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[ Read Online Sacred Mountain (Black Eagle Force, #2) Ä fat-studies PDF ] by Buck Stienke µ This is the second novel that I have read by this author and I enjoyed reading this one as much as the first novel I hope that the author continues to write many just as enjoyable as the first two.
Black Eagle Force A Group Of Patriotic, Heroic Men And Women Elite Former Military Special Op Experts And Crack Pilots Who Protect American Interests And Fight Evil Wherever It Exists President Annette Henry Thompson, The First Woman President Of The United States Has Been Kidnapped By Mexican And Al Qaeda Terrorists Secretary Of Defense Baker Tasks Dare Phillips And The Black Eagle Force To Go Deep Into The Southern Sierra Madre Mountains To Effect Her Rescue The BEF Is In The Air Within Thirty Minutes Of The Abduction With Their Giant C M Airborne Battle Carrier, Four Black Eagle VTOL M A Fighters And Twenty Four Members Of Their Ground Force, The Raptors, With Their Massive Pound War Dog, Bear May God Have Mercy On The Terrorist S Souls, Because The Black Eagle Force Will Not Thrills, Action, Danger, Treachery, Romance, Tragedy And Surprises It S All In Black Eagle Force Sacred Mountain The Black Eagle Force Sacred Mountain lost no momentum since we first met them in Eye Of The Storm Another great ride that puts you alongside them as they take on a dangerous foe, the second BEF tale will leave you looking for the third.
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you get the idea A graphic novel without the graphicsThis is a fun book to read and exhibits all the superhero attributes of the best of the classic graphic novels Black Eagle Force is the absolute best of the best para military organization in America and the world under the direct supervision of the Commander In Chief They are all ex somethings of the highest moral and physical character and there is not a single dumb one among the lot They are dedicated, honorable and committed to keeping America free There are pilots, soldiers, medics, logistics experts etc You name it, BEF has them and they are better than anything else in any other country s military.
The equipment is on the technical leading edge and is the best in the world Lightweight attack aircraft, monochromatic skin suits the render them almost invisible and magnetic coil rifles capable of knocking out a T 90 tanks are just a few of the advantages the BEF possesses I m not a scientist but the principles that these weapons are based on seem to be theoretically sound though not yet fully applied on the modern battlefield Kudos to the authors for the realism in their research.
By virtue of having the best men and women warriors in the country and the most leading edge equipment, BEF is given the most secret and impossible missions Of course, they also face the most evil villains looking to conquer the world.
Think James Bond vs SPECTRE only 007 is replaced by a reinforced company of fighters and support staff ready to go wheels up on a moment s notice to vanquish America s enemies All good stuff All that s missing is the marshal music in the background On the flip side, there are so many characters it s difficult to relate to most of them on a personal level Character development gives way to action and adventure a bit too much There are plenty of tired, old military clich s spouted by numerous characters throughout the book These get tiresome.
But the most annoying flaws were the edit errors There were just a few for the first three quarters of the book no problem but the last quarter had a exorbitant rash of them It was here they became annoying and distracting It was as if the authors were in such a hurry to finish, they let quality go to the wind.
I know it s an inexpensive book but come on Wouldn t pride of authorship and ownership demand a quality product from these authors Don t readers deserve to see an error free product for their money It s an e Book it s not that hard to fix Of course, I ll be reading the other books in the series and I am anticipating of the same swashbuckling adventure as in this book I ll also be looking for the errors John E Nevola Author of The Last Jump A Novel of World War II If action packed, dynamic stories are your thing, you ll love this one But a word of warning Don t start it at bedtime, because you ll want to stay up all night rather than put it down The Black Eagle Force becomes embroiled in another exciting adventure written by authors Buck Steinke and Ken Farmer in Sacred Mountain This time it is really personal Annette Henry Thompson, the first woman to be president of the United States is kidnapped by a former enemy She is the former love of Gunter Hermann and therefore very important to the BEF team Won t hurt to ask, he replied, typing in the short query into the FMS What s up A few seconds passed before a short message came back across the MMILSATCOM link LILAC IS MISSING With this unexpected revelation, the BEF is called into action by Secretary of Defense Baker to go deep into the Sierra Madre Mountains to find and rescue her What follows is the masterful way in which they execute the mission You will feel like you are sitting in any one of the aircraft described by this masterful writing team There are some other surprises about people you know from the news You need to read this book to continue following the BEF adventures Buck Stienke is a retired captain and fighter pilot for the United States Air Force and a graduate from the Air Force Academy He was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over 25 years and also executive producer of the award winning film Rockabilly Baby Ken Farmer served in the Marine Corps and graduated from Stephen F Austin State University Ken has been a professional actor, writer and director with memorable roles in Silverado, Friday Night Lights and Uncommon Valor He continues to write and direct award winning films, including Rockabilly Baby.

Black Eagle Force Sacred Mountain is an outstanding second novel by Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer Many Authors seem to fall short with their second novel in a series but Sacred Mountain is not one of them The characters that survived the Eye of the Storm operation pick up right where they left off defending America from the enemies who would destroy her Again, I was totally immersed in the read from page one and settled in for a roller coaster ride of action and adventure The entire novel is one long battle of good versus evil A twisting turning tale of deceit, corruption and betrayal Without equal the Authors blend technical details, taunt story line, believable characters and dialogue I just do not find in other novels today The Warriors, both men and women, in this series are so real and believable they remind me of the Warriors I served with in the US Marines and later while working as a Risk Management Specialist The get er done attitude of each character is dead on from beginning to end As is the commitment each character has to the safety of their fellow Operatives I have no doubt that Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer write of what they know Without question they are writing a blue print for what America should be doing to defend her self from all enemies who seek to destroy her Eliminate them with extreme prejudice I recommend Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm to all readers but especially to American Patriots You will not be disappointed I assure you OORAH Doran W IngrhamInactive US MarineRetired Risk Management Specialist The folks at Black Eagle Force are back again and this time its to rescue the President In another hard hitting, in your face, non stop roller coaster ride of a story, the authors prove once again why they are the best at what they do they know their military hardware, know the jargon, but importantly they know how to tell a good story If you like your reading fast and furious, then you re going to love this real page turner Just a warning once you read one of these books you re going to want to read others Tom Clancy, move over there are two new sheriffs in town.