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From the title, I presumed that this would be a detailed account of sharks As such, it could be pretty boring.
However, since I had read other works by this author, I decided to give it a try anyway, and I was not disappointed.
Set against the background of studying sharks and their behavior, it is an adventure of a lifetime with royalty, love interests and villains thrown in for good measure I loved the characters and their interactions some scenes are sooo typical teenager and all the emotions that go with that stage.
Excellent job Heidi Highly recommended as a fun, good read I can t wait to read the sequel.
Isola di Squalo by Heidi Peltierrating 5 This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest literary review Dylan has the opportunity of a lifetime As a high school junior, he has been selected to travel abroad from his little Texas town to a beautiful island off rue coast of Italy while there he will be studying sharks, a career that Dylan has dreamed of little does he know his time on the island will alter the course of his whole life If someone would have told me I would be floored with a novel about sharks and islands I would have thought that they were crazy However this book is absolutely phenomenal First I adored the interaction between Terra and Dylan is laugh out loud funny at times They have this playful banter with both of them wanting to come out on top Also, there such raw emotion l love how each Of the main charcters express a deep love for mother nature and affinity for the ecosystem This is a fast moving story It keeps the reader totally entertained and drawn into this world created by the author I love how each character is so personable with distinct characteristics that really help the reader identify each person Each of The characters are age appropriate and add to the story without making it confusing I loved the ending I can t give away spoilers but you will see it was a beautiful job of ending the story I am curious if there are going to be mire Delmar family books I really hope so, I would love to read the others story I want to see how they turn out For me, this is a definite recommended read for ages 12 It is a true YA novel, and q great read It is also told from the males perspective so that is an added plus Not often do we get to see the male side of the story I look forward to hearing from this author There is great potential here Michelle McQueenYATR Review Panel On The Small Mediterranean Island Of Isola di Squalo, An Ancient Legend Binds The Fate Of The Royal Delmar Family Directly To The Peace And Protection Of The Island The Consequence Of Turmoil Is The Return Of A Giant Shark Who Ultimately Attacks One Of The Royal FamilySeventeen Year Old American Dylan Murphy Is Thrilled To Learn That A Life Long Dream Has Been Fulfilled When He Is Accepted To A Local University S Shark Study Program On Isola di Squalo He Has Hopes Of Diving In Particular With The Great White Shark, And Learning From One Of The Leading Scientists In The Field Unfortunately, An Early Run In With The Island S Princess, Terra Delmar Whose Greatest Wish Is To Terminate The Program, Lands Him With The Unsavory Task Of Befriending Her And Convincing Her To Allow The Scientists To Stay Dylan Scoffs At The Delmar Legend Until He Comes Face To Face With The Shark When A Life Threatening Injury Sends Him Home, He Realizes He Has Fallen In Love With The Island And Its Queen, Terra The Return Of The Shark Can Only Mean That She And Her Island Are In Danger, And Though He Knows He And Terra Can Never Be Together, He Feels He Needs To Return To Save Them Both I received this book from the author, via Goodreads, in exchange for an honest review I actually wanted to give 4.
5 stars, so I rounded up.
So, the story centers around Dylan Murphy, a 17 yo boy with a new internship to study sharks for the summer on Isola di Squalo in Italy, and Terra Delmar, a 17 yo Princess from the island s Royal Family.
Dylan is excited to start his internship, but as soon as he arrives on the island, he has to contend with the island s Princess Terra At this point in the book, I found Terra to be bratty and self centered You gain insight into her behavior as the story progresses, and then the attitude is understood better.
I found the legend behind Terra s family to be a unique one Terra has to grow up and take responsibility quickly, and has a whole cast of characters determined to stop her I liked her sense of honor, and that she repays her debts Most young people today have no sense of honor or respect for people in their same age group She comes to rely on Dylan for several different reasons.
Dylan s character didn t really grab me as much as I would have liked, mainly because he was so angry for almost the first 3 4 s of the book, and I felt that the reason for his anger wasn t explained well I liked the story development, i.
e what s REALLY going on in that internship program, and how Terra and Dylan solve that problem I think part of the reason I didn t enjoy this book as much as others is that I wasn t crazy about the subject matter I was happy that there is no sex, and no graphic violence, and found this appropriate reading material for my 13 and 16 yo daughters Looking forward to reading the next book, just to see what happens.
Overall, I think if you are looking for a story with life lessons, love, loss, pain, happiness, family, friendship then you will like this book.
I was amazed at this solid debut novel as the sharp, precise storytelling weaves a spell over the reader and transports you to a small Mediterranean island where the action happens A self professed Shark Week fan, the author, Heidi Peltier, uses that love of sharks to center her book around 17 year old Dylan Murphy who is offered an internship on a shark study program on Isola di Squalo She makes the thrill of studying sharks come alive while he learns how the royal Delmar family is connected to the sharks and the tragic haunting history that is part of their lives.
Dylan, is forced to make peace with the island s princess, Terra Delmar, because she wanted to terminate the shark study program and thinks it is of no value but he slowly teaches her why it is vital and she begins to understand why the program needs to stay When the peace is shattered as a member of the royal family is attacked by a great white shark and Dylan instinctively tries to help he ends up with a life threatening injury and is sent home to recover Once home, he realizes he has fallen in love with not only the island but Terra as well When a summons for help arrives he doesn t hesitate to return to help Terra and her family and her family s heritage and the island they both care about The ending of this book was fast paced and in line with the rest of the story and I liked how everything fell into place for Terra and Dylan Excellent writing and I look forward to work from this author.
A free copy of this book was receieved from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I knew after reading the synopsis of this book that I had to read this The plot seemed so cool, and I love books that take place on islands Isola di Squalo ended up being all that I hoped for and so much.
First off, the plot was really unique Admittedly, I have said that about a few books I ve read recently, but I mean it wholeheartedly each time, and especially with this one It is a combination of Romance and Fantasy, but neither is your typical YA stuff The Romance aspect lacked insta love YAY , and while it was the main point of the story, it didn t overshadow the Fantasy aspect, which can be so hard to find in teen books The Fantasy part of the plot was unlike anything I ve ever read I loved the concept It was so well written.
The romance between Terra and Dylan was so well done It wasn t cheesy at all I loved that the story started out with them hating each other, instead of having them being drawn to each other right from the start I wish that Dylan wouldn t have gotten so annoyed with Terra at times, but that is honestly my only complaint I didn t want the book to end, but of course it did That being said, I thought it ended perfectly, with a happy ending for the most part I can definitely say that I will be reading the next book in this series, especially because it s about Delphine, and the epilogue made me want to know Delphine s story I am so glad I was able to read this book it s definitely a 2013 favorite of mine If you are thinking about reading Isola di Squalo, I would HIGHLY recommend it.
This review can be found on I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Isola di Squalo is about a 17 year old boy named Dylan who is fascinated by sharks He gets accepted into a program to study all kinds of sharks on an island off the coast of Italy and couldn t be excited to swim with the sharks In order for the program to continue they must stay on good terms with the royal family, and Dylan isn t off to a great start Forced to spend time with the Royal family and become friends with them, Dylan learns the Delmar shark legend It sounds crazy and Dylan writes it off as a made up story until the sharks start to swarm and he realizes it may be real after all I have to admit, I was excited to read the second book in the series than I was to read this one That being said, I have a rule that I don t read series out of order I used to and it was just way too confusing So I opened the PDF file Heidi sent me and I started reading Not even half way through the first chapter I knew I was going to love this book read the rest at Let me start off by saying that this book was incredible, and I read all 30 chapters in one day Well let s be honest 6.
5 hours I would have never picked this book up by myself because I am not interest in sharks, but I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to read book one of this incredible series that has begun One of the reasons I LOVED this book so much is that I never knew what was coming, even if I guessed I was so far from right The ending was absolutely magically and I was proud of Dylan for not giving up on everything he dreamed off because of one accident I love how everything unfolds within the community between the people, the island, and the queen While the epilogue left me sad, I know that every book that is added to the Delmar Shark Chronicles will be a great edition to this fabulous story line and I praise Heidi Peltier for writing such a beautiful story for myself and others to enjoy I don t believe I have done this yet on my blog to date, but my rating is 5 stars Everybody go pick up this amazing read and enjoy it for yourself.

This is my 3rd novel but the 1st one published I gave it 5 stars simply because it was so much fun for me to write They say you should write what you know and what you would like to read So that s what I did, and I am so happy with the result So, yes, it gets 5 stars from me This was 2 years in the making between all the various kid related sports, school events, illnesses, trips, outings, etc etc etc The fact that it got written at all is amazing I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I did.
It has been a very long time since I ve read a YA Young Adult book of this quality I fact, I had to keep reminding myself that I was not in the target audience for the novel, as it flowed coherently and consistently than most YA offerings out there.
Ms Peltier s knowledge and research into sharks and their study is apparent and, her passion for them shines through in her writing It was a page turner, with plenty to keep you just wanting to continue reading.
The characters are very well written and believable, with the main characters developing at a nice pace throughout the course of the novel, even though the outcome between them is apparent quite early on Possibly this is because I m a mature reader, and someone in the target audience may not reach the same conclusion as early in their reading This does not, however, detract from the book at all There is a bad guy, as in all good books, and let s just say he gets what he deserves in the end No spoilers here.
I m not sure if the Author has been to the area of the Mediterranean which she writes about, but this is really a moot point as her descriptions of the area are wonderful You can almost feel the sun beating down on you, and hear the waves lapping at the shore Even her description of italy and Sicily, in relation to one another, is spot on and one many Europeans use themselves.
My only complaint about the book was the cover art, it really did not do the content justice.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and will be eagerly waiting for the next instalments of The Delmar Shark Chronicles originally reviewed on This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs 3.
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