Trailer ¹ A Secure Heart PDF by ¹ Charity Parkerson

Trailer ¹ A Secure Heart PDF by ¹ Charity Parkerson What do four women who come from very different walks of life have in common They are each searching for a man to spend their life with They want unconditional love, friendship and have it wrapped in a nonjudgmental person Each has her own issues to deal with and finding that special man won t be easy When love hits though, they know it without a doubt All of the women are looking for someone with A Secure Heart Someone they can count on forever Now, if only their knight in shining armor will step forward He might change their life, but they re than ready for it A love story in four parts, this book is tremendous A Secure Heart will melt your heart as you get to know each of the characters THIS is what a tasteful, well written book should look like I recommend this one if you are ready for that warm fuzzy feeling to just envelope you You ll find yourself sighing at the romance and blushing just a bit at how active these four women can be Contemporary yet a touch old fashioned, A Secure Heart is a lovely mix of all you could possibly want in an excellent book I only found one issue and it s small Seemed as though the part 4 was a little rushed than the others I gave this one a 5 books plus out of 5 books because it proved once again romance is not dead Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review Charity Parkerson author of A Secure Heart did a wonderful job getting her audience to relate to each and every character in her novel Parkerson was able to combine love, death, suspense and yes lust into the mix No time to get bored with this book, no grass will grow under your feet while reading this novel She brought us into the lives of couples who had known each other their entire lives before falling in love, and couples who experienced love at first sight There is a touch of psychic ability, but not so much that it is hard to believe We felt the pain as friends and family struggle to hold onto the bonds they once shared I look forward to reading her newest novel Wicked Sinners which I am told releases in November.
What Does It Take To Secure A Heart For The Smith Security Services Team, It S Flowers, Chocolate, Wishes, And Sparks Secured Undercover Fashion Designer Flower Calloway S Next Big Show Could Make Her Famous All Over The World, But She Ends Up Uncovering A Few Secrets That Could Break Her Heart Instead Secured Secret A Quick Trip To The Store For Some Chocolate Therapy, And A Fateful Encounter With A Few Gorgeous Men, Shakes Up FBI Agent Genie Cook S Once Secure Life Secured Wishes For Jacob And Gracie, It Is Love At First Sight, But It Will Take Than A Few Wishes To Hold Them Together When Jacob S Career Threatens To Tear Them Apart Secured Sparks Twin Brothers Weave And Bob Are Hardened Fighters, But Two Special Women Are Going To Have Them Throwing Off Sparks Instead Of Punches Will tug your heartstrings while making you laughParkerson blends her fictional world of MMA fighters with her Safe Haven project to make A Secure Heart.
Smith Security Service is run by Shannon Smith Bryant and Parker Smith son fromA Fighting Chance , and Bob and Weave Sparks Ace and Lucy Sparks s twin sons fromA Fighting ChanceI don t feel like I could do a synopsis without including spoilers and I don t want to do that Half the fun was guess who would end up with whom Since this is a Parkerson book I really do not need to add but I will that you will laugh and cry but you will not be sorry that you read it 5 stars As a side note my favorite will always be Ms Parkerson s paranormal sinner series, but if you are a vampire fan like me, then you won t be disappointed Jazz Anderson makes an appearance in this book, and I m super excited about her next paranormal that IS releasing in November I read it on her blog D m, I m excited A fantastic book Loved the way so many stories are intertwined with each other with such brilliant skill There is so much of depth in each character, unlike what you get to read in usual romances I loved it the moment i started reading it Charity has done a brilliant job and i would like to read her other books as well I would highly recommend this books to everyone.
I received this ARC copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
See my full review at have never read any previous books from Charity, so I wasn t sure what to expect It has four different stories that intertwine with each other I was pleasantly surprised at the depth she was able to give her characters in this novella.
The writer has done it again.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way she mixes humor and seriousness.
We get to make some new friends and run into some old ones.
I couldnt put it down.
Looking forward to see what she does next.

Review first published on my blog Secure Heart is a collection of stories centered around the men of a security service company The characters in the different stories do interrelate The relationships continue from one story to the next However, each section of the book focuses on the love story of one character.
A Secure Heart falls into the adult fiction genre, a fact I did not realize when I requested the review copy I normally do not read this genre However, having received the book, I did decide to read it I will not comment on those aspects of the book If that appeals to you, you will enjoy the book It s not something I choose to read That being said, I still did enjoy the stories themselves.
The stories each have substance to them The erotica is part of the story, but it is not the story Elements of situations the characters find themselves in are real One story deals with friendship evolving into love One story deals with the thought of losing a loved one and what you would do to save them Another deals with infertility and its effect on a relationship.
If this genre is not one you read, perhaps you may be able to look past it and enjoy the stories themselves If the genre does appeal to you, then you get the added bonus of a good story to surround it I received this book as part of the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program.
This is the second time I ve read this book and I loved it as much as the first time I read it in 2012 I ll NEVER forget it I can t rember the last time a book made me laugh and cry A Secure Heart has it all, love, passion and tears.
This book consists of four stories Secured Undercover, Secured Secret, Secured Wishes, Secured Sparks I highly recommend this book as well as the authors other books You won t be disappointed.
A Secure Heart had my heart from chapter one right to the very end It made me laugh and cry, which I think are very important elements to a good story It had some very quirky characters that made you fall in love right along with them Everyone needs to mark this as a must read.