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Õ The Dunwich Horror Ö Download by Ð H.P. Lovecraft , Words AboutHour In HP Lovecraft S, The Dunwich Horror , We Are Told The Story Of Wilbur Whateley, The Son Of A Deformed Albino Mother And An Unknown Father Alluded To In Passing By The Mad Old Whateley As Yog Sothoth , And The Strange Events Surrounding His Birth And Precocious Development Wilbur Matures At An Abnormal Rate, Reaching Manhood Within A Decade All The While, His Sorcerer Grandfather Indoctrinates Him Into Certain Dark Rituals And The Study Of Witchcraft I love first time reads, but I love re reads even , for with each re reading, I learnabout the work, andabout myself too.
The first time I read The Dunwich Horror, I was twelve Dunwich scared the hell out of me, and I loved it,but it was also satisfying in other ways, ways that reminded me of the books I already knew For example, it started out with the birth of a boy whose father s origin was a mystery, and the first part of the story followed this boy Wilbur Whateley as he attempted through occult books and spells to learnabout his origins and destiny boy s adventures minus the occult part often begin in this way , and though the story s second part took a dark turn, it ended with an exciting chase across open country, and even better the triumph of good over evil I found this satisfying, for in spite of my new love for horror I still liked it better when the good guys won A generation passed, and I read Dunwich again, this time finding it one of the least satisfying of Lovecraft s tales The revelation of what Wilbur looked like under his clothes was just as terrifying as ever, but what happened afterward seemed like one long dreary anti climax The chase was corny, like something out of a boy s novel, uncalled for in classic horror fiction.
Another generation passed, and a few days ago I read The Dunwich Horror again, and discovering it to be as delightful as when I first encountered it I have been thinking lately about what makes Lovecraft such a great horror writer There was the mythos of course, and his remarkable sense of place, but there was something else, an aspect I had only recently begun to appreciate the great number of narrative genres and themes he manipulated in order to vary his one constant, terrible concern Rats in the Walls old fashioned gothic , The Call of Cthulhu one mystery revealed through multiple viewpoints , The Shadow Over Innsmouth a stranger explores a strange town , The Outsider Poe style soliloquy , The Quest of Iranon Dunsanian fantasy , The Case of Charles Dexter Ward amateur detective , The Color out of Space interstellar phenomena The Whisperer in Darkness interstellar travel , At the Mountains of Madness account of a scientific expedition , and The Shadow Out of Time psychic time travel That is a list by no means an exhaustive one to indicate his astonishing variety This time,than fifty years after my first reading of The Dunwich Horror, I marveled at the skill with which Lovecraft manipulated the tired tropes of the boy s adventure tale, making the fatherless boy Wilbur himself the first sign of horror, and using the last exciting chase to eradicate the even greater horror the boy wished to manifest The Dunwich Horror isn t as I formerly believed a good horror story marred with a corny ending, No, it is somthing stranger a boy s adventure gone mad, a tale that takes the fantasy of marvelous parentage, turns it upside down, and crushes it before your eyes And then still sends you home with a happy ending.
The Dunwich Horror, written for Weird Tales around 1929, after The Colour Out of Space and before The Whisperer in Darkness, is probably one of the most significant pieces of the Cthulhu mythos Once again, the protagonists are investigating a strange case in a derelict New England town you probably won t want to visit the Miskatonic Valley after reading Lovecraft, but you won t find it on any map of this world either Once , individuals with hideous deformities will lead them to a nightmarish realisation and open broad vistas onto a malevolent cosmos.
This story is an evil elaboration on the Christian doctrines of the Incarnation and Immaculate Conception a woman afflicted with albinism immaculate sinless conceives a son who displays strange characteristics, becomes an adult prematurely cf Jesus s Disputation episode and has a keen interest in esoteric scriptures The Torah vs The Necronomicon In the end, the son of Yahveh cries out Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, while the son of Yog Sothoth yells HELP HELP ff ff ff FATHER FATHERThe style of this story is also muchvivid than in most other HLP novelettes it includes some pieces of dialogue, direct speech often tainted with a strong accent, which adds a hint of comical effect a device that Lovecraft would further develop in The Shadow Over Innsmouth and even a significant excerpt of the Necronomicon It is said that HPL drew his inspiration from some of Arthur Machen s tales In any case, his novella has been a significant source for Ira Levin s Rosemary s Baby The guttural language of the Klingons Star Trek is a variation of the hideous tongue of the Outer Gods.
For all the people who complain about Lovecraft s tendency to present horrors that are ineffable and indescribable, perhaps you will like better this horror that is writhy tentacly and mutilates cattle and smashes down houses and crushes people, and also knocks up hillbilly ladies with its mutant children to bring about the destruction of humankind view spoiler But don t worry, old white men will save us with Latin hide spoiler Este es un libro que le en el a o 2014, en su entonces no hab a hecho una rese a, y como actualmente lo rele , decid que estar a bien hacer una breve escrita en la edici n que le y por supuesto, tambi n estar la video rese a en mi canal Este libro siempre me gust por su estrecha relaci n con el ocultismo y la magia negra, tema ciertamente recurrente en las obras de Lovecraft En este caso particular es donde vemos surgir a Wilbur Whateley, una especie de ni o imp o de extra a apariencia cabr a, muy grotesco y desagradable a la vista Vemos a una criatura criada en el seno del terror, bajo conductas sospechosas, alimentando la curiosidad de los habitantes de Dunwich Siendo los rechazados del lugar, siempre dando de qu hablar, el peque o se va criando y desarrollando de manera antinatural sin importar el poco transcurso de tiempo ocurrido desde su nacimiento En esta historia podremos conocer un t pico famos simo en el mundo lovecraftiano el Necronomic n, aqu l libro maldito escrito por rabe loco Abdul Alhazred Nos encontraremos tambi n con una de las criaturas m s respetadas en el horror c smico, una criatura de la cual se hace menci n con anterioridad en la obra de Lovecraft, pero que reci n aqu podemos conocer en mayor detalle Y como siempre, las ilustraciones de Santiago Caruso son perfectas para este tipo de historias Un arte monstruoso, sombr o y fiel a las descripciones del autor Un ejemplar que vale la pena tener cual tesoro en la biblioteca.
I ve been making an effort this year to broaden my horizons and read outside of my comfort zone Part of that is to better acquaint myself with authors and works considered classic today HP Lovecraft s collected works have always been high on my list of things to read so I threw myself into this one and ended up enjoying it so much I read the entire thing in the span of an evening As expected, the prose is definitely dense and might be considered a chore for some readers to try and wade through One thing I really appreciated about this story was the lengths that Lovecraft went to in order to establish Dunwich as a setting The story is a slow burn one, in which the darkened forests, hills and valleys of Dunwich become as much a character as any of the many various townspeople and their families that are introduced It takes a bit of investment, getting used to the characters and the landscape of Dunwich before the true meat of the scares start, but it s very much worth it By establishing the elements of the world so clearly at the start of the story, Lovecraft grounds this particular tale within a localized environment that feels aged and real It provides an important balance to the latter half of the story, as the usual cosmic horror elements are introduced and evil makes itself apparent Familiarizing myself with Lovecraft is sort of great fun, because in a lot of ways I can pick out the influence his writing has had on some of my favorite horror media today Cosmic horror as a genre was born and thrived under Lovecraft s pen He masterfully makes the great evils that befall his characters both otherworldly, and yet they feel terrifyingly real or possible, as though his very words tap into that same wellspring of darkness that he writes about There are certain aspects of this story that aren t socially acceptable today that rubbed me the wrong way, but I tend to take anything written outside our current political and social climates with a grain of salt If you can look past those aspects, and don t mind slow burn horror that intensifies as it goes along, this is a story that is sure to please 5 out of 5 stars Lovecraft y Poe son de los pocos autores de horror que lograr inspirarme realmente miedo Este libro aparte de miedo da mucho asco Es genial.
Hace ya mucho tiempo que no he tocado al autor y la verdad que me ha encantado tenerle de nuevo en mis fauces lectoras esta tarde, por lo que espero apuntarme pronto con una historia que lleva mucho tiempo pendiente en mi lista, Las monta as de la locura En este relato nos cuenta como est n sucediendo extra os sucesos en Dunwich, un lugar donde las leyendas hablan de ritos imp os donde se invocaban a seres sobrenaturales en las grandes colinas redondeadas Wilbur Whateley, un hijo precoz y de medidas monstruosas, conserva parte del atroz secreto escrito en el famoso libro Necronomic n, un libro prohibido, donde nos revela que unos seres sobrenaturales pueden ser convocados y arrasar a toda la raza humana.
Realmente ha sido un relato algo diferente a lo que me esperaba, tras haber le do alguno m s del mismo autor, y gozar esta misma historia de gran fama Me esperaba una historia m s oscura y macabra, con algunas escenas m s fuertes o de potente ocultismo Si bien es un relato corto y muy ameno, con una historia que engancha bastante desde el principio me ha faltado ese toque siniestro dentro de la historia No digo que este mal ni nada por el estilo, pero todo termina de una forma que me ha parecido muy normal para ser este autor Eso s , esta edici n es una gozada con las ilustraciones de Santiago Caruso, d ndole una visualidad muy pareja a las grandiosas descripciones del mismo relato.
A Lovecrafty BR with my great GR friend Craig Viva la Cthulhu and his kin What a nice read with monsters I liked this story a lot, the pace was quicker, the writingengaging, the info about the main plotline gripping Dark family secrets, creepy cult, monsters, MONSTERS, suspense, ancient mystery, juicy fighting, other universes Omg, the only flaw is that this story is too short Btw, there are some movies I have only been introduced to Lovecraft s work, during the past couple of months or so I didn t really think that he would be my cup of tea quite honestly I was specifically recommended to read this one, and it didn t disappoint, so I will spend forever thanking him After this being the third story of Lovecraft s that I ve read, I can say with confidence that he was insane in his genius or, perhaps genius in his insanity The writing style again is truly dark and romantic and straight off the eerie scene is set, and you just get the feeling you are in a deeply unsettling atmosphere This story sent shivers down my spine The descriptions of the utter horror are somewhat vivid, but this only encourages the reader to carry on to see the horror unfold before their eyes I look forward to readingLovecraft in the near future.