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[ Read Online The FibroManual À chemistry PDF ] by Ginevra Liptan ↠´ The FibroManual is the only book I've looked at that clearly and intelligently puts all the medical evidence for treating fibro in one place.

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and the lack of answers about its nature/features left me feeling like there wasn't much I could do to fix things.
The other books that I'd flipped through were vague and unhelpful.
However, Liptan offers a highly researched guide to a ton of possible treatments.
Honestly, my whole life has been put into perspective by this book.
Liptan's characterization of the syndrome made sense in every possible way, and she's backed up her hypothesis with years of studies and research.

Please, if you have fibro, read this book.
Finding answers shouldn't be as difficult as it is, but until we all have doctors who know all this information and can apply it, we have to bring the information to them.
Well written and packed full of useful and interesting information.

It is definitely helping me with getting my head around a fibromyalgia diagnosis.
I will be following up and rereading large parts of the book.


I am grateful for this book and have begun working through the steps with my health care provider.
That said I don’t feel good about the endless string of pharmaceuticals discussed.
I personally prefer a more natural approach but she’s a doctor recommending medical solutions.
I still give it 4 stars as if is well written with a clearly defined plan despite the overwhelming complexity of it all.
It is interesting and does have some useful tips and information.
I was disappointed by how American the advice was, and a lot of it was not relevant to UK treatment.
I purchased this book as many reviews named it as the best resource, which I do not agree with.
Somewhat useful but not brilliant.
I chose to read The FibroManual by Ginerva Liptan, M.
because my daughter has had fibromyalgia for three years.
It is a condition with severe muscle pain, profound fatigue, and fuzzy brain (“fibrofog”) that frustrates both patients and doctors.
As a parent, I wanted to understand more about this condition.
The tagline of the book, A Complete Treatment Guide, and the fact that the writer is a medical doctor( graduate of Tufts University) got my attention.

This is a difficult condition for others to understand but Dr.
Liptan described the symptoms, possible causes, and treatment in layperson's terms.
She herself has fibromyalgia, which interrupted her medical education until she found how to manage the condition.

The chapters are well written in nonmedical jargon, highlighted in important areas, and reinforced by summarizing the main points.
What I liked about the book was the ability to pinpoint information and treatment options that one could discuss with their physician.
There is an extensive section on references and resources in the back of the book.

I have spoken with my daughter about the findings and although she discovered a few items on her own to help her condition (no artificial sweeteners, Epson salt baths, and melatonin supplements) there is far more she can do to minimize her pain.
She is hopeful that treatment will significantly help her and I'm thankful for this book.

I did chose this ebook to review from Netgalley and have given an honest review.
It's recommendable as a supplement, and even a major supplement, to research for selftreatment but not sufficient as a standalone book.

I think I will start with the downsides before the upsides: Lipton seems motivated and competent at what she does, and I think if I were able to have her as a doctor and specialist for my fibromyalgia in person, I would jump at the opportunity without a second thought.
However, the quality of a doctor is often not the same as the quality of her book: although the book is worthwhile on the whole, I feel it exhibits several problems.

Among them is that she doesn't at all even mention, let alone discuss, the issue of facial numbness and tension that fibromyalgia has foisted upon me in addition to the other symptoms.

Many of the nonRx treatments she recommends have absolutely no science to validate them (the citations she uses for this I assume use bad methodology, though I didn't check them correctly since I have already read the science behind these particular subjects in depth).
To give an example, she recommends brain training programs like Lumosity: I used that for years (before my fibromyalgia) and can tell you anecdotally that all that does is use up one's spare cognitive resources for the day; I saw no benefit over time.
To give nonanecdotal evidence, the science backs up my finding that its benefits after correcting for the placebo effect are modest in the best of cases, and such benefits aid mostly in things like slowing brain deterioration with aid.
Things like (for example) IQ are effected not a damn by brain training.
But a person with brain fog will only make their problems worse because it tires the brain out.
A problem that is biochemical and physiological in origin simply cannot be improved by CBTlike approaches like brain training apps.

It would also have been nice if she had given more details on how to selfadminister myofascial release.
I don't have the money to see a specialist because of my pervasively disabling chronic health problems, but I tried it on myself with a device from Amazon ostensibly devoted to myofascial release, but all it did was make my flulike aching even worse.

The upside of the book is that she does a great deal to illustrate that chronic bad sleep is the cornerstone of all of fibromyalgia and methods of improving your sleep (which require more than what is recommended in the book, since the cause of sleep problems varies considerably from one person to the next).

On the whole, I think the failings of the book must not be blamed on the author, who I am willing to grant as done her best and has even done well compared to other doctors who would be doing their best, but instead on the various socialist interventions in medicine in the United States that artificially restrict the supply of medicine.
For example, grown adults morally speaking have zero obligation to get permission from bureaucrats at the FDA to use medicines they need to treat their health problems, and all prescription drug laws do is restrict the supply of medicine and lower their quality.
The limitations of the abilities of doctors are more often than not not the fault of the doctors but the massive restrictions imposed by medical socialism.
(If you think the United States does not already have socialist medicine, it makes it far more difficult for someone like you to explain Medicare, Medicaid, the government regulated, controlled, restricted, protected, and subsidized medical insurance industry, the FDA, the CDC, "certificate of need" laws in 35 states, the government monopoly on licensure, ad nauseum).

As of the post, I have not yet read doctor Rodger Murphree's book on fibromyalgia, which just arrived yesterday, but I take it that the two together should be far more helpful than either of them individually.
This is a really easy to read and comprehensive guide to treatments.
It's especially helpful because each chapter is summarized at the end with things you can do on your own, and things you may want to discuss with your healthcare provider.
I would recommend this to anyone suffering from fibromyalgia.
This book has become my bible! After 17 years of having this condition, I have decided to admit to myself that I do in fact have Fibromyalgia, and am addressing a lot of issues (finally!) with the help of this book.
This book was written about me!! (Or that’s what I feel like when I’m reading it.
) I haven’t read it in order but I also got the diet book that Dr.
Liptan wrote with a colleague.
Since reading that at the end of April, I first went gluten free.
I was amazed what it did for my pain and then, unexpectedly, for my menopause symptoms.
Next, my daughter came back from her first year at college as a vegan.
So now we are all doing it, and I feel even better! Even though that’s not part of the plan, you cannot eat a vegan diet and eat all the terrible things that are also pain triggers.
Also I started taking 34 supplements that are recommended.
It has all helped and I feel healthy for the first time in a long long while.
If only my insurance would cover massage therapy, then it would all be perfect! Oh! I have registered with the medical marijuana program and am using CBD which helps a lot as well.
This was all inspired my this book which was not written for medical people, but for actual people, like me, who had tried and failed to navigate fibromyalgia with only western medicine.
I wish I had found this book sooner but I am grateful that I have it now!! Thank you Dr.
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She mostly writes in an easy and understandable tone, and the chapters are short and not bogged down with medical jargon you need to take the time to look up.
She includes a detailed treatment plan, along with many tips both from a personal and professional standpoint and encourages a healthy and strong partnership with your own physician.
she makes it easier to talk to your doctor about what exactly you're going through, and what meds and/or activities may or may not work for you.

Liptan recognizes that not only does Fibromyalgia exist, but that it's treatable and every case is different.
The varieties of treatment she examines in every chapter are an invaluable resource, and was very obviously put together to help as many people as possible in multiple ways.

As someone who recently met the American College Of Rheumatology's criteria for fibro, this book has been an eyeopener and will play a role in my treatment going forward.
It has helped ease the fears and concerns I had, and has restored some confidence in that I may be a little broken, but I can be functional.
I highly recommend this to anyone with fibro, chronic fatigue, and even arthritis patients.
I really think Dr.
Liptan's book can help.