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Ý She Smells the Dead À Download by ☆ E.J. Stevens I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this book I wasn t sure what to expect but this went above and beyond whatever I expected I love Yuki and Cal They are such great characters It s so cute that Cal has such a thing for Yuki and she doesn t see it at first They seem like an odd pairing but they re actually perfect for each other They have been friends for so long and they are super cute together The supporting characters in this book are really awesome too Emma and Simon are too funny There are a lot of mysterious things going on in this book There is paranormal stuff going on, mystery, murder, werewolves, spirit guides and all kinds of good stuff I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read This is an excellent book.
Rating 4.
3 out of 5I ve said before that I have no love of paranormal romance as a genre It s too girly, too gushy, too intrinsically self absorbed and flighty, to be worth my while I mean, who wants to read about some young girl with special talents who falls head over heels in love with some otherworldly creature Uh, apparently I do So color me a liar.
I received She Smells the Dead by E.
J Stevens as a review copy, and honestly I was excited to dive into it No matter my previous statements on the matter, the truth is I ve had a long and enduring love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and trashy romance novels It s the inherent impracticality of the stories that draw me in how can you not feel affection for a story told about youngsters who want nothingthan to be na ve and free, yet have massive, mythical responsibilities heaped on their shoulders It offers us a chance to explore adolescence without having to relive it, in many ways offering up an idealized version of teenagers without ever losing sight of the inborn selfishness and idiosyncrasies that come with being a teen in the first place.
She Smells the Dead introduces us to Vanessa Stennings, a girl who likes to be called Yuki we ll get into my trepidation over the popularity of Japanese culture among today s youth another time and who possesses a very quirky paranormal talent like title of the book suggests, Yuki can smell the dead As she says in the prologue, this isn t like smelling rot or something of the like Instead, what we have here is an actual haunting a ghost wants to tell Yuki something, and so gives her clues through her olfactory senses Think The Sixth Sense with nothing but your nose to guide you and minus one creepy little boy I found this to be a very original innovation on a somewhat overused theme, which made it stand out.
Yuki is a senior in high school She has all the shortcomings of any girl her age indecisiveness, doubtful of her future, obsessed with clothes, falls in love with the wrong guys and yet she is still almost idyllic in the way that she has this recently discovered power and makes it her goal to help those wayward spirits haunting her find their way back home.
For support, Yuki has the prerequisite quirky cast of friends Emma, a brilliant vegan with a tendency to seek out and expose oppression against the animal and insect world, and Calvin, her scruffy bff for life who might also be somethingthan that Just as in shows like Buffy and Smallville, this little group bands together to help Yuki solve the spirit problems , researching at the public library and going on sometimes not very well thought out investigative ventures Many times the solutions are outrageously easy not to mention unexplained , but that s okay This isn t a book intent on bending your mind.
It is all pretty formulaic, but She Smells the Dead gains its wings with dialogue conversations flow without a hitch, which takes copious amounts of talent and an imaginative reclassification of standard tropes As an example of the latter, I must bring out a plot point that may be a spoiler and some may roll their eyes at Calvin is a werewolf However, author Stevens has created a fresh perspective on werewolvery by doing the unthinkable going backward She fastens their existence to the root of the original Native American shapeshifter myth a spiritual partnership between creatures of the wild and man, beneficial to both with nary a mention of curses or evil deeds When I read this I wanted to stand up and say, Bravo Very well done, indeed.
There are quite a few customary themes to the work, with those of self discovery and duty climbing to the forefront As you might have been able to tell, I appreciated Yuki s steadfastness when it comes to her obligation to the dead as well as the difficulty with figuring out their problems with only something like, say, the smell of vinegar to go on But the scenes where she trains with Calvin, trying to harness her power, are truly well done We get to see her weak both with a burgeoning love for her old friend and the doubt of her capacity to channel her abilities and strong She is a young girl facing seemingly insurmountable odds, yet she never once really hesitates.
There is an innocent quality to the work that I appreciated, as well I think, at the end of it all, that s the most appealing facet Like with the Harry Potter series, we see young people who could be any one of us grow up before our eyes They think and act like the teenagers they are, but hold an almost preternatural sense of honor Looking back on my own life, when reading material such as this, I sometimes wish I could have as sturdy a head on my shoulders as they do.
On the minus side, Stevens has a strange habit of interjecting Yuki s thoughts into the text, even though they are directly preceded by information that makes those thoughts repetitive And redundant, too See what I mean At first I found this quirky and even a bit funny, but as the story went on I started to roll my eyes whenever something like that came across A slight drawback, but a bearable one.
Other than that, there really isn t much to complain about Not that I would want to I had a lot of fun reading She Smells the Dead It s nostalgic in a wish you were here sort of way, and the mushrooming young love between Calvin and Yuki is something like a bunch of kindling teetering perilously close to an emotional firestorm It s well written and it flows, it s not too violent, and surprisingly original And it s also very short, as it is basically the introduction into a series that continues with the second book, Spirit Storm, a book I m itching to dive into, which will undoubtedly reveal the solution to the rather ingenious cliffhanger of an ending.
Yes, I recommend She Smells the Dead This man fell in love with it, and I think women of all ages will, as well.
Plot 8Characters 10Voice 8Execution 8Personal Enjoyment 9Overall 43 50 4.
3 5 She Smells the Dead by E J Stevens5 STARSI LOVED this book Those of you who know me, know I am a Ghost Story Whore Ghost related books are my favorite type of paranormal story and I consume them with greed and happiness, especially when the book is a good one This was a GREAT one The story was original, not something that has been done over and over and over again Big plus for me Yuki, the main character, can smell the dead No, this doesn t mean she literally smells rotting corpses, she gets a smell impression from the deceased, aka ghost So instead of being able to see dead people or be able to talk to them, she gets a smell impression when they are around In this book the ghost that is haunting her is giving her the smell of apple cider vinegar With this smell she does her research to find out who it could be and what she can do to help them take care of what ever unfinished business they had left in our world and then move on.
So, I m totally expecting the whole book to just be about Yuki finding out who the ghost is and of course some mystery she has to help solve for the ghost to move on WRONG I was sooo suprised and happy to get not only an extra twist in the story but also a sweet romance to boot Yippee What was so good about this romance, after all they are in almost every book I read, I got to watch it develope from a simple friendship to a Why is he looking at me like he likes methan a friend and why am I liking it, wait, what I like it I do OMG, I think I like him discovery of love It was adorable, but not the kind of adorable that makes you sick, just real.
I loved how Yuki talked to herself and uses the full name of her friend In the beginning her friend Calvin gives her a beetle plushie as a joke To herself she thinksYou suck Calvin Miller You suck times tenShe does this through out the book and I won t spoil anything so I won t give away anycause you really should read this book I enjoyed it so much I even broke my rule of not reading series books back to back I jumped into the second one immediately and I ll tell you now, it is just as good Actually a little better since we have the back story established and can focus on the lives of the characters and what ghostly things are going on, and the little twist So if you haven t read this one yet, get to it I finally got to it because I decided to clean out my TBR closet it is not a TBR shelf, it is a TBR closet, have you seen the size of that thing by reading books that have been in there the longest and I can not believe I put this in there and let it get buried for as long as it did I have just come upon an enchanting new Paranormal Mystery Story written by Dark Poetess, E.
J Stevens She Smells the Dead is just what the Moms and Librarians have been looking for A New Series of books with enchantment, mystery, love and commitment for a YA audience Yuki is our heroine, a high school girl who is affected by the dead She is not part of the crowd At her age, she walks to her own tune, has been called witch by her classmates , which is only exasperated by her looks and dress To her credit she is very grounded and has a great sense of humor about herselfShe has a great friend in Emma, who compliments her in every way Calvin and Yuki have been friends forever They share secrets of who they are Calvin has been told by his family that he is an Alpha wolf, part of his heritage At a camp they both attended one summer, Calvin finds his WOLF form Yuki was told she was a DUNG BEETLE which she found unsettling and not humorous Together in this story, they sift their way through a Ghostly Haunting of Yuki, a need to find outabout their powers and now the young love that is blossoming between them Book one of the series is W.
L I cannot wait for the sequel.
Although this book gives us a great story, it ends with the promise of anotherGreat job Ms Stevens Review by Gloria Lakritz Senior Reviewer for Paranormal Romance Guild Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level Young AdultRecommended for Fans of YA Urban fantasy who are looking for something new, those who enjoy paranormal storiesMy Thoughts In this first book in the Spirit Guide series, Yuki is recently come into her powers and learning how to deal with them, with the help of Calvin Miller, her friend Emma, and Calvin s mentor and trainer Simon We get to know a bit about all of them, watch Yuki deal with a haunting, and basically accompany her during the beginning of her senior year of high school It has been said repeatedly that Stevens has come up with something new and fresh Yuki definitely does not have all the answers and has to find her own way, but she has some great friends and allies who are willing to help her She also has a keen sense of style This is an enjoyable novella, and is a great start to the series The next book is Spirit Storm, and the topic of how she is going to deal with all the spirits on Samhain was brought up repeatedly during She Smells the Dead, so I m quite interested to see where Stevens goes with this Check it out Disclosure I received this book as part of an omnibus, including the first three books in the Spirit Guide series, from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Synopsis It s the beginning of senior year and Yuki s psychic awareness of ghostly spirits is threatening to ruin her life Her ability to sense spirits of the dead isn t glamorous like on TV She Smells the Dead.
Yuki is being visited in her dreams and suspects that her friend Calvin is involved in something strange Will Yuki be able to save the spirits and herself

She Smells the Dead begins with a one page prologue, and I gotta say, having finished the book, it s probably the best one page litmus test I ve ever read All you have to do to know whether or not this book is for you is read the first four paragraphs It s that simple I can smell the dead I know, you hear of people with superhuman paranormal powers and you think, how cool is that but there is nothing cool about smelling the dead I mean it could be worse I suppose The dead don t smell like rotting corpses, usually It s oftenof a symbolic smell Smell Impressions as my friend Calvin likes to call them Ugh I know, again with the uncoolness You have no idea Imagine biting into your favorite veggie burger loaded up with ketchup and suddenly smelling rotten eggs Heck, my biggest fear is finally kissing Garrett Hamlin, the guy I ve been drooling over since 8th grade, and smelling something awful Like skunk butt or sweaty gym socks I Would Die So yeah My name is Vanessa Stennings but I go by Yuki When you re a kid the name Nessie gets you teased and Vee for victory takes on a whole new meaning when you reach high school and all the boys can think about is getting lucky So I picked Yuki It means snow or a snow covered village which, considering all the snow we get here in Maine seems fitting I didn t pick it for that reason though I decided on Yuki because the smell of freshly falling snow is a clean, beautiful smell and if I m anything, it s ruled by smells Of course I hadn t realized that a few jocks would start calling me Yucky, but heck, they re jocks It s not like I acknowledge their existence anyway We live in different worlds They are obsessed with muscles and fart jokes and I smell the dead This book was not for me.
Yuki and I had problems from the beginning I could not take her seriously, and the voice demonstrated in the prologue is why It s somehow pretentious and yet vapid, immature at the very least Yuki s supposed to be seventeen and in her senior year, but between the vocabulary and the attitude, I d have pegged her for somewhere around a fourteen fifteen year old freshman, honestly.
She s got the perky pseudo goth thing going on, with a side of pseudo weeaboo, which probably would have beeninteresting or at least, differentiating if not for the pseudo part She s not actually a character an anime nerd or goth can identify with, unless the mere fact that she calls herself Yuki and dresses in black tulle is enough for you to relate with Her subculture related attributes are all really superficial They have no impact on the story, they don t lend her any kind added depth or realism, and seem to exist solely to excuse the book s indulgence in the re naming and Costume Porn, at least in this installment.
To be clear, I m not saying Yuki was unrealistic That s the thing about immature, phase ish teenagers they re everywhere It s just that I would really, really prefer not to read about them Hence why Yuki didn t really work for me.
Still, I can get over voices It wouldn t have tanked the book for me if the story had worked, but, well, it didn t In any respect.
1 The premise lacked a solid foundationShe Smells the Dead lacks any kind of introduction to Yuki s life We re just sort of dropped in at the start of a new case, and come to find that she s apparently had her ghost smelling abilities for a while long enough, at least, to come to the conclusion that they are ghost smelling abilities, develop a pretty good idea of how they function, figure out what to do with them, and share all this with her friends It feelslike we re coming in on the second book in the series, as opposed to the firstReadat You re Killing.
What would you do if you had the ability to help souls cross over What if you found out that your best friend also had a secret of his own She Smells the Dead is the story of Vanessa aka Yuki who can smell the dead Not in a gross way, but in a way that the smell is related to the soul that needs help She is beginning her senior year in high school when the soul needs her help Cal, with a secret of his own, and Emma, who is her strictly vegan friend know of Yuki s ability and help her with the mysteries surrounding the souls I really enjoyed the unique spin on this paranormal story It took the paranormal, ghost story, and spirits to a completely different level It was a fast paced and short read, after you get used to Yuki s thoughts interjected here and there The story develops well and the characters are likable You aren t really given much of a background for Yuki s ability to smell the dead, however, when Cal reveals his secret, his background is well developed and explained in a way that I have not seen in YA books lately And it was perfect Emma is a character that I really enjoyed She was quirky, funny and had the uncanny ability to pop off with sarcastic comments without missing a beat As she learns Cal s secret, she is calm and takes everything in stride I have the feeling that she may have some special ability of her own that may come out in later books in this series If you like a quick witted, fast paced light read of the paranormal kind, I think that you will enjoy this book I am looking forward to reading the second in the series This e book was given to me by the author, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review It in no way influenced my review or opinion of the book.
If you thought your high school days were rough Yuki s in her senior year and besides dealing with all the inherent pressures of that crazy time of life, she has some unusual and difficult stresses all her own She doesn t get to see dead people, she has to smell them her best friend, whom she s beginning to suspect she cares fordeeply than she imagined, has an odd secret that may be related to her psychic power and her dreams seem to portend an imminent danger.
Author E J Stevens delightfully original She Smells the Dead impressed me from its first pages and I now include it among my favorite novels Yuki is one of the most likeable heroines a reader has the joy to be introduced to, and I loved hearing her every thought as much as following her story adventure The author s great character development shines through with the entire cast Calvin, simultaneously cool and down to earth and Emma, passionate vegan and animal advocate, are the best friends we all wish we had This paranormal romance of blossoming love and great friendships, with laugh out loud moments, shares the wonderful high school can be hell metaphor and witty dialogue of the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but in a unique story all its own and with the distinctive voice of its talented author I eagerly await the next book in the Spirit Guide series Highly recommended.
I so enjoyed the story The Ghost Whisperer in Smell O Rama Yuki may not be the most popular girl at school, but she definitely has the Bestest Friends a girl could ask for This story was a refreshing new slant on helping the dead cross over to the light I won t give any of the exciting details away, but when an unexpected romance starts, and complications start to arise with the lingering smelly dead and the annoying wet dog smell, you are sure to be swallowed up into E J Stevens exciting, twisting turning plot Can t wait to see what happens on Samhain.
It S The Beginning Of Senior Year And Yuki S Psychic Awareness Of Ghostly Spirits Is Threatening To Ruin Her Life Her Ability To Sense Spirits Of The Dead Isn T Glamorous Like The Ghost Hunting On Television She Smells the Dead The Smell Impressions Are Becoming Stronger Yuki Is Being Visited In Her Dreams, And She Suspects That Her Friend Calvin Is Involved In Something Strange To Make Matters Worse Her Crush On Garrett Is Going Unrequited, Yuki S Friend Emma Is On A Rampage Against Bee Oppression, And Calvin Miller Mysteriously DisappearsWill Yuki Be Able To Focus Her Powers In Time To Save The Lost Soul Who Is Haunting Her Meanwhile, Who Will Save Yuki From Following The Spirits Into The Light