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☆ The Cobra and Scarab ✓ Download by ☆ Glenn Starkey Author Glenn Starkey is one of the best authors of our time His research into the history of ancient Egypt is astounding, but so is his ability to create a gripping tale of the lives of the Pharaohs of Egypt and its people This novel will not release you until the final page I put Glenn Starkey in a class with Wilbur Smith with his ability to paint a story so strong and believable.
The Cobra and Scarab A Novel of Ancient Egypt takes the reader through the reins of Thutmose, I, II and III and of Hatshepsut the queen who would be Pharaoh We see the lavish, diabolical and anything for power lives of the court of the Pharaohs We also see the loyalty, friendship and honor of those that want to keep Egypt the center of strength and civilization during that era.
This is a tale you won t be able to put down and I give Glenn Starkey s The Cobra and Scarab my highest rating I urge readers to enjoy this masterful tale Hidden For Centuries By The Shifting Sands Of The Desert, Scrolls Are Unearthed By An Archeologist Who Believes His Dream Of Discovering Riches Has Finally Come True But His Hopes Of Returning To England In Glory Are Shattered When A Bedouin Reveals That The Ancient Text Does Not Hold Monetary Value, But Instead Shares The Unknown Truths Of The Beautiful Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut, The Treacheries Of Nobility, And The Two Men Destined From Birth To Clash With HerThe Ambitious Hatshepsut Is Willing To Become Pharaoh At Any Cost, Even When The Price Must Be Paid With Her Body And With Murder Tetimas, Rightful Heir To The Throne, Is Forced From Childhood To Watch His Kingship Stolen From Him By Hatshepsut And Her Sadistic Lover, Ashwan Yet, Despite His Fears, Tetimas S Fate And Egypt S Power Are Destined To Become One Haunted By Tragedy, Tetimas Seeks Solace In War, But Is Willing To Risk Everything To Save His Half Brother, The True KingIn This Gripping, Classic Historical Tale, The Hatred Between Two Strong Willed Leaders Is About To Boil To The Surface As A Nation Waits For The Victor In A Momentous Struggle For The Throne, A Hidden History Is At Last Revealed The Cobra and the Scarab A Story of Ancient Egypt is an amazing book I was blown away by Glenn s mastery of storytelling This fictional telling of the history of Egypt s first female Pharoah kept me enthralled from beginning to end I will not give the story away, but I will say, if you want a truly exhilarating read, then this is the book for you Glenn s talent for descriptive writing transports you to the sands of Ancient Karnak This is a tale of greed, lust, vengeance and a brotherly love that stands the test of time and distance.
It seemed as though there was the seed of a good story at the core of this book that never truly matured into what it could have been I was fairly disappointed given how highly rated the book was on goodreads to find that I just couldn t get into the story The characters were very two dimensional and the plot seemed to jump around a bit without really pulling me into the story It was a bit of a grind to get through but not too long.
This was a great book with lots of accurate information about Egypt and an idea of how people did anything just to be Pharaoh In the beginning we learn the current Pharaoh is dying and his son is being groomed to take over I enjoyed reading the mythology aspects of this book Definitely a great read for anyone who loves mythology, Egypt, and reading about Pharaoh s and the power to be one For anyone who is a lover of history this is a book for you, if you are not a lover of history, you can still benefit from the exciting way in which the story is presented, and maybe learn a few things along the way

When Glenn Starkey asked me if I would like to review his novel, part of my answer was, To be honest, I am not one for historical fiction BUT, the fact that it s set in Ancient Egypt already interests me I am by no means a fundi on Egyptian history, however your excerpt has intrigued me so much so, that I will certainly make the time to read it I received this book last night and all I did today besides eat at the appropriate times and only when the grumbling got too loud, was read this wonderful story I finished it today It begins with an archaeologist finding scrolls in the Valley of Kings The Englishman sits in hope that the Bedouin the village elder has good news for him This could be his chance at fame After being reprimanded for only wanting the glitz, the village elder explains that the archaeologist has indeed found a treasure, but not one of gold as he had hoped one worth so much than that He begins translating the scrolls and not only is the Englishman sent on a journey of Egypt and it s rulers, but so was I Set in Ancient Egypt, this book takes you through political and religious power struggles which is pretty much still evident today and from one Pharaoh to another A woman, his wife no less, Hatshepsut, who refused to be the Queen of Egypt and swore with vehemence that she would rule both worlds of Egypt, the Upper and Lower as their Pharaoh, their King Unheard of The birth of Tehutmus two sons, one who shall succeed him and born to bloodline, Tetimas and his brother Sakkara The death of Tehutmus II through Hatshepsut s plotting and conspiracies with the mad, evil and malicious priest, Ashwan, who in turn desperately and ruthlessly covets the title of Supreme Magus, ruler of all priests Hatshepsut s hatred for Tetimas who could very well take what she wants most, coupled with anger born from only bearing females You will follow these two young men from their birth to adulthood, through struggles, loss and sadness but also through their courageous efforts to make their father proud, not excluding the fact that a strong bond of love is forged between them although born of different mothers Each wears a ring given to them by their father Tetimas bore a Cobra and Sakarra s bore a Scarab This quote says it all and the scarab will always protect the cobra and the cobra will always protect the scarab Glenn Starkey has woven the most glorious story full of amazing descriptions be they from the clothes worn to the battles of war, from the luxurious palace to the humble markets The gloriousness of The Nile but also the fears that lurk within You are never once left without a vivid picture of some sort in your head The friendships and trust between the true Pharaoh s and those closest to them is inspiring and forged to the death Humour and crassness is brought forth in the dialogue, but however dark some parts may be due to the horrors carried out by Ashwan, they have a rightful place in this novel I can very well believe that the depiction of savageness, evil and madness took place Every single character is extremely well written The true Pharaoh shall lead his people and rule over Egypt but the journey to this end is marred by atrocities This novel really touched me and I will freely admit that I was left teary eyed quite a few times throughout I loved everything about this book It s written beautifully and depicted magnificently One can see that it was thoroughly researched by the author Mr Starkey wrote on his website and I quote I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel It allowed me to combine my love for history with action, adventure and intrigue, plus a tale of the bond between two brothers from their births to adulthood I know that this is true because this is exactly what I got Three quotes I liked and there are so many I have no idea My physicians make it especially for me to preventwhat you now feel Drink it down And by Seth s stinking buttocks, donot smell it By Osiris erect scepter, cover yourself, man Remember, you are aprince, not a commoner or slave Who fully knows how a woman thinks Like a sandstorm rollingacross the desert, shifting the dunes at whim, then leaving until anotherday to return and shift them again, who can explain such reason as to whyone grows tall and one is leveled But always they change and such is thethinking of a woman I would never profess to understand a woman s logic,and only Allah, the merciful and benevolent, can do so Favourite character One of my favourite characters is Muehe the Queen s slave He is hilarious and the vision left in my head makes me laugh constantly.
I have read many a book this year and a whole lot of them I loved Two of those will stay with me for a very, very long time The Cobra and Scarab A Novel of Ancient Egypt, is one of them Mr Starkey, you truly have a way with words and you Sir, are a master at story telling This would make for a glorious movie I also loved the fact that the author used his grandson s name, Caleb, in the book A must read and I highly recommend it It rightfully deserves a 5 star rating and is a definite keeper Glenn Starkey s The Cobra and the Scarab A Novel of Ancient Egypt is yet another masterwork of the Texas author that deserves close attention It s hard to describe the passionate, engaging tale of a royal family s struggle for power and perseverance without giving away some key plot points, so I ll try not to get too technical Suffice it to say that this book contains everything in the way of plot and subplot guaranteed to keep you riveted for hours It begins with an English archaeologist s discovery of some ancient scrolls that he sets about to have translated by an old Bedouin At first only eager for the intrinsic and monetary value of the find, the Brit is ultimately drawn into the tale of two sons of a popular pharaoh and their struggle to not only achieve adulthood, but to right wrongs imposed on the populace by their egomaniacal stepmother and her evil co conspirator, a priest with anything but religion on his mind The title comes from rings given the young men by their father, one a cobra, the other a scarab, and their vows early in life to protect each other The reader will quickly become addicted to the many twists, turns and trials in the lives of young Tetimas and Sakkara and, once read, you ll find yourself wanting.