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[Jocelyn Adams] ó Shadowborn (Lila Gray, #2) [family PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ originally posted on my blog received a copy of Shadowborn from the publishers through the read to Review group on Goodreads, so thanks to all who made this possible WOW It took me awhile to get to this book because it is second in the Lila Grey series and I wanted the read Glass Man first The Glass Man took me awhile to get into but once I did I read both books back to back in a day How did I miss this series I had actually started this book first but quickly realized you need to read the first one, this is not a stand alone book.
I love books about the fae and the Lila Gray series is fantastic Lila is the reluctant Queen of the Seelie Sidhe trying to adjust as the ruler of her people She struggles trying to rule them, getting to know them and trying to protect them and she must conquer her own fears to do this She tries to comes to terms with her feelings for both Liam and Nix, although I am not a big fan of love triangles but this one works Lila once again has an unbeatable enemy and she faces him head on like she does everything.
The plot is full of suspense and keeps you on edge waiting for the next twist to happen The shadowborn are out to capture Lila s soul and kill the Unseelie King for an unnamed enemy The journey to find away to defeat them leads Lila down a path of self discovery that she really doesn t want to face The world building in this series is amazing, Jocelyn Adams does a brilliant job of illustrating the differences between the lightness of the Seelie court and the Darkness of the Unseelie and the struggle to bring them together This has become one of my favorite series about the fae and can t wait for the last book in the trilogy.
Cover revealDark and sexy Jocelyn Adams does it again with the second book of the Lila Gray series Shadowborn delivers on so many levels that will leave readers reeling from the emotional peaks and valleys each character faces Lila Gray, the reluctant queen of the Seelie court, is forced to battle a foe that will be anything but easy to defeat At her side is Nix, the captain of her guard, who wants from Lila than her leadership Liam Kane, king of the Unseelie, is all that stands in Nix s way, but Liam s hiding something deep and dark from Lila, something she may not forgive him for On top of her battling her own court and her heart, Lila must face an evil that is not of this world Shadowborn is a mystery, a romance, and a thrilling ride that will leave you wanting.

Well Well.
Jocelyn Adams The world needs to know about your books I enjoyed reading The Glass Man and remember when i d finished the last page, feeling deflated that book two was not in front of me Shadowborn just blew me away I feel as though I have come back from a great journey, in this case a journey with Lila Gray , along with her fae friends I cried, I laughed and in the end I had a smile from ear to ear I received an advanced copy of Shadowborn from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
Shadowborn is the second novel in the Lila Gray trilogy Lila is the Seelie queen who began her journey in The Glass Man while still living in the human realm She now finds herself in a bit over her head trying to unite the Seelie and Unseelie courts when both sides hate each other One of her biggest obstacles to find a way around began in the first novel when she fell in love with the Seelie king, Liam It s a problem because making their love public knowledge could easily get one or both of them killed Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride I loved both of these novels By the time I finished Shadowborn I d become one hundred percent emotionally involved with Lila, her man troubles, and her trying to stay alive by keeping one step ahead of the bad guys trouble Whew I m not going to give anything away because you need to read it yourself, but when we hit one particularly heartbreaking spot and you ll know it when you get there this reader broke down and started blubbering like a baby I ended up hiding out in the bedroom so no one would see me, kindle in one hand, box of Kleenex in the other What I most enjoy about Jocelyn Adams writing is her ability to not only bring the romance to full Technicolor life with her characters, but to provide a plot that is both complex and satisfying It managed to keep this reader always slightly off balance, which of course, kept me turning those pages until I reached the end It was easy to suspend disbelief and imagine putting myself in Lila s place, wondering what I would ve done if faced with her challenges I really can t give this novel any less than five stars It provided everything I could hope to find when choosing a paranormal romance and I can t imagine anyone who has the same tastes in novels not loving it as much as I did I can t wait for the third one, though I might need this time to recover My heart came very close to breaking on this one.
I got this book as a R2R from J Taylor publishing So thank you very much I went back and read the first book of this series before starting this one and I am glad that I did You do not get a lot of recapping in this book and because the main issue in the first book is resolved mostly by the end of that book, you will miss out of the development of Lila You really need to read this series in order so you can get a clear understanding of Lila I think this book is even better than the first one I liked her in this book, but am glad I read the first one to understand where she started from I am now going to be waiting impatiently for the third one.
I always hate love triangles, but the issues that Lila, Liam and Nix go through are realistic and shows the personal growth of all them I love how straight forward Lila is, that keeps you hoping for her to figure out some things with out being mad her for being stupid Her faults makes her real and helps you appreciate and root her on you can feel her pain and sympathize with her feelings I really enjoy Fae books, but am usually disappointed in the portrayal of the different kinds and the world building in themNot this time and I think Jocelyn gave a balanced spins on the Seelie and Unseelie aspects There is plenty of action, intrigue and mysteries to unravel for Lila and you the reader since you don t have any information until Lila gets it Again she faces some insurmountable foes and questioning her feelings for everyone I gained respect for her and her decisions I loved how she faces everything head on with, even when she doesn t want to and how she looks at herself with pretty clear eyes most of the time or after someone has pointed it out to herLOL sometimes it takes someone else to show you, your own faults You get a great ending for this book as you did in the first one, but still know that there is to come and that has to be faced You are even involved with the secondary characters in this book and I love when characters continue to develop and grow right before your eyes Thank you Jocelyn and J Taylor publishing for a chance to meet Lila, Liam, Nix and the the whole fae world.
Genre Paranormal Romance Rating 3.
5 stars Review Lila Gray has an interesting ability to sense and control minds around her She really isn t close to her own people the Seelie Sidhe, and treats them like secondary citizens pushing them away and not giving them a chance to know about her The Captain of her Guard, Mannix Nix , has fallen hard for her and tries to muscle Liam Kane, the king of the Unseelie Sidhe and Lila s lover, out of the picture with his constant rants and raves Liam has been a bit distant as well, and as we find out, not all is well in the land of the Unseelie Sidhe.
This puts another stressful situation on top of learning about her abilities or cumhacht and trying to maintain a coalition with the human race while trying to unite the Fae under one flag If that weren t enough, Lila learns that a group called the Shadowborn has attacked humans and has their sights set on her for their masters It will be up to Lila to use her abilities to save not only herself, but those who have been taken by the Shadowborn.
The world that Lila Gray resides in could be considered dystopian in nature Thanks to Parthalan, humans started a war that lead to a global economic collapse It is up to Lila and allies to find a way to stop the genocide and help rebuild humanity before it s lost forever.
Shadowborn is a fast paced read that should be considered for mature audiences only I would categorize this series as New Adult Lila is a tough and fierce character who really doesn t give a crap who she pisses off She definitely has a mouth and attitude that just won t stop Lila is forced to learn about her role as queen of the Fae fast in order to defeat the Shadowborn She must also forgive herself for the deaths of her family which she continues to hold herself responsible for If that weren t enough, she still suffers deep emotional strife over Parthalan whom she is still connected to and must learn about the darkness that is right under the surface ready to explode in all its glory.
I would definitely recommend that future readers of this series start with The Glass Man before taking on Shadowborn No, I am not trying to drive sales, and no, I am not being paid by the writer or publisher to push this book I firmly believe that you need to start from the first book of the series in order to get an idea on how the writer builds her characters and world building In this case, Lila changes a full 180 degrees from when where met her at the beginning of The Glass Man, to the end of Shadowborn I m definitely looking forward to the last book in the series called Rise of the Magi which releases October 4th 2013 to learn about Lila, Liam, Cas and Brigh who was introduced in Shadowborn Expected publication October 1st 2012 by J Taylor Publishing Intended Audience , Strong Language, Adult Themes, Some Violence Why Me That S The Question Lila Gray Asks Every Time Yet Another Bad Guy Tries To Destroy The Earth, And She Learns She S The Only One Who Can Stop It Once Again, Something S On The Prowl, Leaving Hundreds Of Comatose, Soulless Victims In Its WakeCouldn T The Deadliest Assassins Of The Otherworld Go After Someone Else Instead Of The Brand New Queen Of The Seelie One Who Still Hasn T Adapted To Her New Role Lila Would Ask Liam Kane, King Of The Unseelie, For Advice, But Something S Off With Him, Too He S Holding Back In Some Way About Some Thing In Fact, He Refuses To Tell Her What S Going OnThe Truth Holds Lila Back From The Greatness Of Her Role The People She Was Born To Lead The Man Who She Desperately Loves And The Solution To The Latest War Raging Around HerTo Find The Answers, She Ll Need To Fight Through Her Own Darkness And Embark On A Journey Through Her Psyche If She Doesn T Succeed, The Shadowborn Will Claim Not Only Her World, But Her Soul Shadowborn By Jocelyn Adams is book 2 in the Lila Gray Series.
I was so excited to receive this as an ARC because the first book was so amazing I knew this one would be too Ms Adams does a superb job reminding readers what happened in the first book, without going into so many details you feel like you re reading it again.
These characters will stay in your head long after you finish the book Three days later, I still find myself thinking about Liam, Lila and Nix, even Cas and Brigh Wondering what they are doing now, how they re dealing with things They are so well written that my brain keeps forgetting they are only fictional characters thought up by an amazing writer.
This book is filled with many ups and downs it really takes your emotions for a ride Why do certain characters do what they do, how could they Your brain knows there is a logical reason but your heart doesn t like it You will hurt for some, want to punch a few and cry tears of joy for others.
My advice, Make sure you have a good chunk of time to sit down and read before picking up Shadowborn Once you start reading, it will be very difficult to put down But definitely pick it up Shadowborn is the 2nd Lila Gray novel following the Seelie fairy queen, Lila, and theking of the Unseelie, Liam who just happens to be her love They re determined to reunite the two sides of the fey and bring about unity as the goddess intended even if it tears them apart.
I thought I was a Lila Gray fan after The Glass Man Not so No In Shadowborn we see a softer side of one of the best female MCs I ve read about to date This leads me to the Yummies Characters Doesn t get any better than the kick yet compassionate Lila Gray And then there s Liam who loves her than one could imagine, but secrets threaten to be their undoing Emotionally charged, gut wrenching their relationship is that.
Setting Rich and lush like always Ms Adams paints vivid pictures like no other with beautiful imagery for the mind to ponder.
Storytelling LOVE LOVE LOVE this author s voice Seriously.
Yuckies Um none.
Recommend Whether you re a fey fan or not, give the Lila Gray novels a go Add Shadowborn to your to read list HERE Your brain deserves to be swept away by a tale of mystical powers, intrigue, passion, and the desire to survive.