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Download Epub Format Á Martin Little, Resurrected PDF by ↠´ Ella Medler I really enjoyed the concept of this book but many of the sentences were worded in such a way they left me confused I also had a hard time identifying with the main character Martin He was so weak and full of self pity, it really bothered me and I had a hard time imagining him as a male, he struck me as a female or possibly an extremely juvenile young male He did redeem himself somewhat when I considered all his actions throughout the novel, but he certainly wasn t my favourite character I loved the take on such different views of heaven and hell and other key players in mythology and there were adorably charming details I enjoyed reading about, like wing colour and loss of feathers All in all, it was an interesting read but not one of my favourites.
What a great ride Ella, I must say, I found myself dreaming about heaven, and having wings of my own, night after night The writing is wonderful Your attention to detail took me away with each and every word I must say, in the beginning of the book, I kept telling Martin to MAN UP I quickly loved his character, found myself relating to him in so many different ways The Heavenly process had me both chuckling and wondering, is that really what happens I would definitely recommend this book It s a refreshing change to what I normally read I hope there s a book 2 in the works, I need to know what happens next Martin Little, Resurrected Is A Quirky And original Novel Which Seamlessly Blends The Daily Irritations Of Contemporary Life In Britain With An Unusual And Unexpected Setting The Storyline Is Action Packed, Moderately Thought Provoking And Relentlessly Funny In Order To Rescue The Girl With Whom He Has Fallen In Love Despite His Better Judgement, Martin Has To Set Aside His Snobbish Hang Ups And Inhibitions And Work Together With His Newly Acquired Friends, A Gang Of Lawless Misfits Whom He Despises The Plot Thickens And Picks Up Pace As The Loop Of Officialdom Trips Them Up And The Law Threatens To Catch Up With Them Through All This, Martin Has To Stay One Step Ahead And Find Help Where It Doesn T Seem Possible In Order To Earn His Friends And His Own Freedom Essentially A Light Hearted Journey Of Discovery And Self Improvement, The Many Dizzying Twists And Heady Surprises Make This Story An Engaging read And A Real Crowd Pleaser With Universal Appeal From time to time, I come across a book that, at first sight, might appear like many others, but after reading it I am amazed at the treasure within its pages Martin Little, Resurrected is such a book for me If you thought about heaven as the imaginary model of an ideal community all peaceful, calm and organized forget about it The story is, in my opinion, a subtle satire focusing on the individual s failure to integrate into a society to which he does not belong Martin s lighthearted journey, the twists and turns of the funny action packed story makes it a pleasant read The author displays an exquisite style while conjuring up a highly inventive plot I savored every page of this deeply satisfying novel, fluently written with a natural narrative gift I m looking forward to reading books from Ms ELLA MEDLER Carmen Stefanescu What a remarkable writer So very well written we could all learn something from this writer I only stopped reading because I had to go to sleep I did a full review of this book on my blog I did not know what to expect with this one Her concept of heaven and hell is very original and unique I found myself identifying with Martin Little by the time I was half way through the book The way she created each character is wild The challenges they face and how they overcome them is true to life Great job Ella The cover art for this story is perfect You know you re in for a fun adventure before you even crack the book.
In the beginning there was Well, there was Martin Little, a cup of hot chocolate and a favor That favor culminates in a mixed bag of people all crammed into a holding room at the police station It isn t really important why they re there, it s what they do You have Martin, the eternal pessimist, Gary, the drunken tramp, and Vee, the hippy girl When the door opens, it s Gary s friend Archie with the keys to freedom.
Tired of waiting and not knowing what s going to happen to them, they simply leave.
They rush to Archie s van and tear out of the parking lot His driving is atrocious and before too long Martin s fears become real life as the van careens out of control and over the edge of the cliff After a long, bumpy tumble to the bottom, darkness descends and Martin knows no.
That is until he wakes up to a bright light So bright he can see nothing of his surroundings He sets off in search of anything and gradually hears voices ahead He draws closer and eventually enters a huge crowd of people milling around in a rough line.
When he sees a familiar face, relief rushes through him Vee explains the situation, and even though he scoffs at her idea, he starts to believe.
They died in the crash They re all dead, Everyone here is.
Vee drags him over to Archie and Gary and the four of them join the end of the line As the line shortens they can see the pearly gates , except they re golden and they stretch upward as far as the eye can see One by one people are called and they enter.
Finally, they are the only ones left When the door opens, instead of being called in, a hand reaches out and hangs a sign on the door and closes it again.
Gary walks up and reads it CLOSED FOR LUNCHThey can t believe it and bust a gut laughing Looks like it s business as usual even in Heaven.
Vee gets the crazy idea of trying the door, but when they do, it s locked Not to be denied, she digs around in her huge bag and pulls out a small bundle, which she proceeds to unroll.
Lo and behold, the woman has a lock pick set and she knows how to use it Before too long they hear the lock give and the door swings open.
One by one they steal into Heaven.
Can you believe it They picked the locks to heaven When I picture entering Heaven, I see the pearly gates and sitting outside is a little old man with a long, gray beard, checking his list, checking it twice.
Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined stealing into Heaven.
Ella takes this idea and runs with it I mean she tells of these amazing adventures Her idea of Heaven is crazy, funny, and beyond imagination.
You may not be too sure of the characters at first, but soon you ll come to like them and maybe even love them They are all flawed Aren t we all That s what made me connect with them By the end of the story, I was totally invested in their well being.
When you follow the group into Heaven you are going to be amazed It s so different from what you d expect And a trip to Hell and an encounter with Hades leaves you roaring with laughter and wanting to visit.
This delightful tale makes you stop and think Makes you want to be a little bit kinder to your fellow man We are all in this big thing called LIFE together.
And the ending, ooh it s a goodie Don t get me wrong The author wraps it up nicely, but the door is left open for a whole lot Can t wait to read Martin Little Takes Epic Action Book Two.
My rating went from a 4 to a 5 halfway through the story.
They stole Heaven and my heart Review of Martin Little, Resurrected , by Ella Medler Martin Little is an all around expert at losing Just ask him His mother is not shy at showing her disappointment in him, his sister finds him a complete burden, and he can t seem to hold a job for very long.
As in life, so in the afterlife, which he gets to without any warning at all A few hours in the slammer for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a jailbreak, and piff life is over The only thing that makes it all worthwhile is a young lady he meets while in the drunk tank She is also the only reason for following his new friends through such adventures as breaking into Heaven, sprouting wings without a permit, and hacking into Eternity s computer database.
Along the way, he meets various and assorted heavenly celebrities, be they Christian, Greek, Norse, or Disney yes, you read that right What is even astonishing is to find that the Head Honcho, Cronus, is anything but a leader Somehow that title was wrested from him Martin finds the reason behind the switch from Deity to Bureaucracy, which leads the group even further afield It s a crazy ride, from Heaven to Hades and back again, as everyone in Martin s circle finds, and loses, and finds, their reasons for existing.
What a refreshing, fun read this was There are twists and turns in this book than there are red plush corridors in the halls of Heaven At least, the Heaven in Ms Medler s take on the place So many fun, memorable characters So much going on The biggest thing, though, and really the best written, is the change that comes over Martin He whinges so much about how awful he is, and how it is better if he just disappears, that you find yourself wanting to scream, Just get over yourself already Then you gradually realize he has He just doesn t know it It s so subtle and it s so joyful when he finds it out himself The ending was a really wonderful, feel good one and one that could not have gone any other way, if there are gods in charge.
And in Ms Medler s Heaven, there might not have been The IT guys could have really messed it up.

If you like reading fantasy novels this book is for you What an imagination this author has as she dwells on what heaven would be like in her make believe world I would have never thought of computers in heaven, but this shows you the creativity of Ella Medler Martin Little Resurrected is colorful with the story of Martin who seems to have no confidence in himself and discouraged of how his life was on earth Learning patience, and to take chances his world changes This novel is delightful with many turns and twists to keep the reader from putting down the book Good Job Ella Medler.
This story is a different take on the idea of Heaven, in that it felt like a bureaucratic nightmarebut written as a tongue in cheek comedy It did, however, highlight beliefs in a contentious way, forcing the mind to question everything.
Yes, it was funny but it was far than that, and I appreciated the author s determination to make us wonder about the myths rooted in our world.
Some great dialogue and intriguing characters that fitted well into the story Good world building, too.
Worth a look.