↠´ Widdershins ☆ Download by ☆ Jordan L. Hawk

↠´ Widdershins ☆ Download by ☆ Jordan L. Hawk A gay virgin, a paranormal, a horror, and a historical walk into a bar wait what This book was kind of amazing and odd and then amazing again I loved Whyborne and Griffin and I loved them as a couple All sorts of deliciousness I even liked the historical setting, something that is hit or miss for me And of course, my love for virgins made this read simply scrumptious I adored each blush and hesitancy from Whyborne.
I listened to the audiobook, which was both good and bad I always like hearing the story come to life but this wasn t my favorite narration First of all, the quality of the audiobook wasn t as great as others It sounded faintly crackly and slightly echoey at times, as if the equipment wasn t top notch quality Also, the narrator didn t have enough differentiation between his voices I like when I can tell exactly who is speaking and here it wasn t always clear However, when the narrator did Whyborne s voice, he was spot on and an excellent reader I will most definitely be continuing on in the series Jordan L Hawk, bring it on 4.
5 starsI was late for my appointment with a dead man So good SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD Finally i read it This is one of the best paranormal book i have ever read What a surprise I passed on this one, because i only tried the audio book the first time But but my wonderful buddy readers made me realize the errors of my ways MC 1 Dr Whyborne Quirky, adorable, awkward, somewhat of a genius and one of the most relatable MCs ever I fell in love with him from page one He is our main narrator since the story is told in his POV and damn the guy is fun and i love himExcuse me, I said, rising to my feet and clutching at my overcoat, as if it could shield me from embarrassment I I have to go For the second time in one day, I fled an office in abject humiliation MC2 Griffin Flaherty Charming, calm, witty and all that jazz Even though we don t get his POV, i got to know him through Whyborne s eyes and i freaking love him too.
Whyborne and Griffin start out as working partners and from there their relationship starts to grow These two make a very beautiful couple The chemistry is there from the beginning and as the story continues, it grows The sex scenes were freaking hot JLH did not hold back The sexual chemistry was panty scorching hot.
The writing is so good, the story flows from page to page, the world building pulls you into the story I was transported to another world, a world that i loved, reminded me of supernatural A very entertaining movie was playing in my head while reading this The humor was on point, without being corny, there are some laugh out moments in this book The side characters were well balanced and fit into the story Christine is an amazing female character I want to be her Overall, this was an amazing start to what i hope will be an equally amazing series.
Thanks to my fellow buddy readers Ele, Linda, Moony, Rosa, Teal and Xia for this amazing read I look forward to the next ones.

I hesitated, but it was night, and words spoken in the dark can always be forgotten come the dawn So this was the first book I pulled from my newly invented Bookie Jar and since I didn t even know this was on my e reader I was really surprised that I m already in the possession of such a nice gem lol I guess it was a really good idea to make my Bookie Jar because otherwise this might have stayed on my e reader for eternity without me ever knowing that it even exists XDAnyway, let s move on This book was a fun adventure and I really enjoyed every aspect of it There were so many things that hooked me and made this a pleasant read and once I started reading I just couldn t put it down any So what are you going to find in this book Christine MrsI will not surrender my profession simply because men throughout history have been unduly enard of their penisesGosh, she s so kick asss Haha I love that woman and I adored her for staying by Whyborne s side after she found out that he s gay She took it all in stride and the world definitely needsamazing women like that 3 Two main characters which are so adorable that you can t help but say Awww whenever they do something really cuteJust a moment, just this one kiss, surely that would be enough Then he kissed me back, and it would never be enough, a thousand years of this would not be enoughLots of funny thoughts from our shy and innocent protagonist, who never was in a relationship before and is completely oblivious to the many flirty remarks Griffin is feeding him throughout the course of the entire book lolNot without your consent, at least, he said with a little smile.
Damn the man I could think of far too many things I d happily consent to.
Creepy monsters, a charismatic but blood curdling villain, abandoned houses, mystery, magic and appalling experiments Passionate moments between our two heroes that caused me to smirk and laugh out loud Especially a certain name mentioned in the throes of passion lol So damn cute 333Tell me what you ache for Tell me what has kept you awake at night, alone and yearning in your bed Show me the secret fire in your heart Let me touch you, I panted Please He rolled onto his back, his eyes smoldering along with his smile Have your way with me, thenComplex and multi layered main characters that both have an intriguing and painful past but somehow found each other despite all their troubles and go through thick and thinPerhaps he simply couldn t imagine anyone would stay with a man who wasn t entirely whole Who had been broken, and hadn t managed to put all the pieces back togetherAn amazing historical setting that handled the important aspects of that period really well All told, this was a fast fun read and I can really recommend it to everyone who doesn t only like the m m genre but is also looking for a littledepth and a great storyline Widdershins has a lot to offer and I m sure if you decide to read it you won t be disappointed XD HOLY COW Well, I had heard some really great things about this book and it comes recommended by some amazing readers and writers so duh I had a feeling it was going to be GOOD.
I just had NO IDEA my own fault I should be paying closer attention how action packed, SCARY, skin crawl inducing, heart pounding it would be This is not some sweet, quiet, historical romance Not even close This has death, and afterlife, and grave sites, and occult practices, and SCARY CHARACTERS and at numerous times, I found myself turning on all the lights in my apartment before turning the next page.
Ok, but to be fair, that s not ALL it has This also has a really GORGEOUS slow build relationship between Whyborne Griffin and I LOVE THEM I love each of them separately I love them both together And I can t wait to knowabout them It breaks my heart when Whyborne sees himself as drab, awkward, unattractive, undesirable And then I get all giddy when Griffin, the gorgeous charming one, falls for him Their professional partnership, their growing friendship, and their budding relationship are lovely and adoring, and I m a sucker for it all.
What I love most about this book is that Jordan L Hawk gives us SO MUCH story we get pasts from both characters, we get family struggles, work situations, historical context, emotion, conflict, misunderstanding, professions of love.
the book is SO FREAKING FULL and that s exactly how I felt by the end Full.
My only complaint would be that it s not the kind of book I could just get lost in I had to put it aside a few times, step away, and come back to it Maybe it s the intensity Maybe it s that I had trouble stomaching some of the sensory descriptions I m not exactly certain But, as much as I really enjoyed it, I had some trouble getting through it and I see how that makes no sense at all And as excited as I am that there are 2books already out with WG, I m not quite ready to jump in right away.
But maybe it s just that way a series to be savored in my own timing And I already can t get Whyborne Griffin out of my mind so I know I ll be cravingfrom them soon enough PS here s a warning for those who get easily aggravated or sensitive to certain words Whyborne refers to his member or Griffin s member tons of times I thought it was charming, but some may find it annoying Head s up Solidly characterized, wistfully written, this book gives you a playful view to the Edwardian era in which Egyptology and obscure science held a mystical appeal, men were men and woman had all sorts of strange notions about equality It s a classic resurrection story, in which the thing you re bringing back is way worse than the loss itself, and Percival Whyborne is an engaging, prickly hero His painful isolation is rudely interrupted by one Griffin Flaherty, haunted ex Pinkerton agent who has no respect for boundaries, but plenty of respect for Percival The love scenes are sweet and passionate, and the word precision is a thing of beauty Gorgeous book I downloaded Hainted before I was even done with this one, because I knew I d want to read .
65 stars rounded upThis book is a historical Victorian era paranormal adventure romance What I like Despite it being historical a genre I usually stay away from , the plot is quite adventure heavy as Percival and Griffin try to uncover mysterious cultists and evil sorcerers and terrifying monsters It also involves museum setting which is something I truly like Night at the Museum, people Love that movie lol There is character development too which I always fully appreciate In the beginning, Percival prefers to keep his head down, being alone with his books and translations But as the story moves along, as he is gettingandinvolved with the mystery, Percival shows he isworthy than just a scholar He shows bravery and inner strength I love that A kick ass and brassy female character, in form of Dr Christine Putnam Women leading Egyptian s excavation is unheard of, so Christine must fight for her position in the Museum from males who look down on her and think that females should stay at home She ends up being a good friend, even if Percival doesn t think of that way in the beginning Enough balance of adventure and the mushy stuffs There is a twist in the end regarding who are involved with the cultist I like it.
Slight dislikeJust a personal taste, all right This might not annoy anyone else I m not liking the numerous uses of the words my member his member very much It s weird Like I m back to my teenager years and reading the relatively tame Harlequin stories hahaha Again, just a personal taste.
So yeah, I really enjoy itso than my first experience with Ms Hawk.
4 solid stars Great, that s what it is Loved the story although my vivid imagination went into overdrive and I could have done without some gory visuals, but still , loved the characters and I loved the audiobook evenWHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO LONG TO read THIS Nuff said, on to the next 4.
25 I am not a fan of historical stories, mostly because I get grumpy at the treatment of woman, who are very littlethan adornments and possessions and daughters are a burden.
But also because of the evenprominent social inequality, financial inequality and of course in m m the very real threat of prison or worse as punishment for being gay.
This book covers all of those points, portrait them, but also thumbed its nose at them We have clumsy, brilliant, repressed, wonderful and brave Dr Percival Endicott Whyborne, a comparative philologist He has a deeply ingrained picture of himself, bullied into him from an early age by his father and brother and continually put down by an asshat coworker.
Here I have to give a shout out to Christine, I love her Woman are often not portrait positively in m m books and she not only bucks that trend but is a true pioneer of her time and an awesome friend Whyborne berates himself constantly, he is so accomplished and smart, but he just can t see it, he believes all those jealous and petty people instead I was too gawky, too shy, too strange I didn t want to be looked at I wanted to be left alone, in my little apartment and my lonely bed, which remained cold even after I d crawled beneath the covers But he isn t like they tell him he is, it just takes him a long time to see that.
He s also still mourning his best friend, feels survivors guilt and guilt for not being able to save him, the boy he loved He is ashamed and afraid of being gay Always worried that he will end up in prison for his sexuality and constantly thinking he doesn t measure up despite all his brilliance and accomplishments he feels inferior The full weight of his scrutiny fell upon me judging, considering I looked down and away, because any such judgment would inevitably find me lacking But then private detective Mr Griffin Flaherty comes into his life, or rather forces himself with gentle persistence into Whyborne s life He has his own demons and fears, although I wish I could have had a peek in his head too But this story is told only from Whyborne s POV.
I could see that Griffin is smitten with Whyborne but of course the poor man can t believe it, he doesn t think he s worthy I barely swallowed back a bitter laugh Deserve me Of course he didn t he deserved someone a thousand times better Someone who wasn t gawky and awkward and strange Who could hold a normal conversation without stuttering, who didn t constantly weigh every action, paralyzed by fear until it was too late to do anything And as if the poor man s non existent self worth wasn t enough there is a pretty interesting, creative , creepy and actually also very sad mystery they need to solve So I have to say, despite my reluctance to read an historical horror story, I am so glad I did and I am definitely getting the other books in this series I loved watching these two men compliment and complete each other They are exactly what the other needs and deserves So if anyone is reluctant to read this because of the same issues I had, I say go ahead and give this book a chance, I am very glad I did.
Some Things Should Stay BuriedRepressed Scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne Has Two Skills Reading Dead Languages And Hiding In His Office At The Ladysmith Museum After The Tragic Death Of The Friend He Secretly Loved, He S Ruthlessly Suppressed Any Desire For Another ManSo When Handsome Ex Pinkerton Griffin Flaherty Approaches Him To Translate A Mysterious Book, Whyborne Wants To Finish The Job And Get Rid Of The Detective As Quickly As Possible Griffin Left The Pinkertons Following The Death Of His Partner, Hoping To Start A New Life But The Powerful Cult Which Murdered Glenn Has Taken Root In Widdershins, And Only The Spells In The Book Can Stop Them Spells The Intellectual Whyborne Doesn T Believe Are RealAs The Investigation Draws The Two Men Closer, Griffin S Rakish Charm Threatens To Shatter Whyborne S Iron Control When The Cult Resurrects An Evil Sorcerer Who Commands Terrifying Monsters, Can Whyborne Overcome His Fear And Learn To Trust Will Griffin Let Go Of His Past And Risk Falling In Love Or Will Griffin S Secrets Cost Whyborne Both His Heart And His Life What an absolute cracker If I could up the rating on this I would I bought it because I saw the great reviews the second book was having and wanting to read that thought it only right to start with book one to get used to the characters One of the best decision and purchases I ve made and now I m chomping at the bit to get to Threshold Whyborne Griffin 2 which is sitting waiting not so patiently on my Kindle.
This had everything you could ask for from a m m paranormal romance I m not going to go into the plot in an in depth way because I think everyone should discover its delights on their own but heres a few things that made it such a great read for me Two endearing, superb Mc s who from the word go generated great chemistry and sexual tension, a feisty female colleague with loads of attitude and a strong starring role worthy of her characterisation, a complex, sinister and intriguing plot that never waned and kept the tension flowing right until its fantastic conclusion, creatures straight of a H P Lovecraft novel that had me shivering in revulsion quite a few times, creepy dark magic cults and of course a slow burning erotically charged love story full of some of the most delicious love scenes that whilst still being uber sexy were perfectly in tune with the atmosphere and setting of the story No jumping into bed in the first couple of pages for these two The attraction is there but we re made to wait a while before they get to together so the ST is palpable Thats what I like because when the inevitable happens its electric Great stuff.
I love it when I find new authors and get really excited by them and Jordan L Hawk is now my favourite brand new author of the moment and repressed scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne and ex Pinkerton Griffin Flaherty are now in my top best ever m m couples list Another pushing all MY buttons read that manages to be quirky, fresh and exciting and one of the most enjoyable books Ive picked up lately I ve been very lucky recently with my choices and Widdershins Whyborne Griffin 1 is definitely one of my luckiest Can t recommend this highly enough Just brilliant Did I say I loved it