 movie The Faculty I did , you should check out this series I ve been trying to ease into the urban fantasy genre and being that Poseidon s Children was dark and scary for an urban fantasy, it was a great selection for me I m looking forward to seeing where the series goes in the next book I hope to vicariously spend some time out at sea as a sea monster.
I don t usually read this genre but found this book very difficult to put down The characters are what drives any story in my opinion, and I found myself completely invested in the characters from the beginning I was so anxious to make sure my favorites survived that it was all I could do to refrain from peeking ahead The author did a great job of painting a vivid picture with his descriptions I highly recommend this book to anyone not faint of heart.