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ë My Guide (My Guide, 2) Ý Download by ↠´ Rebecca Richmond Fibromyalgia Is A Distressing Illness That Affects Millions Of People Around The WorldRebecca Richmond Suffered For Seven Years Before She Developed A Programme Of Various Mind Body Techniques That Enabled Her To Overcome Her Symptoms Then She Used These Same Skills To Aid Her Recovery From MRSA, A Malignant Melanoma And Surgery To Remove A Pancreatic Tumour She Now Enjoys Good Health And Lives A Full And Active LifeRebecca Believes That The Key To Her Healing Was Understanding How To Interrupt The Pain Signal To The Brain, Overcome The Traumas From Her Past And Finally Learn To Relax So Her Brain And Body Stopped Triggering The Fight Or Flight ResponseWithin Her Book, She Shares Her Story And Provides Detailed Descriptions Of The Techniques She Used To Overcome Her Symptoms Rebecca Uses A Combination Of Practices And Exercises That You Can Follow So That You, Too, Can Overcome This Condition Through These Techniques She Has Been Able To Enhance The Way She Thinks And Improve Every Aspect Of Her Life Though Her Weaknesses Remain Chocolate, Ice Cream And Curry Praise For My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFS It Has Really Helped Me With Managing My Pain There Were So Many Great Resources And Techniques Which I Am Using DailyThis Has Made A Huge Difference For Me And I Am Feeling Able To Enjoy Playing With My Little Boy Your Book Makes So Much Sense And It Is Wonderful Of You To Share Your Experience To Help So Many People Thank You Again I Know That I Will Be Able To Continue Improving And Controlling My Health And All That Life Has In Store For Me

My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFS is both an autobiography of the author s struggles with fibromyalgia and an overview of the condition, and is a recommended guide for any who suspect they might have fibromyalgia.
Now, most books on the subject adopt a medical focus identifying symptoms, discussing the condition, and offering a few keys to its management In contrast, My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFS offers a LOT of keys to its management after introductory insights on its medical progression, making this book a must for any who would take aactive role in successfully handling fibromyalgia s challenges.
Chapters focus on recovery and managing everyday life, and offer a range of techniques the author found successful in her own life These vary from meditation and visualization routines to nutrition, linking diet and mental health to fibro s progression and offering hands on hope for readers who have struggled with few results with traditional medicine.
Each discussion is cemented by the author s own experience, and each offers a combination of medical overview and specific answers on why a management approach or technique works.
As a starting point for understanding fibro and its control, My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFS should be at the top of any self help program and is recommended for any who want to manage and, ultimately, recover from its debilitating effects.
My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFSMedical information, advice and support of those who suffers of FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long term, body wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.
Fibromyalgia has also linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety and cognitive behavioral therapy is an important part of treatment Rebecca Richmond offers a holistic approach to understanding the possible causes and dealing with fibromyalgia Manage Fibromyalgia CFS is a guide for management and treatment of this painful and complicated condition, based on author s own experience The book includes common symptoms and exercises that may help, and how to identify our triggers to stress advice.
Several other chapters address emotional stress and dietary changes along with key steps for healing My Guide Manage Fibromyalgia CFS is a useful self help book to explore alternative medicine and complementary therapies, and dealing with everyday life.