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[Leah Mercer] Ð Ten Little Words [graphic-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð This book moved a little slow for me but I kept going because of all the positive reviews it got I ll give it 3 stars Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review.
The past wasn t behind us, and it could never be laid to rest The past was within us We could barricade ourselves from the outside world as much as we liked, but it would still be there, lying dormant, just waiting for a chance to break into our lives again I finished this book within a day, I just couldn t put it down In some ways Ella reminded me of Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine she has a regular job and is happy on her own, she doesn t like to have to deal with people and enjoys to stay in and read She tries to live a normal life without having to think about why her mother left her when she was just 5 years old Her mother went into the water, but Ella rejects to believe that she died After years hoping her mother will come back to to keep the promise of I am always with you I will always be here Ella starts to give in and accepts her mothers death to protect herself from being hurt over and over again But seeing an ad in a local newspaper saying the exact Ten Little Words her mother always told her shook the foundation of her world Could it be, that her mom hasn t died after all and tries to reach out Asking her aunt about the details of her mom s disappearance leads to discovering her mother as an authentic person and not just the ideal she had of her in her mind all those years I loved how the story deals with loss and how it haunts you years, even decades later It was a beautiful story and I can t wait to read of Leah Mercer s work.
Thanks netgalley and Publishing UK for giving me a chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Ellla s mother disappears and is later presumed dead after promising in 10 words that she will never lave her Ella is then raised by her aunt Carolyn and moves to London Music and moving to London help Mia to feel slightly less angry and resentment from how her mother left her until she sees something in a newspaper that shocks her Those same 10 words appear in the paper and bring Ella back to when her mom died But is her mom really dead or did she fake her death I like that this story shifted between Ella and her mom, Jude You learn about Jude s younger years leading up to her disappearance There are many twists and surprises in this book but I feel empathy for Ella than her mom It was well written, emotional and a page turner Highly recommended.
Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Available 7 7 20 I really enjoyed this novel Perking my interest from page one I whizzed through this book in a few hours, holding my interest all the way That s one of my indicators of a great book We all know there is nothing worse than getting to 50% and still not getting hooked into what we are reading The book starts dramatically and grabbed me straight away, I had to know what happened.
The book is written from two perspectives over two different timelines, a mother and a grown daughter telling their stories that intertwine into an emotional narrative Each character I connected with and got to know as I read, intrigued to know them and where the story was going Jude, the mother and Ella, the daughter were written really well by the author in that you could connect and see them as real people Plenty of emotions in this novel and a plot that in part surprised me and also confirmed for me where I thought it may go As other key characters are introduced the novel just got interesting It covers love, loss, grief, regret, pain, anger, denial, fear and so many other human emotions If you like novels that tap into flawed people and their mistakes, choices and consequences you will really enjoy this book I was fascinated in following both timelines and hearing the voice of Mother and Daughter Despite having a strong inkling of a key truth in the whole story it didn t distract or disappoint me by the time it was revealed What was even better is there were still surprises in store The plot is steady and the writing very readable The only reason this didn t get five stars as I felt the ending was unrealistic and it had a sense of being rushed and put together that way to get the book to it s ending The end encounters were just too easy and far fetched as to happen the way it was portrayed in the novel I loved the end outcome, just wish how it was delivered had realism and depth Not so flippant Regardless, I really enjoyed this book and the way it tackled how assumptions and presumptions can impact your choices and life direction dramatically That s what this book really expresses, the outcome of decisions, some made in haste and the consequences of those Leah Mercer has written a book that depicts the faults in all of us, taking flawed people and telling a story that keeps you wanting of their individual tales that interlock at the same time This was a good read and I would be really keen to read from Leah.
After promising Ella in Ten Little Words that she would never leave her, Ella s mum Jude is dead For thirty years Ella has felt betrayed Even though she was adopted by her Aunt Carolyn she still feels there s no place for her in this world She lives alone with her cat, has the same lunch every day at work and never socialises merely exists But everything changes one day when she opens a paper and sees a ten word advert in the classifieds She refuses to believe her mum is still alive but feels compelled to find out exactly what happened all those years ago This book is well written with likeable characters and I found myself easily drawn into the novel Thank you to NetGalley, Publishing UK and the author for the chance to review.
My review contains spoilers I am always with you I will always be here Jude broke that promise to her 5 year old daughter when she walked into the sea, abandoning Ella to the care of her sister.
Her body was never discovered and she was later declared dead.
30 years later, Ella finds an anonymous ad in a paper containing the Ten Little Words her mother always used to repeat to herIs Jude still alive As Ella discovers the truth about her mother s disappearance, little does she know that her life is about to be changed forever.
The story follows Ella s point of view and is entwined with Jude s recap of the events leading to her disappearance.
I admit this was not my usual go to story, but nevertheless, I quite enjoyed it The story focused on emotions, instead of a fast paced thrilling sequence of events, but it offered bits of mystery as well As the story progressed, I found myself drawn into it with the question of whether Jude was indeed still alive.
However, I must say that the reason she had for leaving her daughter didn t seem to provide enough justification for her actions, and therefore I failed to feel sorry for her, even despite the fact that she was a victim as well The ending also fell flat for me, it felt too cliched, soapy and too much of a happily ever after.
Overall, it was a good read, and I m sure it will find a lot of fans, so I recommend you give it a go.
I Am Always With You I Will Always Be Here This Was The Promise Ella S Mother Betrayed Thirty Years Ago When She Walked Into The Sea, Leaving Her Five Year Old Daughter Alone In The World Ella S Been Angry Ever Since, Building Up A Wall To Protect Herself But That All Changes The Day She Opens A Newspaper And Finds Those Ten Little Words Printed In A Classified AdElla Refuses To Believe Her Mother Could Still Be Alive That Would Mean She Did Want To Live, Just Not With Her Daughter So She Throws Herself Into Finding Out Exactly What Happened All Those Years Ago, Determined To Extinguish Even The Tiniest Flame Of Hope For Ella, Hope Is TortureBut Rather Than Settling Things Once And For All, What Ella Discovers Shatters Her World As She Pieces Together The Truth Behind Her Mother S Disappearance, She Learns That The Words Are Not What She ThoughtNow She Knows The Truth Is It Possible That Ella Can Allow Herself To Love And Be Loved Once Again A huge thank you to Netgalley and Publishing for letting me read and review this advanced reader copy Synopsis I am always with you, I will always be here This is a promise made to Ella by her mother, a promise Ella believes until one day her mother walks into the sea and disappears, her body never found Raised by her Aunt, Ella accepts that she lost her mother for good but thirty years later Ella spots something that could change everything An ad in the newspaper, those ten words and nothing else Ella s memories of her mother soon flood back and she begins to question if she is dead afterall and begins a search for answers Review I have read many thrillers lately so a woman s fiction read was just what I needed Both the book cover and description caught my attention and hinted that Ten Little Words may be an emotional rollercoaster The reviews for this book also looked very promising so I couldn t wait to find out for myself The opening instantly hit me with a wave of sadness and I instantly began to feel sorry for Ella and her mother a little As I got to know the characters, I found that most were very likeable especially Ella She was a strong character who had emotionally built up walls and I was looking forward to seeing how she would develop as some of the barriers she had built were knocked down I also found Ella relatable due to the fact that she escapes from reality was books, just like mine As the story progressed and you saw Ella begin to thaw out, some of those moments I found quite touching Bertie was another character I connected well with, he was the perfect gentleman, despite me being quite sceptical about him at first, he won my heart and all I wanted for him was a happy ending As for Jude, Ellie s mother, I did feel for her in some parts but I felt her actions were not always justified, I felt my connect with her wasn t as strong The story is told from both Ella and Jude s perspective which I enjoyed as it gave me the opportunity to really get to know these women and be in their heads The chapters were also very clear and easy to follow However, I did feel the story moved a little too slow for my linking, there was quite a big build up and when we got to the climax it was quite frustrating to know that some of the events could have possibly been avoided, but there again if this was the case then we wouldn t have a story I also found that I was able to predict many of the events that would unfold which unfortunately didn t leave me feeling the warm fuzz I would have liked Ten Little Words did tug on my heart strings at times, there were many tender and sweet moments with some lovely true sayings It also did a lovely job of touching on the issue of mental health When the story did pick up, there were little twists and turns that did sneak up on you which I liked I honestly wanted a happy ending for everyone and the power of love was highlighted all the way through this read, without spoiling anything, I got the ending I wanted So despite this read not giving the wow factor or a buzz, I did think it was a lovely little unique love story.
Ella is a tortured soul Her father died when she was a baby and her mother committing suicide when she was five, she has never been able to get past the grief and allow the world to come and let her live a happy life, holding everyone and everything at arms reach She has lived with her aunt and uncle who have done the very best they could for her, but her almost savage belief that her mother was still alive meant that the love they showered upon her was rejected Now she is 35 years old and living a life devoid of emotions and people, barely a shell of a person, until the day, the anniversary of her mothers birthday when she sees the classified advertisement in a national newspaper with the words I am always with you I will always be here the very words that her mother would say to her before she fell asleep every night After so many years of suppressing her feelings and desire for her mother to be alive, hope rises again And then some letters addressed to her mother find their way to Ella s keeping, which leads her to Bertie, who lives in Edinburgh but is afflicted with Alzheimer s, meaning his memories are sometimes muddled Bertie is a link to her mothers past, as he was, is still in love with Jude and wonders even now, over 30 years later, why she left him suddenly with no explanation Interspersed in the chapters of Ella we read the back story of her mother Jude, the factors that lead to her life decisions that will have ramifications for everyone she leaves behind And the question that the reader cannot help but ask, can Ella make peace with her troubled past and find a new way to live a fulfilling life in which she welcomes people and love back in her life This book is sold as women s fiction, which generally means it has a happy ever after ending, and this book follows that rule to the end There is the happy ever after, but it leaves the reader with a glow that things work out the way they are meant to and our main character has some closure and life renewed with hope and contentment Ella is well drawn in her shadowy self we feel her hurt that she carries everywhere with her, we feel her loneliness We also have the story of Jude and understand her happiness with the love of her life Bertie and then her horror at circumstances that separate her from Bertie forever, and the grief she spirals into before the fateful day she walks into the sea and drowns herself All of it wraps around itself neatly and makes for an engaging story that will leave the reader satisfied.
Trigger Warning Rape This is the story of Ella and her mom Jude Jude is the pier singer at hastings and is just waiting to go to London for fame and fortune as a singer However she meets Bertie and London then takes a back berner, she moves to Scotland with him and is due to get married A chance to go on tour with an up and coming band stops all wedding plans and Jude goes on a tour of all tours where she is noticed to be a star in her own right Ella was left with her aunt when her mom is believed to have walked into the sea Ella is feeling she cant let anyone in and should lock the world out as she is not worthy She has her dream job, but does not socialise with any of her work colleagues Even her neighbour doesn t know Ella All she wants is her mom to come back, but knowing that won t happen is eating her up and making her a bitter person Then there is a personal message in the classified which says the 10 Little words Ella s mom used to say to her.
What follows is a pure fantastic book which explores the emotions of family and what can go wrong when secrets are kept The description of places is so good you can feel yourself on the beach front or in a cottage in Edinburgh The characters are so lovable you want them for your family I can honestly say I loved every page of this book and will be looking for books by Leah.