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Ñ The Pen & the Sword (The Ballad of Nick & Mina 1) Å Download by × Jonathon Wolfer I got a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe novel tells the story of how Nick and Mina win the Pen and the Sword and set out on an adventurous path Nick is new in town and the first person he befriends is outsider Mina She s much stronger than the average human and she s intelligent and interested in many things Nick can see ghosts and other creatures that normal people don t see, so it s a perfect fit But Nick also makes friends with the local baseball team where be becomes a player One day, Nick and Mina find a sword with a pen embedded in it and learn about their heritage Nick is destined to chronicle the unnatural world, and Mina has to protect him There are enemies who have already killed Nicks uncle, and they will stop at nothing to get the Sword and the Pen.
Things I liked I liked the cover Simple but very evocative and fitting.
The banter between Mina and Nick was great Those two characters came alive and were the reason why I kept reading the book although not much happened It was clear to me that the author has a great talent creating believable characters Also, it was quite nice to have a strong heroine who has to protect the boy The love between the two seemed a bit hurried to me, but then, I m not a teen anyMaybe things work out faster these days I enjoyed learning about Mark Twain coming and going with a comet and about life in an American high school.
Things I didn t like There were way too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the book I am German, which means I m not a native speaker and most likely to overlook errors in the language, and even I could spot them Luckily, with the help of a good editor, this fault is easily remedied an advantage of ebooks.
The antagonist didn t show up till close to the end, and his impact on the plot was minimal It wasn t such a big drawback, however, since the dynamic between Mina and Nick propelled the story forward and kept it interesting.
There were several great ideas that weren t fully developed like the leprechaun s luck.
Final verdict Overall, this was a very enjoyable read if a tad unstructured It makes a good starting point for a series I recommend finding a good editor to get rid of the errors though Without them, my rating would have been 4 stars.
Full disclosure I ve known Mr Wolfer most of my life and he s kind of an asshole I m not quite sure how he managed to put so many words together in an order that tells such a fun and driving story I don t typically read YA, because I m a grown man, but this book is filled with enough supernatural shenanigans and dark comedy to keep my twisted mind enthralled Definitely suggest reading it even if you don t read YA, it s certainly better than most of the other crap everyone s churning out.
Nick Gets A Pen And The Ability To Document The Supernatural World Mina Gets A Sword And Super Powers Nick Does Not Think This Is Remotely FairWhen The New Kid In Town Nick Is Partnered Up With The Strange Girl In Town Mina For A Science Project, They Learn That There Are Things That Go Bump In The Night And That Its Their Job To Hunt Them Down Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Jonathon Wolfer Well, Sherlock said it best When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth I loved the beginning with John and Lauren I was confused a little, had to keep re reading the paragraph to understand what was going on, but I loved it I liked Nick s character, he was kind, caring, and cool I didn t realize until the end that this was just the beginning of the series, I can t wait for the next book It didn t have as much fighting as I thought it was going to have, but it was a nice read.
I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review I give this book 3.
5 stars This is the story of a boy called Nick who moves from New York with his mum to her small hometown, here he discovers that the male line in his family have a secret they can see all things supernatural and he with the use of a special pen is able to record all the supernatural occupancies On his first day of school he is paired with Mina for a school project, a kid that doesn t have friends and doesn t fit in at school While completing this project Nick discovers that Mina is no ordinary teenager either as she too has special abilities, upon finding the sword she discovers it is her legacy to protect Nick from supernatural creatures who are out to find kill them both And their adventure to protect the people of the town begins I really liked Nick s character kind, smart, athletic and caring, but he also has all the raging hormones of a teenager which only adds to the humour I found in the story I loved to read about his growing friendship with Andrew his baseball buddy This story has some sincere and touching scenes involving the both of them and I particularly liked the banter and the lively competition between them As Nick discovers his Uncles Journals and the Stanton family secret he is paired with Mina for a school assignment and find out she too has a legacy Nick has the ability to see and record with a special pen supernatural occurrences which others don t witness, Mina finds a sword and discovers she has superpowers and is destined to protect Nick with all things supernatural Mina s character is an art student who doesn t really fit in at school and doesn t have friends until she meets Nick, however I struggled to connect with Mina and found myself disliking her I found her to be cocky with her comments, no fun as she just wanted to train and kill things, pushy when she s constantly pulling and leading Nick around and became irritating at times, I didn t feel I really understood what Nick saw in her I did however love other characters such as his mum Trudy who is very trusting and slightly vulnerable, Gert, the 90 year old ninja who could kick butt and drove a cool car and I have to mention Hank the were pig genius this character made laugh so much I d have loved the existence of a were penguin and were hamster which Mina mentions she would like as pets I found this book to be an enjoyable read, I loved that Jonathon started off the story with an action filled first chapter which grabs the reader s attention I feel the story was well written and has a great plot, however I felt that its main focus in revealing the secret, learning their new skills, training and the build up took so much time that I felt the climax unfortunately left me wantingWhen I reached the end of the book however I realised that this story has just begun and for the first book of several is a great starting point and a fantastic concept for future books, I personally can t wait to find out which other supernatural characters are going to appear Nick and Mina, the hero and heroine of The Pen the Sword, are the quintessential odd couple he s a smart jock, she s a quirky art freak that is, until they realize that there s a lotto each other and their relationship than just the standard high school labels.
Nick is a Stanton, part of a family who has been charged since time immemorial with documenting the supernatural world and all the vampires, leprechauns, invincible nonagenarians, and werepigs yep, werepigs that come along with it As a paranormal scribe, he is assigned a Protector and, as luck would have it, his protector is none other than his science lab partner, Guillermina Mina Medellin When they are paired up to work on a project tracking the 1986 passage of Halley s Comet, they get a lotthan they bargained for Nick is given a pen that he uses to write about the things that no one else sees, spy on others in his town, and find clues etched in stone, while Mina gets a sword and supernatural speed, strength and healing powers Together, they are the dynamic duo of their small Connecticut town.
When kids in their high school start getting attacked and killed, they start suspecting that there s a lotto the story than simply the rabid bears the news are speculating As they try to solve the mystery surrounding the deaths, they realize they re the unwilling target of something much bigger, muchevil, and muchancient than they ever bargained for.
Let me start by saying that this was a fun story to read The Pen the Sword is catchy, fast paced, and contains just enough teenage hormones to make it interesting However, although I felt that the story as a whole was successful, I did have a few qualms.
I wish the secondary characters Nick s mother and grandmother, Mina s father, and Gertrude Mina s superpower trainer had been developedthoroughly There were flashes of brilliance in the character department Nick s mother s dependence on Nick for getting the right word for her crossword puzzles, for example , but they were few and far between I understand that the stars of the show are Nick and Mina, but I feel that the story as a whole might have benefited from having had acomprehensive treatment of their families and close friends.
Perhaps this comes from being a girl, but I found the interaction between Nick and the members of his baseball team to be extremely rough and, onethan one occasion, slightly offensive There was quite a bit of cup smacking, and a few derogatory terms bandied about that made me uncomfortable Again, though, I have a feeling that this is likely due to my own female ness there is precious little cup hitting and smack talk in my world, even when I did play high school sports.
The story, in my estimation, took entirely too long to get the climax and then, when it did, it was over and done much too quickly I wish there had been less of a buildup andof a climactic battle and denouement I understand that, given that this is the first in a series, the author had to spend time giving us background and setting the stage for the future iterations of his story that s not a problem I do wishtime had been spent on the climax and the final realizations and set up for future stories I felt like I had invested enough time in getting there that I deserved a bitthan what was given.
However, despite what I considered to be the story s shortcomings, I thoroughly enjoyed this book The Pen the Sword is fast paced, entertaining, and has little snippets of totally tubular 80s lore interspersed throughout which, as a child of the 80s, I was most excited about The idea that, in this case, the girl was the powerful one while the boy wasof a bystander appealed to my inner feminist even if it did cause much consternation to Nick I also really enjoyed the fact that this book takes place in a muchinnocent time and the author fully exploits that Supervision is at a minimum, and parental trust is at a maximum This lends itself well to the shenanigans that Nick and Mina get themselves into The character development of the main characters is excellent, and their budding love story plays well into the protector prot g dynamic.
I am excited to see what the second book of the series slated to come out later this year has in store I am hoping for vampire battles, perhaps some zombies thrown in, and a werepig or two perhaps even a werepenguin The Pen the Sword is a great effort by a first time YA writer I look forward tofrom Jonathon Wolfer.
I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Noooooooo Why Why Why AhemSo, I loved this book To be frank I thought this book would be meh And that I d give it a two star rating I was pleasantly proved wrong.
This book was amazing It had mystery, romance and supernatural elements in it Plus, a kickass girl who fights with a sword.
Nick is new to town On his first day of school he meets Mina, the weird girl in town and is paired with her to work on a school project While working on the project and nearly kissing they hear screaming Turns out the screamer is a naked man turning into a Werepig Yes, Werepig After an interesting chain of events Nick gets The Pen, which has lots of cool abilities, but of course he thinks the sword is cooler which it is and Minarets gets the sword.
Nick is a really interesting character He s a jock but also really smart and not douchy at all The author did a great job of making Nick unique and not stereotyping him at all.
Mina, is the weird girl in town Why you ask She s stronger, faster and has better senses than humanely possible She meets and befriends Nick, who doesn t judge her at all and actually likes hanging out with her She also rides a scooter and experiments with Henna on herself, which is awesome What I love the most about her is that she s not afraid of anyone of anything, she s always laid back and never tries to be something she s not When she gets The Sword she also gets superpowers and to be Nick s protector Obviously, her job is to keep harm from getting to Nick or The Pen.
Nick and Mina s relationship is cute and realistic They obviously really like each other, but they re not in love since they only just met and weird stuff is happening Although I think that weird stuff will just bring them closer together.
The pacing was good, though I wished the build up to the climax wasevenful And the plotline and prose were captivating I literally couldn t stop reading, I read this in like 3 hours.
The only negative thing I have to say about this book, is that I wished the characters showedemotion so I can feel that I m hearing the story from their point of view That really bugged me, but everything else made up for it a bit.
But that s not what the rant at the beginning of this review was about If you really want to know.
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I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
Real funny that she gets a cool sword and I get a pen Nick The Pen the Sword The Ballad of Nick Mina 1is a refreshing read from the same old paranormal teen romances that are popular today Ironic, suspenseful, and just downright funny at moments I couldn t set the book down, finishing it in less than 24 hours Set in 1986 during the passing of Hailey s Comet, the story follows Nick Stanton and Mina Medellin, two fifteen year olds who just learned they have gifts in the form of a pen and a sword hence the title Nick has the ability to see the supernatural world, Mina is almost invincible and incredibly strong Together they observe the supernatural world and protect when necessary those they love A werepig, vampires, ghosts, and zombies just to name a few are some of the supernatural creatures that our hero and heroine faceThe shadows move, the trees whisper and I m pretty sure a cat defends the church next door from the Devil or at least one of his minions Nick The author reeled me in from the very beginning with a supernatural battle during the prologue, but the action fell from there and didn t pick back up until near the end The plot of the story wasn t clear to me til close to the middle of the book The characters act much older than fifteen years old I know parents letting them out at all hours of the night, driving by themselves granted it s a scooter The year the book is set in is not made clear, I had to research to figure out it was 1986 the year I was born based on Hailey s Comet and music mentioned by the author And then there were so many grammatical errors they were hard to overlook The book s saving grace came from its main characters Nick and Mina s sarcastic humor and teasing back and forth is not only funny, but kept my interest in the book Would I recommend this book Yes Despite its slow plot, the author has developed the groundwork for a wonderful series There are some very interesting villains but I can t say because then I would be giving away too much and a lot of mystery surrounding what the pen and sword are like where did they come from, who made them, and how did they come to be in Nick s family I am really looking forward to the next book in this series to see where the author takes Nick and Mina s story.
I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review as part of a read to review on Goodreads When I signed up for this read to review I must confess my expectations were not high, well if anyone else felt the same then throw that out the window cause this book is fun, well written, and very easy to lose yourself in I loved the flow of this book, I could not put it down, from the very first word I was captivated The new idea of a pen and a sword be so powerful together and be able to bring two people together so perfectly was fantastic I still can t really explain how much fun I had reading this book.
There was a little bit of everything in this book witches, werewolves, ghosts of different kinds, and even a cursed werepig Together all these things bring about an interesting tale that the author wove together beautifully The thing is I am not that into baseball and I didn t enjoy those parts as much as the rest of the story, but they were there for a great reason and when you read the book you which you should you will learn know why.
I don t want to say to muchcause it s so much better if you go in blind, but I want to say that this great story also had great characters both Human and Supernatural Nick was cute, smart, and very level headed and I liked him right away, Mina took a little longer to grow on me, but she did I am really happy I signed up for this read to review and thanks to Jonathon Wolfer for putting his book out there.
The Pen and the sword The Ballad of Nick Mina 1 by Jonathon WolferI received this book in exchange for an honest review by the Author and the Lovers of Paranormal Group on Goodreads.
comI fantastic read I was quickly drawn in and became absolutely engrossed in this book until the very end A successful mix of action, adventure and romance This book follows the story of Nick The keeper of the Pen an athletic high school student who has just moved from New York into a small town with his Mother and Mina The keeper of the Sword who is the High School s Odd ball The characters are brilliant and very well defined The writing is rich, descriptive and flows effortlessly With its unique plot this book has a refreshing twist and is original and creative A wonderful read that I enjoyed immensely But I have to warn you that this book does leave you wantingIf you enjoy books with a Supernatural theme, this will not disappoint as it has a generous helping of Leprechauns, Were animals, Ghosts, Vampires etc I will definitely be looking out forof this talented authors work.