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[ Read Online Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai º recruitment PDF ] by M.J. Webb ¿ The Heynai Bestowed Upon The People Of Estia One Great Weapon To Fight The Forces Of Evil, A Set Of Five Stones Which Possess Unlimited Powers They Housed Them In A Protective Box And Entrusted It To A Keeper, A Guardian Chosen From Earth For Centuries, The Stones And The Keepers Defended Their World Against Wizards, Tyrants And ArmiesUntil The Day That Two Ordinary Fifteen Year Old Boys From England Broke Them In Jake West The Keeper Of The Stones The Boys Fought Battles, Freed An Entire Army From Slavery, And Waged War Against An Evil Wizard And His Legions Of Murderous BeastsNow, The Beleaguered Rebel Army Is Marching To The City Of Dassilliak, Pursued By The Tyrant, King Vantrax, His Savage Beast Warlord, Sawdon, And His Entire Northern Army Ahead Of Them Lies A Sizeable Enemy Force Which Is Waiting To Spring A Deadly Trap They Are Running Out Of Time And They Are In Desperate Need Of A Miracle The Only Weapon They Have Lies In Ruins Jake West Is The Only One Who Can Restore It But Jake And The Seriously Wounded Ben Have Gone Home Book Two is a continuation of the trials and tribulations the boys face as they each seek to fulfill their role in this new world Jake, while having the hopes of the entire world on his shoulders may just have it easier, for he knows his role to play But Ben is along for the ride, supporting Jake.
There is easily as much, if not , action in this book than in the first Yet the characters continue to develop nicely and with depth one might not expect in a story of this nature Mr Webb has done an excellent job with the boys, showing them as they mature, but never letting us forget that they are still two 15 year old school boys Webb has done a very nice balancing job between creating a fantasy world and keeping the two main characters grounded in a reality that manages to straddle both worlds they currently inhabit.
Like Book One, this book ends well, answering some questions and still leaving than enough to draw the reader back to the series the moment Book Three becomes available A solid series that looks as if it will stand the test of time nicely.
With this novel Webb jumps right into the action of the story, and this action comes with a huge twist from the first installment, while still picking up exactly where it left off The action continues throughout the entire novel without a single dull moment There are lots of laughs coupled with even adventures.
The descriptions in this novel remain just as clear as in the first I also appreciate that you get a better picture of what the lands look like Descriptions are about than just people and events now The differences between the various peoples of the land also becomes abundantly clear Throughout this volume the reader can see what they all look, act, and sound like.
The characters in this novel continue to be very real while not necessarily realistically human and they pull you further and further into the story with their trials I love the fact that mid quest some of the characters can stop and halve a conversation about picking up girls It just adds to their realism The characters also remain consistent between the first and second volumes of the series No one magically gets a new personality Also, no one s speech patterns change I love the way that Webb fills the reader in on the history of the lands Rather than simply having a long narrative he has certain characters telling stories about past events or certain areas This helps keep up the fast pace of the novel while filling everyone in on background He also dangles the stories throughout the novel so you don t have any information overloads.
Putting the date at the start of various sections is an easy, effective way to show the progression of time in a novel Webb does so in such a way that it doesn t intrude on or break the flow of his story telling By integrating it right into a sentence the progression is pointed out subtly, not breaking your concentration on everything else It also helps the reader determine what events are happening in tandem as the author does flip back and forth between the two main forces and the hero s quest All the while everything remains quite real.
As a whole this novel was such a fun, exhilarating read that I hated to see it end The characters overcome their trials against all odds again and again You cannot help but want to be part of their world By the end of the novel you also want to grab the next as you need to know how their quests end.
Warriors of the Heynai by MJ Webb is the sequel to the author s debut fantasy novel which follows hot on the heels of the original Once again we follow the exploits of Jake West as he continues along the crusade to depose the evil King Vantrax and his brutal hordes Only Jake has been transported back to his own world in the opening scenes at the deathbed of his grandfather, whose mystical stones provided the portal to where Jake becomes the next family war hero Overcoming his grief, he makes his way back to the side of Princess Zephany, joining forces with the Estians to rejoin the cataclysmic battle.
There is not a whole lot of missing pieces requiring the reader to pick up Jake West The Keeper of the Stones to get up to speed, though it is just as enjoyable a read and highly recommended Webb brings us into the mix with seamless transition as his friend Ben Brooker makes a reappearance along with the King s evil henchman Sawdon There s lots of swords and sorcery, teenage romance and rollicking fun ahead Pick up a copy of Warriors of the Heynai by MJ Webb and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.
Epic fantasy adventure Jake West is back in a new time travel adventure This time around, we meet TheWarriors of the Heynai, as Jake sets out to restore the box of stones and keephis promise to defeat King Vantrax The twists and turns will leave you on theedge of your seat You ll cheer for Jake s success, and hold your breath during themoments, that failure seems imminent.
This book is written in 3rd person, and it broke my heart from the very beginning,but luckily, Webb found a way to bring the reader back from the brink ofdepression I read somewhere that M.
J Webb had been compared to C.
Lewis, but I think that it should be the other way around, because M.
J Webb is apowerhouse in his own right.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy adventures Author Charity Parkerson I believe that the best review that a reader can give a book is when they say that they can t put the book down This is most certainly the case with Jake West Warriors of the Heynai The only two things that prevented me from reading the book from cover to cover in one go was work and sleep I had read the previous book Jake West Keeper of the Stones and was awaiting the second book with great anticipationAnd I wasn t disappointed Jake West Warriors of the Heynai is a thrill ride from start to finish, full of suspense and drama That, coupled with the believable and likable characters, makes for a very entertaining read Both books have been recieved with much excitement, definitely from this reader, and I am not on my own I am looking forward to the next installment of Jake West with great anticipation and I am eager to see how the story unfolds These books are a must for all fans of this genre and they will certainly appeal to readers of all ages.
This book was just as good as the last New characters, adventures, another battle I cannot wait to find out what happens in book 3.
I know I can be like others and really go into the storyline, but I feel that seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the story I will tell you that you will be surprised by what joins the rebel army and by what King Vantrax is able to summon because of the magic he holds I caught myself holding my breath so many times, hoping upon hope that things would turn out ok and would be totally shocked by the outcomes.
I so far highly recommend this trilogy Just one to go I was given this trilogy by the author with the promise of an HONEST review.
Warriors of the Heynai is perhaps better for young readers who are looking for something to read to kill time than it is for anyone who is looking for a book that they can t put down It continues the concept of traveling to another world and being a leader in that world with powers that you never would have had in your own Kinks from the first novel seem to be worked out a little better in this, the second of the series We have moved past long back story and clumsy descriptions, however there are still times when we are told something is happening instead of having it described to us.
Characters are true to themselves in this book, almost to the point of being repetitive You can easily anticipate when someone is going to be coming in with a remark or what they are going to react to I felt that there was story to this book than the previous one, direction for the plot to take Our adventurers are traveling the world on an actual quest, rather than trying to work their way through the events of a world they know litte about, as was happening in the previous story Readers discover that Jake s stones can do much than we originally thought possible and begin a journey to repair the broken box which will provide the rightful king with the power to dethrone his brother and put right to the world.
A story full of travel, battle, and magic, Warriors of the Heynai is stitching up an interesting story of responsibility, strength and courage that young readers should enjoy as an entertaining read.
Note Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I d gone out and bought it.
This is the second book of the Jake West series Although the author does a good job of briefly summarizing book one, I would highly recommend that readers read book one before reading this book It will allow you to fully understand what is happening and the growth that the characters make.
This book picks up with Ben seriously wounded and Jake having to face his father while also realizing that his grandfather is not dead yet He has a choice to stay safe at home with his family, but he chooses to keep his promise to those of the other world and help them fight King Vantrax and all of his evil.
This book pulled me in even deeper than I already was with the first one Anyone who loves war stories or books that focus on strategic battles will LOVE this series It is not usually my genre though the Lord of the Rings trilogy is still one of my faves , but this story grips you and makes you keep rooting for the good guys no matter what the odds and the odds are definitely against them.
The characters are very well developed They all have flaws which keep them human, but their courage and comradship make them so endearing I love Ben s character for his humor and the things he blurts out I enjoyed the introduction of the new characters that helped moved the story along I love that some characters from book one came back when you least expected it don t want to give anything awayI hate spoilers.
This book continued with the VERY long descriptive scenes which I must admit I skimmed through at times because I wanted to get back to the action The author does a beautiful job of describing the different species and the scenery I m just really bad at being patient enough to read it all The author also uses British words in some parts, but it isn t enough to deter an American reader from understanding anything There are certain words which started to become a little annoying Srr, Raaar , but again I just skipped over them None of that took away from my enjoyment of the storyline.
And again, the author left us in a cliff hanger which I absolutely LOVED Those are my favorite kind of stories because it makes your mind go crazy with your own ideas and your fingers itch to pick up the next one I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or epic wars battles.
Note to parents This book contains a LOT of violence so I wouldn t recommend it for the preteen There is no profanity, vulgarity or sexual scenes, but the violence can be pretty heavy at times.
This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review Thank You.
This book starts where the last one left off, in a hospital and someone close to Jake is dead The stones were a mighty weapon given to the people of Estia by the Heynai, spirits who entrusted the box to the Keepers, ancestors of Jake s from Earth It had survived centuries, protecting the world and countless others from harm, and Jake and Ben had broken it This book starts out pretty good The writing is stronger and there are less cliches I am still confusing Vantrax s name with a herpes medication in my head I was liking Jake in this book Ben is kind of annoying I wasn t really caring at all about any of the other characters Jake, Ben, Tien and Verastus are on a quest to restore the broken stones King Artex is trying to raise an army Vantrax is trying to kill off everyone and raise a zombie army There are a lot of exciting moments happening Towards the middle I started getting bored again I would read a little, then get bored, then go back to it and read a little But I really had a hard time getting into it and it wasn t really holding my attention too well Once The Battle of Dassilliak started I was liking it again and it was getting really exciting This author writes really good battle scenes and I was getting into them but the filler in between was boring me The book ended well and got really exciting I was liking it again towards the end This book was better than the first one If that continues to hold true then the third book should be the best I guess I will need to pick up the last book so as to see how this series ends 3.
5 stars.