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Download Epub Format º Tribesman (Tribesman, #1) PDF by × Paul Freeman I LIKED ITThis is one of those frustrating times when a book could have easily made it up a notch in my rating It sat on the brink, tipping both ways, but in the end, it fell just a hair short For the first quarter of the book, this was making its way into the I REALLY LIKED IT group However, the further I read, the I started losing interest.
First off, we re introduced to the main character who just woke with a hangover Immediately, I liked the Tribesman He was a tough guy, picked on because of his race, and we were shown quickly that he s not afraid of confrontation I m rubbing my hands together in excitement.
As I continued to read, I still liked our Tribesman, but when characters were introduced, he started to fade Reason They allll talked the same In the beginning, the landlady and a few ruffians had a lazy dialect They used contractions, where our Tribesman did not Cool, right Well, that faded pretty quickly Soon, the dialog just felt heavy, jerky, and kept me from getting into my beloved reading trance It never bothered me that the Tribesman spoke formally It gave him a unique voice in the beginning, but like I said, when others joined, he got drowned out Seriously, that was my biggest beef Towards the middle, it all began to run together I missed that distinction I felt in the beginning I understand not every word that can be a contraction should be a contraction, but when there s a good chunk of dialog, it just doesn t flow when everyone speaks stiffly.
There were some awesome fight scenes Then there were some I was hugely disappointed in First, Tribesman is a badass I enjoyed it when we were fighting there with him, right in his mind But then there were sections where a fight was coming, then all of sudden it was over We were then told what happened For example, bad group of guys were coming up the stairs and never saw their deaths First guy fell with a dagger in his throat, second with a stab to the chest, and so on For me, personally, I would have rather been with Tribesman as he did all this stuff, not seeing it from outside I understand this is totally a personal preference A lot of action scenes are written this way But when Freeman gives me a taste of awesome action and then tosses me a scrap like that, I feel a little cheated.
Also purely personal tastes is my dislike for head hopping mid scene with no formal break One minute I m with Tribesman after a big fight, and then all of a sudden I m with another character It s always jarring for me when this happens I really prefer a break to show a PoV change.
One thing I very much enjoyed is that we stayed with our main character and his companion about 98% of the time It kept me close to our Tribesman at a time I might have become bored if another storyline would have been introduced.
If you re looking for a strong female character, don t expect one here Sure, she puts up a bit of fight, but she s looking to be rescued Shame, because when I first met our female protagonist, I thought she d end up being a bit tougher.
So overall, I never skimmed and read it in a single afternoon I must say, it was a quick read I enjoyed this book, but those few negatives kept me at a slight distance when there was every possibility to become hugely engrossed.
A couple cool excerptsHeroes are simply frightened men with gods luck who survive Fear has a smell, it is blood and shit and the piss of the man standing next to you, or maybe it is your own You can this and other reviews on my website This is a marvelous fantasy read What seems as a simple fantasy concept is quickly launched into one of the compelling stories that I ve ever read within the genre Mr Freeman has such an interesting and unique descriptive sense that I found myself intrigued by the prose as much as the beautifully rich characters If you are a fan of the fantasy genre, you ll lose yourself in Tribesman s pages It s a perilous journey that s remarkably constructed.
This was an awesome read for the epic fantasy genre There was a lot of gore and bloodshed between mortals and supernatural beings alike This is exactly what I want to read concerning this genre I was quickly pulled in to the plot and the social similarities and differences it had with our own society I was interested to read about the hostility people had against fair skinned and fair haired Northerners It was like a role reversal where dark skinned peoples were better The image that I got regarding the Northerners was that of Vikings tall, very muscular with braided hair hanging down, and the life of raiding Even the goddess of death, Morrigu reminded me a little bit of Freya.
Overall I though it was well worth the read There was a little romance thrown in and honestly I could have done with less Our main character got derailed from his original path obviously but I didn t think he would go that far off Still I was happy with how the book ended and where the main characters ended up It would have been just a bit too perfect if the author decided to take a mushy ending I would have to say though that my favorite character would have to be Morrigu She is just so conniving and terrifying and everything in between Of course, being the goddess of death warrants such characteristics So anyways, a great book to read and I immensely enjoyed that this is not part of a series Don t get me wrong, book series are great, but there is something satisfying about finishing a book without having to wait for the next one to be published or purchased.
Awesome and epic Those are two words that are often overused to the point where their original mean has been diluted beyond recognition And yet, with regards to Tribesman, those two words are particularly applicable.
The breadth, depth and scope of the world created by Paul Freeman is awesome in its development and epic in its delivery Culainn is a dynamic character who has made some poor choices in his past and is dealing with the consequences of them He undertakes a quest to retrieve a merchants daughter Along the way he meets Persha, an beautiful dessert nomad, and an outcast just like the warrior of the north Together they battle demons, hell hounds and search for the lost city of the dead A story of magic, gods, love and betrayal, Tribesman is truly an epic adventure.
I deeply enjoyed this story It is one of the few e books that I ve read that I plan to also purchase the printed copy when it comes out It has earned not only a place in my kindle but on my shelf.
TRIBESMAN by Paul Freeman is an epic fantasy tale of a true warrior and an outcast, Culainn, who sets on a perilous journey in search of Cotterell the merchant s daughter abducted by clansmen In the lands he wanders Culainn is often prejudiced, people calling him Tribesman, which he considers an offence There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this novel and first of all I d like to say I enormously loved the main characters, Culainn and Persha a woman Culainn saves from a group of villains on one occasion.
Paul Freeman is really great at characterization Culainn makes a fantastic character He is a strong, experienced warrior, blessed with the gift of sensing danger, yet haunted all the time by a dark goddess Morrigu, who is most often the sign of someone s impending death Culainn and Persha are together wandering the deserts, facing malevolent demons and other creatures that seek to kill whoever they find in their way It s a journey fraught with dangers and full of unpredictable twists and turns.
The book is filled with masterfully written descriptions of the harsh and barren scenery There are also quite a number of intense action packed scenes here that are very visual and really well done This will especially appeal to action oriented readers, I m sure.
I just can t help admiring the author s ability at writing such intense scenes as this one Up close the creature s hot and putrid breath assaulted him as it snapped its massive jaws The claws on its hind legs ripped at his thighs, while the front paws pinned him to the ground He needed both hands to prevent the creature from ripping out his throat, all the while his legs and torso were being torn to shreds He saw the blood red eyes staring into his own and knew the beast was too powerful, his strength was failing fast The creature shook its head violently from side to side in order to break free of his grip and get at him with its fangs His muscles were beginning to burn from the agony of the demon s ripping claws There were also a few flashback scenes into Culainn s childhood that helped relate to the warrior on a deeper level, and helped me get to know Culainn better And it s not only about him, I should say, but about the other characters as well.
I enjoyed Mr Freeman s manner of writing it s strong, mature, and just to the point The scenes especially the fight scenes were very easy to visualize It felt as if I were there, in the thick of the events There were also a few romantic bits, not sickly sweet romantic, but appropriate for an epic fantasy book.
One of the parts of the book that I enjoyed the most was Culainn s visit to Azral Murbo, the City of the Dead, where he goes to save Persha A great climax to the book To sum up, this is a must read for all fantasy lovers, especially those who enjoy epic fantasy I look forward to future releases by this author Good storytelling, relatable lead character and a plot that becomes engaging as the pages turn Paul Freeman is a new enjoyable voice in the genre, and I ll make sure I keep an eye for his next work.
A Warrior In Exile Seeks A Path HomeBanished From His Homeland, A Warrior Of The Northern Clans Grows Weary Of Life In A Harsh, Alien LandWith The Dark God Morrigu Haunting His Dreams, And A Desert Princess As A Companion, Culainn, A Warrior And Champion Sets Forth On A Journey North In Search Of A Merchant S Daughter Abducted By Clansmen And Taken Back Across The Mountains Through A Land Baked By A Scorching Sun, Where Bandits Roam Free And Dark Beasts Stalk The NightAn Ancient Evil Is Rising From The Desert A Benouin Myth Of A Ghost City Inhabited By The Souls Of Their Ancestors, A Bridge To The Underworld Is Unleashing Demonic Creatures On An Unsuspecting World Culainn And Persha, Warrior And Mage Stand Alone Against A Tide Of Darkness All The While, Morrigu, The Dark War God Of The North Seeks To Use Culainn As Her Own Tool, Her Own Champion Great book, technically sound throughout No typos, errors of any kind that I saw Well thought out characters, fleshed out nicely, though leaving you wanting to know them a bit Nicely done No ta da moments, and I was able to immerse myself within the world Mr Freeman created.
Culainn At first I did not like him For some reason it took me a while to warm up to him Persha I enjoyed, she is a great character that I was hoping the book would end up centered around because I was wishing for demonic death for Culainn Were my wishes granted read the book people By the end of the book I had warmed up to Culainn, well written character, he was just a bit off putting for me at first.
Lots of action, fighting, medium sized dialogue contained within the framework of the story No odd soliloquies about how hot the desert is or long lost loves Short, sweet and to the point An economic book, pacing is very quick, you get from point A to point B quickly, and without a lot of fluff I liked that.
One thing that I did not like, and would have changed my scoring for the book The ending If this was a stand alone book, and not part of a series I did not know it was at the time I finished it I would have given it a 3 All because of the ending Now that I understand it is part of a series, and will continue on, I get why the ending was the way it was At the time I was so angry about it In fact, that is why the review is a few weeks late in posting I was trying to think of a way to say how angry I was at the ending, but in a nice manner And I, the great and glorious Papi Z, could not come up with a nice way.
Read the book, and tell me if I over reacted to the ending With all of the knowledge I now have, the scoring on the Papi Z book o meter is 5 out of 5 stars I enjoyed the book a great deal, and I feel all of you will too.
I m not too free with five star reviews, but I gave Tribesman by Paul Freeman five stars because it was really worth it Tribesman is about Culainn, a man from beyond the northern mountains with a tortured past, cast to the desert lands to the south, living out a life of exile The story starts with his blade being bought, and from there, fate takes over This is a really gripping tale, rife with love, danger, demons, magic and gods.
One of the things I liked most about this book was the use of magic In a lot of fantasy books, you have mages that can cast spells like lightning and fire and all kinds of battle magics, but in Tribesman, the magic is spiritual, frightening, and potent.
I can t really tell you the biggest reason that I love this book in a way you will understand, but I will try When I was younger, I had an older friend who I used to visit who got me into writing She was the first writer that helped to mold my craft I loved her writing She had this simple style of falling into the characters lives, of knowing precisely who they were and what they stood for Her characters could have easily fit in this world as much as the world she wrote about Tribesman reminded me of her writing, and it reminded me precisely why I love fantasy so much.
A thoroughly enjoyable readThis is a super tale of warriors and mages and demons and sword fights and battles and nasty deaths Culainn, the hero, is a true hero a great fighter, almost fearless, but who finds himself pitted against some formidable enemies, all the while aided hindered by a god who infiltrates his dreams and seeks to control him for her own devious ends There is romance, too, and the horrors of battle and soldiery, with much blood spilt, many limbs lopped off and some pretty nasty flesh wounds And Culainn, wracked by guilt for a shameful deed that led to his self imposed exile from his homelands, debates whether he can return home to escape the hostile environment he now finds himself in The story is never predictable, always gripping, making for a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read Highly recommended I eagerly await books 2 and 3 of the series