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☆ Solomon's Men É Download by ✓ Glenn Starkey Glenn Starkey never ceases to amaze The author of six brilliant books, each of them impossible to put down, Starkey s latest, Solomen s Men, will have you turning pages faster than you can count And if you dare to pick up Solomen s Men before retiring at night, be prepared to be reliving the rapidly unfolding plot and encountering the characters, both sinister and good, throughout your dreams The protagonist, Greg Valdez, is a very wealthy thief, with a military past His mentally unstable wife committed suicide when she could no longer cope with her life and their autistic son, Daniel, whom Greg loves and whom he will go to the ends of the earth to protect When Greg takes on what is to be his last big job, that of stealing an ancient crusader s pouch buried inside an altar in a Portugese monastery, he is relentlessly pursued by Solomen s Men, a select group of twenty one monks as skilled in military combat as he is, prepared to kill the thief to retrieve the sacred pouch But they aren t the only ones on Valdez tail When he decides the pouch should be returned to its rightful owners, thereby double crossing those who hired him, hired killers come at him from every corner When this group kidnaps Daniel and his nurse, Greg s only goal is to save his son As the race to find him speeds up, the plot action intensifies to a climax bloodied by the bodies of both good and bad, and the true power of what is hidden in the pouch is nothing short of a miracle that could turn non believers into believers.
Apart from Starkey s incredible skill in developing an intricate plot and his expert familiarity with military tactics that give his novels complete credibility, it s Starkey s wondrous ability to create truly human characters that stays with readers as much as the engrossing, action filled plot Greg Valdez is so real, so believable So are, surprisingly, Solomen s Men, religious to the core, but capable of killing to fulfill their commitment to their faith Every person in Solomen s Men lives, thinks, breathes just like the rest of us and we accept them, even those we d hope never to meet in our own lives And as every good novelist should, Starkey balances good with evil and lets readers come away completely satisfied This is superb writing On a personal note, I first met Glenn Starkey when I read and reviewed his beautiful book, Black Sun, which reduced me to tears Since then, I ve had the pleasure of reading Mr Charon, one of his most popular books and plan to read all of his books as time permits Which will eventually be my favorite remains to be seen, but right now, Solomen s Men, along with Black Sun, is right at the top of my list Thanks for another brilliant read, Glenn Starkey Viga BolandDon t Write Your MEmoir without ME No Tears for My Father A true story of incest I have to add another name to my list of favorite authors Glenn Starkey I just finished reading Solomon s Men and can t quite put into words what I m feeling about this book which grips me in the inner recesses of my soul This book is based upon Greg Valdez, a professional thief, being hired to steal the Holy Burial Shroud of Jesus from a monastery in Portugal However, the story which unfolds is outstanding in the telling, descriptive to the point of enabling me to take part in everything that was going on and deep enough to get me personally involved in the emotions surging through its various characters.
Job well done, Glenn Starkey I ll be keeping my eye on you.
Having been in several social media circles with Mr Starkey, I was really looking forward to reading his books I m so glad that I did, it gave me a whole new perspective on things.
This book is a great mixture of Action Adventure, Religious History, and Romance.
Greg Valdez encounters a client whose motives are less than honorable This leads him on an adventure that changes his whole world I loved the book and highly recommend it to anyone who isn t afraid to hear that sometimes Christians have to be soldiers and vice versa.
Action Packed This is a fast paced thriller to say the least An art thief, Mr Valdez has accepted his last assignment in a long and illustrious career His specialty is locating stolen works of art and returning them to their original owners The pay is good, but not enough for his final dream of being able to permanently have his autistic son Daniel and his nurse by his side To achieve the goal he takes on a mission with trepidation He must break into the Monastery in Tomar, Portugal and steal an artifact of biblical proportions Jesus Shroud If he succeeds, the fee will set him up for life Mr Valdez is successful in obtaining the artifact From that point on he is sought out by both good and evil forces Each wants the shroud either in a display case of returned to its rightful owners What Valdez is unaware of is the power or the Shroud and its healing capabilities It s worth the read just to find out the hidden secrets he now holds in his possession Well done.
The cons I don t know what it was but I couldn t completely immerse myself in the read Punctuation, grammar and all of that was good The plot line is believable and the characters are well developed, but something was missing Perhaps an overly active time line Maybe too many references about Solomon s men being referred to as the Hunters I really can t place my finger on the missing ingredient.
Who will like this Devote readers of espionage and action with touch of well researched biblical history.

I ll start by saying that after reading The Cobra and Scarab A Novel of Ancient Egypt which I received from this author, I was than interested to find out IF I would enjoy this book as much as I loved the above mentioned title Well, as I never mentioned to the author that I had bought this one, I can now categorically state that it was brilliant I don t know what it is about Glenn Starkey, but again, the story telling, the vivid descriptions of everything and anything are just amazing including the extraordinary ride you are taken on Suspense Plenty Intrigue Bucket loads Thrilling For sure Does the story touch you, do the characters grab you You bet your sweet patootie This author has fast become one of my favourites no doubt about it.
The story begins in the year 1306, France, where on the steps of the Templar Cathedral, Knights of the Order stand silent keeping vigil A huge burden lays upon the shoulders of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon King Phillip the Fair seeks to eradicate them The Grand Master DeMolay announces that they will be victorious and proven innocent of all charges and vows that the King of France will never touch their true treasure The true burial Shroud of Jesus must be protected at all costs He forges a plan and produces a replica Solomon of Avorone s courage and wisdom has been worthy and for the sake of the Order, he is asked if he will accept his highest responsibility He s asked by DeMolay to select twenty Knights, including himself DeMolay further reveals that on this very night, they will form a new Order, secret and separate from theirs, to serve only God and also to protect the Burial Shroud Nobody besides them is to ever know where they will be Upon the slicing of a cross patee upon their chests they are sworn to serve Him and forever protect the Holy Shroud that they hold.
Greg Valdez, an arts thief is commissioned to steal an artifact from a Portuguese Monastery The pay is good and Greg is very good at what he does He s had a somewhat shady past but also quite a bit of training He doesn t steal for the simple fact of stealing and making money, in some cases lots of money, he primarily works for some major insurance companies and steals or acquires previously stolen art which is returned to their rightful owner Except in this case of course As soon as Greg acquires the artifact, he starts to realise that something is not quite right and is at play here He has his son Daniel to think about who unfortunately suffers from Autism and presently resides in an institution and so with the pouch in his possession Greg makes his escape.
Now we are in Tomar, Portugal 1997 and the story picks up it s pace even when it comes to the Monastery s alert that the Burial Shroud has been stolen The Order s team is sent after the culprit and we come to know them as the Hunters We are now positioned between Greg with the artifact in his possession, the Hunters hunting for the culprit, Daniel sitting at Lakeland Estate in Dallas, Texas whom Greg is anxious to take away so that they can start a new life and of course a man by the name of Cain who only sees money as power and was the one to commission the artifact I really don t want to say any regarding the story too much will be a spoiler I will tell you though that I felt as if I was right there wanting to help in what needed to be done Mr Starkey has used his knowledge of Vietnam being a Vietnam Veteran , former Marine Corps Sergeant and Texas Law enforcement officer in relation to weapons and descriptions to tactical and recon strategies including the training that all these men have had The author also manages to mold his characters into people I would love to meet in person like Tobias Whitworth a true friend , Ben Blackhorse and Fred Blackhorse I love the Indian culture, beliefs and mysticism that encompass who Ben and Fred are including their humour Simply loved them they seem so wise So much is woven into this story without one thinking, okay, I ve read that before Well, I certainly haven t It s all perfectly correlated, it s fabulous and it makes you think about a lot of things Don t you just love a story that has everything in it except the kitchen sink, yet it s not the least bit cluttered, but wonderfully enlightening and clear Well, here s another one for you I tip my hat off to you once again Mr Starkey, you catapulted me in a completely different direction, yet one that still sent me on a chilling, suspenseful and heart warming journey full of twists and turns and may I add, a miracle or two Add the fact that I learnt a few things regarding history I can only but highly recommend this book It deserves a 5 star rating.
One of my favourite quotes Dying is easy, Joseph Living, especially living with our past, is the true challenge.
The biggest mystery about Glenn Starkey s Solomon s Men is why there hasn t been an international buzz about it, why it hasn t long ago been optioned for a movie, why it hasn t become the gold standard of action adventure novels It is, without a doubt, one of the most gripping action yarns I ve read in a long while The protagonist, Greg Valdez, is Jack Reacher with a larger heart but every bit as skilled and imposing as Lee Child s hulking hero Valdez is a professional antiquities thief with a conscience, somewhat reluctantly plying his trade when, on what he plans to be his last mission, he latches onto a near mythical relic that vaults him into a world of intrigue and double crosses Valdez has to wade through a labyrinth of evildoers, pursued by the relic s centuries old protectors throughout, before Solomon s Men reaches an incredible and spiritual climax that can only be read to be revealed Starkey s novel is immensely satisfying and should be a must read for any fan of the action genre.
In full disclosure this is my father s debut novel.
However, I can tell you that I read it with one thought in mind, What s gonna happen if I don t like it Thankfully I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a fun action adventure novel written in detail without becoming about the details then the characters.
Yes, I am a little biased, but you know what Still liked the book.
SOLOMON S MEN by Glenn Starkey is on my list of top books This is a tale of modern day Templar Knights and their total commitment to protect a Christian artifact, at any cost and the man, Gregory Valdez, whoo is contracted to steal a pouch, without knowing its contents He is to return the pouch to its rightful ower or so he thinks.
SOLOMON S MEN is a strong character based tale in which I am sure took many hours of research It is a tale will make you believe in the truth of it.
A Thriller where two sides pursue Valdez as he discovers the truth about what he has in his possession Action, suspense, drama carry the reader along and won t release you until the end This is a book you will want to read Greg Valdez Operates Just The Other Side Of The Line, As A Thief For Private Collectors He S Known As The Best In The Business You Name It, He S Stolen It From Jewels To Fine Art Now His Mission Takes Him To An Ancient Monastery In Portugal, To Steal A Priceless Artifact The True Shroud Of Turin From Beneath The Altar Centuries Old Oaths And Traditions Come Into Play As Modern Day Templar Knights Launch An International Search For The Thief And The Shroud Glenn Starkey Has Written A Book That Will Put You On The Edge Of Your Seat And Keep You There A Real Thriller In The Tradition Of The Genre, Solomon S Men Will Take You On A Roller Coaster Ride You Ll Wish Would Never End You Ll Be Asking Yourself When Glenn Starkey S Next Book Will Hit The Stands