Trailer Á Young and Naive PDF by ½ Marla Blowers

Trailer Á Young and Naive PDF by ½ Marla Blowers Very good book, a heartwarming and touching tale It is the type of book that you power to the end because you want to read and then are sad when it is over This is a must read book Growing Up In The Nebraska Orphanage Bobbi Always Knew Some Day She Would Search For The People Who Had Abandoned Her What She Found At The Amigo Inn Was Devastating Two Brothers At The Inn Fall In Love With Her As She Searches To Find Her Mother Along The Way She Succeeds In Making A Name For Herself And Her Horses, But Also Suffers A Lot Of Heartache Nobody Would Have Thought The Little Redhead Girl Back In Nebraska Would Become A Household Name This book is great I couldnt put it down Bobbie goes through alot of heartache but she makes it through it This book is about strong women Any women that makes it through what Bobbie did is strong There is also alot of love in this book This is a must read book After getting used to Ms Blowers writing style, I became really interested in the story as it unfolded It is basically three generations of women Each generation find different things that they were Young and Naive about The characters and situations are believable The narrative style was different The story often glossed over several years, which will necessary for the outcome was a little unsettling at first I did however find myself up late several nights trying to find out what was going to happen next to the characters.
I really wanted to like this book Further, I hate to write a negative review However, I cannot rate this book honestly and still give it high marks I had a hard time getting into the book from the start due to the way it was written Instead of feeling like you re immersed in the book, it feels like a list of encounters with some dialog Bobbi and then she and then She felt and then she I pushed through the writing style and tried to focus just on the story being told Drama is necessary in any story, but this book took it to the extreme Bobbi s life is a giant crap storm with something horrible happening on every single page Many of the plot lines were just unbelievable SPOILER I found it hard to believe that Bobbi and BJ fall in love and become engaged within 24 hours of meeting each other But then Bobbi finds out that BJ is actually Brent, her brother But waithe s not her brother, only her adopted brother so everything is ok But BJ dies after being hit by a car, holding on for several days and leaving Bobbi with a huge speech about carrying on But she ll be ok because she ll just marry her step brother instead Her pregnancy just rubbed me the wrong way There s no way that a mom on bed rest wouldn t know that something was wrong with her baby After two weeks of not feeling the baby move, I think she d notice that something was up The book itself should have been a series with the first book ending after Bobbi and BJ s wedding I would have liked to have seen Bobbi have some happiness and romance before everything crashed down I also would have liked Tammy and Michelle s stories to be separate books as well It was just too much jammed into one book.
I loved this book Once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down This book made me think of my own childhood growing up with horses I can t wait to read of Marla s books I will recommend this book over and over.

After spending her childhood living in an orphanage, Bobbi quietly dreams of meeting the parents that she has never known The day comes that her dream becomes reality With the help of a private investigator, she is reunited with her mother, but it is not quite the happily ever after of her childhood dreams This book was easy to get into and it held me captive Blower s characters are very true to life, and you will cheer for them to the very end She did an awesome job of capturing human emotion on paper I could feel each of the character s happiness and sorrow I believe this is Marla Blowers first book and I have to say that I am impressed.
A Heartwarming Tale Young and Nave is a very soft and sweet story filled with deep emotions concerning love, loss, and triumph of the human spirit The author paints a very clear picture of how all of her central characters women of several generations face many obstacles throughout their lives the old and new, the good and bad, and still find the strength within themselves to push on to the happiness they so desperately deserves Overall, this was a very good book that will captivate every reader and completely steal your heart.