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[ Read Online Metallic Dreams ↠´ historical PDF ] by Mark Rice ↠´ Long Haired Scottish Rock Singer Spark MacDubh Drops Dead On A Snow Covered Street Of His Native Bronzehall, Only To Be Jolted Back To Life By What He Calls Lightning From Heaven Following Spark S Resurrection, His Sanity Is Stretched Thin During Waking Hours, He Receives Instructions From Deities Known As The Metal Gods At Night He Is Haunted By Visions Of A Devil Who Wields Ultimate Power Over The Music Industry Employing Behaviour That Swings Between Messianic And Infernal, Spark Gets His Old Band Back Together With A View To Steering Them Towards Greatness The Devil, However, Only Grants Success In Exchange For Souls Unwilling To Use His Band S Eternal Souls As Bargaining Tools, MacDubh Comes Up With A Preferable Route To Stardom Put The Devil Out Of Commission For Good A Simple Idea But Questionable In Terms Of Practicality For Starters, It Requires A Trip To Hell, And Only The Right Music Can Open The Gateway To That Dimension Catch More Like Catch I suspect that all of us have at least one road not taken, where we wish we could either turn back the clock for a do over, or take a second shot at one of our dreams at a later age Spark McDubh, the protagonist of Metallic Dreams, pursues his second shot with epic passion after a very near death experience.
Spark adopted heavy metal as the soundtrack of his lifestyle at a very young age That soundtrack moved to the foreground of his existence in his mid teens when he started a band But the recklessness of youth ended the band after one brief gig Spark s journey to reform the band and make metal history several years later makes for a very compelling story Author Mark Rice stirs all of our senses with well crafted prose and the authentic perspective on someone who knows his subject with great intimacy.
Two thumbs way up for Metallic Dreams Music, fantasy, and unforgettable characters make this novel a must read Perhaps it will inspire you to revisit an unrealized dream of your own.
Mark Rice is a friend of mine and someone who has an acute appreciation of my brand of humour So I decided to find out what makes him tick by taking the plunge into the wild universe of heavy metal music And what a plunge it was As I said in a previous review, this is my year for reading dangerously The controls went all the way to eleven The prose is the product of painstaking writing and constant self editing Mr Rice is an excellent proofreader and it shows He s also a master of plot and character Many of the cast of this drama are based at least partially on real people, and many events narrated therein seem based on his own real life adventures I sense, of course, that artistic license was liberally mixed into this tale But I do wonder to what extent his art imitates his life After hearing some of Mr Rice s own anecdotes, I suspect quite a lot of it is reality based, despite the fact that this is a musically inspired comic fantasy Names have been changed to protect the innocent er, guilty er, well, you know what I mean Except that in some cases, I think Mr Rice didn t even bother to change the names This book is not for the religiously squeamish The cover features a rather gruesome pentagram which makes it look as if it were inspired by Anton LaVey so much so that, for the most part, I read this book in small installments and surreptitiously, around the witching hour, hiding it carefully lest my wee mum find it and expire of a heart attack on the spot Thankfully, Spark MacDubh is not a Satanist, but he is a denim and leather patchwork of different beliefs he is part Druid, part Wiccan, part Buddhist, part Christian, part Vegan, part Flower Child, part Trussite Stickler think Eats, Shoots Leaves The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation and ALL heavy metal Neither is this a book for prudes There is tons of sex in it and I mean that in the most painfully literal way possible Some of it made my brain scream, because, appearances notwithstanding, I am a rather a conservative soul in some matters The vulgarity of the language is sometimes extreme No sooner does the ten year old Spark come into contact with the music which will change his life then he begins swearing like a wee sailor And it only goes downhill from there This book is a tribute to heavy metal music It is stuffed with allusions to albums and songs and shows a deep connection to the genre not to mention a special affection for Thin Lizzy s Phil Lynott, who makes a series of very memorable appearances If I knew about heavy metal, I might have had an easier time identifying with the book But even without this knowledge, the reader can sense the overarching importance of this music And, perhaps even importantly, in spite of its ahem unorthodoxy, this book is a tribute to love, in the name of which its unlikely hero performs transcendent and electrifying feats And all, be it noted, without dangling any prepositions ADDENDUM There is now a revised edition or as I like to call it, a revved ed of this novel available Mr Rice, dedicated proofreader that he is, has combed meticulously through the first manifestation, altering or excising some passages whilst amplifying others This would be Rice roadie wonders how he could possibly have amplified his work, given the elevated position of the controls on the first edition but there you have it, folks.

It would be inappropriate to review my own book Instead, here s a verbal exchange that occurred between me and the fearless Scottish beat poet James Pettigrew a few days after he had finished reading it.
SCENE an East Kilbride pub The Lee Burn , Scotland, night time.
JAMES I loved 83 chapters of Metallic Dreams, but it contains two chapters and you know exactly the ones I m referring to that you should be kicked in the gonads for writing.
ME laughing Kicked in the gonads Isn t that a bit harsh JAMES stony faced No It s exactly what you deserve.
ME laughing even harder What about freedom of expression Artistic integrity My responsibility not to censor my art, especially when it veers into dark places JAMES Fuck those things You deserve kicked in the gonads and that s all there is to it.
ME You re fixating on the tiny percentage of the book that offended you, though If you loved 83 of 85 chapters, I m happy I mean, that s a high percentage It s an A.
JAMES still serious faced Aye, well you walk around smiling like an idiot, happy with your A But one day, when you least expect it, I m going to kick your gonads.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end It s about a young man, Spark, who always dreamt of becoming a big name in heavy metal music In his late teens he was part of a band Blood Brothers who went their separate ways before they could make it into the big time Some years later, Spark has a life changing experience and as a consequence he becomes determined to put his old band back together and live his dream His belief is that the band will become successful, and he doesn t want to live his life in a dead end job when his passion lies in music At its core, Metallic Dreams is about finding the courage to follow your dream, no matter how difficult it might seem to be It is also about the power of love It is indie fiction at its best, breaking out of the boundaries set by genre, and experimenting with new and exciting ways to write a story It is extremely funny hilarious in parts I almost laughed out loud in public a few times whilst reading it It does contain some controversial topics and taboo subjects, but those topics are skillfully woven into the story making them a realistic portrayal of very vivid characters lives and experiences This book is very original and entertaining I would recommend Metallic Dreams to music fans, especially rock and heavy metal fans, as you will find much to relate to in the book Due to some of the content in this book I would say it is only suitable for over 18s I am looking forward to books by this talented writer.