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¿ Read ½ Secrets & Lies by Tracy James Jones ✓ This story has an a number of secrets and lies that keep you amazed right until the end So appropriately titled The author has a unique writing style which has a sort of narration that sets the scene before you dive into the dialogue which I really enjoyed I think it is important to note that there are a few prejudices dealt with here that I also thought were bold by the writer to include and definitely add to the drama The characters bare their soul If you think you ve read every kind of love storythink again Secrets Lies is an appropriate name for this book It is about relationships Be they family, friends, or lovers The story takes you into the lives of four people who all have secrets This book was hard for me to put down and I ll admit to lots of lost sleep because of it It is one of those books that have you wondering what is going to happen next When you are first introduced to the characters, you don t know what twists and turns their journey will take you on However, it is well worth the ride.
Author Tracy James Jones Published By T.
Age Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Blog For GMTAReview Secrets and Lies by Tracy James Jones was indeed a wonderful relationship read This author really as a great writing dialogue that simply keeps you fully interested bringing the characters to life Ms Jones presents a unique story that shows human emotions You will find expectations, deception, hiding, ambition, attitude, male to female, to trust all will be found in this great read of Secrets and Lies Be ready to be surprised as the secrets are exposed that will keep you guessing till the end.
The characters were all simply off the chart GOOD All showing a human side with emotions.
from Camilla, Ulanda, Troy, Kenny Jr.
, Brently Bren , granny , Ken Sr.
, Allyson Goodwin Jordon, Jalinda, Joe, to Wade and I am sure I have left someone out but that is where you will find out whoby picking up the novel Secrets and Lies to find out.
If you are looking for a very powerful book with many surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the endyou have come to the right place Secrets and Lies would definitely be recommended to you as a Adult read.

SECRETS LIES BY TRACY JAMES JONESThis novel reads like you re watching a movie I could picture the characters clearly in my head Every motion they made as smoothly articulated as Tracy James Jones writing style What is likely even amazing that the writers ability to bring characters to life so vividly is the way they are all involved in each others lives.
This intricately woven tale keeps you guessing until the very end Just when you think you have the entire connection figured out something else comes to light that makes you change your mind I couldn t help but fall in love with all four main characters and going through all their trials and tribulations just kept me rooted to my seat for hours on end.
Richly intricate plots, amazing storytelling and complete surprise is what awaits you in this book I dare not give away too much detail, this story is far too good to destroy with spoilers, but if you don t enjoy Kenny, Camilla, Bren, and Ulanda as much as I did, I ll be surprised Tracy, all I can say is , Write More read Friends or enemies there are so many secrets and lies between these four people it is hard to tell Can they handle the backstabbing, hiding, running, and lust to get pass the Secrets Lies Secrets Lies is an emotional journey through the lives of four people tied together by the secrets that they keep.
Camilla, Ulanda, Kennedy, and Bren will carry you along for the ride as the trauma of their past comes barreling to the forefront when the choices that they make leave them all at cross purposes.
I cannot do a full synopsis without giving away spoilers, which is something that I try to never do.
This was a powerful book It will have you quickly turning the pages and the final revelation will blow you away.
A very emotional page turner, Secrets Lies will have you wondering which secret will be uncovered next, all the way until the end of the book With twists and turns the reader won t see coming until it smacks you in the face and leaves you questioning the integrity of the character There is four central characters and with plenty of drama and line pushing you won t want to put the book down until there is a conclusion to the drama The cast of characters is multi racial and multi cultural The cast consists of Kennedy, or Kenny for short, Camilla, Ulanda and Bren Kennedy is hiding many painful secrets and lies from both his past and his present Camilla is the young, unsuspecting woman, who falls in love with Kenny Ulanda is Camilla s best friend, who s secrets and lies are not revealed until the end She might just have to do with this thick plot then being just a friend Bren is Kenny s true love, since high school, who besides being lost in a gender transition is also lost in a painful past Will all the lies and secrets be revealed before people get hurt Can someone who hides so many hurt s from the past, and has multiple skeletons in the closet, truly be happy To find all the answers to these questions, and unravel the web of lies, Secrets Lies by author Tracy James Jones is a must read An emotional roller coaster that will take you up, and down, on the ride of your life.
Secrets Lies, Is An In Depth Emotional Journey Into The Private Lives Of Four Central Characters That Unfolds As A Provocative Multi Cultural Modern Romance With A TwistSecrets, As They Are, Rarely Devastate The National Population As A Whole They Are Often Limited To The Individual Going On About Their Lives That Is What This Story Is About, A Group Of Not So Ordinary People, All From Very Different Backgrounds, Whose Secrets And Lies Leaves A Trail Of Honest Deception Waiting To Upset The Rituals Of Their Daily Existence Kennedy Jordan Is A Handsome Young Man With A Secret Past And A Challenging Future That Keeps Him In The Balance Between Having What He Wants Versus What Others Expect Of HimCamilla Vargas Is A Beautiful Ambitious Young Woman With Big Dreams Of Success That She Has Planned To Obtain By Any Means Possible, And Vows To Not Let Anything Keep Her From ItUlanda Jefferson Is A Hip Outspoken Fashionista With A Fiery Attitude Ard With Sharp Wit And An Uncensored Tongue, She Is Than Just A Force To Be Reckoned WithBren Searcy Is A Grown Up Lost In Transition, Literally From Male To Female There Is Almost Nothing She Wouldn T Bear To Hang Onto The Happiness She Has Finally Found In The End, For Everyone Involved, Even The Elements Of True Confessions Gets Lost In Translation As The Explicit Details Of Who They Are Brings The Group Together In A Surprising, Yet Necessary Finale That Could Change The Course Of Their Lives Forever Secrets Lies by Tracy James Jones is a contemporary love story that is unique because of the candid revelations revealed as the story unfolds and the skillful way the author provides unvarnished truths about the issues her characters deal with Jones voice as an author is bright and clear, yet her touch with her characters is gentle She guides readers through the pivotal events, deftly allowing them to reach conclusions and speculate, just before the path turns and new information is brought forth Her writing is almost cinematic, allowing visitors to experience the world she has built, instead of simply reading about it.
Jones characters are a particularly strong point, because they re so human They deal with baggage, make decisions and take action, while coping with fears, regrets and joy They struggle to do what they think is best, much as we all do One can imagine sitting down to a glass of wine with them and they re hard to dislike, even when you think they re making a mistake The plot, however, is tight and intricately woven Readers can expect to have many, OMG moments, before reaching the novel s conclusion, where conjecture is left behind The only question remaining is whether we will see of Kenny, Camilla, Ulanda and Bren in the future Although my reading choices are usually in the paranormal and romance genres, I highly recommend Secrets Lies It s that good.
Edenmary Black This book was my baby It represents my return to writing after a long hiatus in regards to my recovery from heart surgery It took forever for me to get back into the swing of writing, which I wasn t sure I was going to be able to do Then to my surprise, out of the blue, this short story idea came to mind and would not let me rest until it was written After the short story was done, the idea moved further into a novel Next, a screenplay The characters and storyline are a very strong part of me and in the end I found this to be a book that I had always wanted to write I am beyond thrilled and excited to see this work released and the fantastic responses it has received Kudos and extra thanks to all the fans who read and like this book I am super thrilled to know people who are loving it as much as I do o