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[ Pdf The Glass Man (Lila Gray, #1) Ú canadian-literature PDF ] by Jocelyn Adams Ü Upon reviewing my review, I disliked what I had written because I honestly cannot describe how much I love this book I cannot express how I feel without sounding like a girl confessing her feelings to a boy for the first time.
This is one of those books you have to read fast It s a roller coaster ride of emotions that builds up and then goes up before it gives you a breather as you zoom down the other side of the hill That fast pace makes getting to the end just that much sweeter because finally, finally, you know something good is coming Or is it This is just book 1 in Jocelyn Adams series Scary thought for me because I ll absolutely HAVE to read the next two Have to Why Lila and Liam.
Lila Grey is a character who ll stick in your head Actually, so is her nemesis The Glass Man who I have to say I hated from moment No 1 Yup HATED him I wanted him gone, dead, deceased, invisible, no longer there to torture her from the very moment I met him But Lila She s got an innate kindness but is ready to kick some butt She s anxious to go go go but still learning about herself She s a HUGE pain in her own a because of what she doesn t know and in some cases, she s almost inept But that s what s so human about her She fails but she grows and in the end you can see she s going to be one tough leader I LOVED that growth in her.
Flip back a few steps and we meet Liam who for a moment I wanted throttle, but oh boy is he loveable And better yet, he s totally in love with Lila, but there are circumstances that are keeping them apart Big circumstances Darn circumstances Why would an author torture her characters so much Or is it me she s torturing Because I m an uber romantic That s probably why So again phew once we get to the end, but oh boy what s going to happen in book 2 cringe And now to the bad guy The Glass Man Ergh She has created one nasty, evil man shiver I won t give away any spoilers, but let s just say he s bad The perfect antagonist to Lila unfortunately for her Thus, from start to finish, this one kept me sucked in with my heart thumping and my fingers crossed for that happily ever after The question remains Did she actually get her HEA You ll have to decide that one for yourself 5 stars Intended Audience , Strong Language, Adult Themes, Some ViolenceLila Gray Is Just A Human At Least That S Her Mantra When She Accidentally Topples A Building Or Bends A Paranoid Local S Gun Into Modern Art That She Can Sense And Control The Minds Around Her Doesn T Prove Anything, Either Unwilling To Put Others At Risk, She Hides In The Wilderness From The Beautiful Creature Who Hunts Her, One Who Sees Her As His Ultimate Prize Alone, The Egocentric Glass Man Can Kill With A Thought Mated With Lila, He S A Supernatural Weapon Prepared To Annihilate The Humans He Loathes Caught In The Glass Man S Latest Scheme, Lila Is Plunged Into A Hidden Fae Realm, Faced With A Secret Birthright And A Forbidden Romance With The Glass Man Threatening Everyone She Loves, Can Lila Accept Who She Is In Time To End His Bloody Reign Or Will She Succumb To His Dark Power And Become The Vehicle Of Destruction For The Human Race This baby isn t due out until October, but I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an ARC To be honest, I wasn t sure what to expect This is my first foray into a novel where a fae was the MC and the writer tosses the reader into a hidden realm, because I usually run screaming from anything remotely fantasy unless werewolves play a big factor However, Jocelyn Adams has such an elegant simplicity to her writing, I found myself easily sucked in and pretty much unwilling to leave once she had me there.
This is not the kind of novel you should pick up when you think I ll just slot in a five minute read The pace of it is so energetically fast, you ll find yourself buckled in tight and hauled along for the ride and before you know it, it s way past bedtime and you re halfway through with your mind screaming at you to keep going because you only have half the book left to go dammit So what had me so engrossed I ll admit, I had to take a breather from reading it to writing this review I ll blame that on the breakneck for me speed at which I ploughed through it, and the fact that I m still processing every detail that I didn t allow myself to ponder over at the time of racing for the finish line just to find out how it ended This is what I think had me hooked Liam Loved him But I look and long for the romance in every book I pick up.
Lila Such a great leading lady, with great character development from start to finish She was strong at the beginning of the story, but without the focus she d garnered by the end that came with her self discoveries and acceptance, ensuring she grew and grew as the story evolved.
Parthalan Hated him Yet there was some sick and twisted dark part of me that just had to see if how he d succeed, and almost urged him to because I found his self adoration quite amusing to read.
The introductions to the fae realms This is often the part of fantasy novels that have me running for the hills Toss too many descriptions at me and too many new creatures beings names to absorb and the heavy focus of my brain on those takes away some of my reading pleasure I have to say, Jocelyn had the descriptions well and truly fine tuned Not once did I feel weighed down by information overload, and not once did I struggle to imagine the pictures she painted within my reader mind Kudos to her for that.
There were also plenty of side characters who intrigued me enough that I look forward to finding out about them in the future which is good because this just happens to be the first in a trilogy, guarenteeing any others who get sucked in like me in the future.
This one definitely earned its 5 rating.
Kick ass paranormal about the fae I m NOT a fae fan, but Jocelyn reeled me in from the first line This book has it all nbelievable MC, fast pace, steamy romance, non stop action My favorite line in the book sums up the novel with vivid simplicity I understood how Alice felt, but instead of Wonderland, I d stepped into Hades on acid If you haven t read it, do so You ll be glad you did I ll be honest I accepted The Glass Man because the cover is pretty I think everyone does that at one point or another, and we hope and pray that we picked a good book Yeah, sometimes I DO judge a book by its cover I m a cover lover.
Glass Man didn t disappoint me It starts off fast paced Lila is on the run from the Glass Man, the world is in tatters and she s living off the land, just trying to survive She doesn t know who or what the Glass Man is, but she is afraid She knows she s not human, but would give anything to deny it and live a normal life Unfortunately her life is far from normal, nor will she ever see anything resembling normal again.
You see Lila is IMPORTANT But you ll have to read it yourself to find out why I really liked Glass Man It has everything a Fae fantasy requires lust, danger, compassion, excitement Jocelyn Adams really grabs you by the front of your shirt with her book, demands you to read it, drown in it Lila was a very easy character to identify with she s your average girl who gets shoved into a role she never asked for, and realizes for everyone s sake, that she needs to succeed And boy, you WANT her to succeed I like it when authors get it like this I never want to hate a book and I always go into each book hoping it will leave me breathless at the end, and want for I want Each of the other characters are similarly identifiable Liam you want to see succeed You almost feel bad for him, because you know he s in a situation he d never take part of if he had any choice Parthalan is a dick But he s the kind of dick who makes you LOL I have often met people in real life who are just like Parthalan albeit without all the supernatural stuff you love to hate him Adams writes him as witty, arrogant and strangley charming, while still forcing you to loathe him I love the description of the faerie mounds, the magic of it all Jocelyn Adams brings the fantastical to life for her readers, and she is very, very good at it Glass Man is an excellent, fascinating read If you are a fan of books such as the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton, you ll enjoy Glass Man by Jocelyn Adams.
so now I m panicking I was able to read I think the 1st chapter here on goodreads, and was hooked go to my trusty Kobo desktop to purchase it and Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea its not there so now I m on the hunt to find and track this book down i can t find it anywhere, I went to the sony website and looked for it on their site as well since I have the sony ereader and still no such luck i m doomed to never find this book, my only other option is to buy it on.
ca but it ll take forever to come and I don t have a credit card, boo I wish they d accept pay pal already lol and the point of buying an ereader is so I won t need to purchase any hardcover booksthis sucks from what I read of the first 11 pages it was so captivating and sucked me right in i m curious as to what happens once she goes in that house Problem Solved thank you booksOnBoard you saved my life they have it on and it ll work with my sony does happy dance around bedroom and it they also accept Paypal fist pumps in the air with the best of jersey shore and AND it was only 4.
13, hardly a dent was made in my account D Now I m happy and will sleep easy tonight lol Now that I m finished the book I must say I can t wait for book two What a great story, beautifully written characters and I even fell hard for the bad guy lol Outstanding This is my first review and I know I will not be able to give this book the credit it is due Fast paced book that grabs you from the start and doesn t let you go When I was not reading it when life got in the way , I was thinking about the characters and what might happen next Jocelyn Adams develops the characters fabulously She makes you love them or hate them and in some cases both at the same time This was a great book and I would recommend it to anyone Can t wait for the next one.

Ack, I hadn t even written anything yet I bought this book because I was going to be part of the book tour for book 2 of the Lila Gray series, Shadowborn It sounded really promising, after all fae is always a good thing It sounded like it might have some spice, so I had to check that out oh, my just look at that beautiful cover How can you not want to read that I was actually surprised just how much I enjoyed this book Very, very surprised It s a little bit dystopian I wasn t expecting that one at all, a little urban fantasy, a little romance, a little suspense thriller definitely for adult audiences One mustn t forget the snarky humor woven throughout the book It s a solid series, worth reading Lila is strong and capable, but sympathetic a true survivor I really enjoyed getting to know her and was eager to continue the series after reading book one I totally felt it was worthy the investment in buying the book First, I want to say that I am a BIG fan of books with fae faeries, fairies, fey, whatever you wanna call emI like em D in them, so I absolutely loved the whole fae aspect of The Glass Man, and I think that Jocelyn did a fabulous job with creating her own fae world It was inventive, and had an incredibly descriptive and vivid backstory One of the biggest things I loved about this book was that the main character, Lila, is pretty much figuring it all out right alongside of the reader, which I always love in a story.
The characters were fantastic in The Glass Man There was the fierce and tough heroine, Lila, and the big baddy, Parthalan, who was creepily attractive translation dude is a psychopathyet, seriously attractive, and I mean SERIOUSLY haha and quite the douchebucket, if I do say so myself Then there was Liamawww, I loved me some Liam, and Garret was just so sweet D I also loved Lila s memories of her mother Overall, the characters of The Glass Man were fantastic, and well developedthere wasn t a flat character in the bunch They could have practically walked right off the pagealthough in some cases with the creepier ones, I d be terrified if they really did shudder While I loved most of this book, there was one aspect that bothered me Lila was constantly saying things about having choices and decisions, and pretty much being in control of everything that happens in the decision maker s lifeyet when it came to a big part of the book where choosing was involved, Lila herself stated that there was no choice Now, I could understand what she meant in that part of the book, but it still bothered me For such a fierce character to say something so contradictory to what she d been saying before, I couldn t help but feel confused However, in the cases where choices aren t really choices, let s be honest, they usually are and we just say there aren t any so we feel better about the decision we ve made So, I chose to interpret it as Lila made a choice she didn t want to make Also, just to be clear, this wasn t the type of thing that bothered me enough to actually dislike the book In fact, I really liked it, but it did bother me during the moment, and I just needed to let it out PAnother great part of The Glass Man was all of the action It was awesome It was intense, and to add onto that, the magic throughout the story was completely amazing Lila has some serious skills D This book is of an adventure story, but it is also sensual, a little erotic, and a lot fantastical It does have some sex scenes, and there are swear words, so it might not be the most appropriate book for younger readers, or ones who don t like that sort of thing, but if you do like it waggles eyebrows then this is definitely a book for you Jocelyn Adams has created an amazing world in The Glass Man, full of vivid characters and settings It s incredibly easy to lose yourself in this book, and trust me, you will want to lose yourself and you will enjoy it D