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[ Read Online Life Disrupted: Getting Real About Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties Ð social-change PDF ] by Laurie Edwards · I felt like this book had sort of an identity crisis It mostly seemed to be a memoir of the author s experience with chronic illnesses that she had since birth but trying to focus on experiences that chronic illnesses affect in young adults However, it was clear she was trying to make itof a self help book hoping to use her experiences to illustrate how to cope with these issues She also interviewed people with some other illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and fibromyalgia, but these people s experiences were mentioned merely in passing throughout the book Although she did have some good things to say I had a hard time relating to this book Most of the people in this book including the author herself had actually been sick since they were kids, which I think give them a different experience than someone like me who actually got sick in her 20 s I feel like for the other people she interviewed she should have hadpeople like that instead of almost solely people who had been experiencing illness almost their whole lives like she had.
I was really excited when this book was available at the library but theI read, the less excited I felt The narrative floated between informative, memoir and journalistic interviews but it didn t really exceed in any of these genres All the people interviewed for the book seem similar in while they are dealing with something horrible they aren t worried about money which is a very real concern for many people dealing with chronic illness They all seem very educated and can afford to go back to school to change careers and have supportive partners, friends and family The author discusses her personal decisions, for example the decision to have a child but as a reader I still have no idea what her pros and cons were and what she felt as she was making the decision I felt like the narrative told me about chronically ill and disabled people but it never showed me the lives of these people and the feelings that come along with this life As a person dealing with a chronic condition and disability I was really hoping for some insight and a peek into how other people in similar situations cope but after finishing the book I found myself still looking There is a great list if resources in the back that I am thankful the author included and plan to checkout.
As a young woman with chronic illnesses, this book was invaluable to me Not necessarily for any suggestions it offered, though there were a few I took to heart, but just for the acknowledgment of a shared experience Being sick is a lonely place to be sometimes, and it helps me to see that other people are going through similar trials and have the same fears as I Whether the writing itself deserves 4 stars, I don t know But it helped me feel normal again, and that s worth a lot right now.

This review has been moved to Living with chronic illness in your twenties and thirties can be difficult During this time, most people are planning careers, families, and financial stability Many with chronic illnesses are also planning those things, but also have to balance doctor appointments, emergency room visits, and battles with health insurance companies Using her own experiences as a person with multiple rare conditions, Laurie Edwards explores early adulthood complicated by chronic illness Not only does she document her growth out of a pediatric patient into an adult patient, but she interviews others who have made the same long leap Those who weren t afflicted as children are also covered, highlighting the problems faced when you must adapt to a chronic condition in order to thrive or survive Every aspect of life is covered from developing a health care team to maintaining an active social life to creating a career that is fulfilling AND flexible In other words, this is an inspiring guide to keeping it all together in spite of the challenges that chronic illness brings.
I didn t get all the way through this book before I had to turn it in to the library, but I definitely want to pick it up again I didn t really see this as a self help book, and it definitely wasn t a woe is me or a self pity book It was kind of a strategic guide for coping with chronic illness Some aspects might have had a self help flavor such as making sure that you advocate for yourself, knowing that it was ok to lay down the law about getting your vitals taken when you were in for something routine, but some portions taught covert methods of sneaking in laptop cables, and gave directions on how to hide them under blankets when discouraging nurses might walk by The only downside is that the book s style is not one that is really one to sit and read through, which is what I was hoping for Ifelt like it was one that was to be read in sections they didn t necessarily flow together or transition very well Independently, each section was good, and perhaps this was done intentionally so that the information from each chapter could be absorbed processed, but it made it difficult for me to get through the book without owning it and being able to read it really at my own pace without a deadline It also meant that it couldn t be my only book that I was reading at the time.
I enjoyed this book quite a bit reading about others experiences with chronic illness in their 20s and 30s Additionally, the author covered many of the different issues chronic illness brings up in that time of life If I wished for one thing in this book, it was a discussion on those who became chronically ill in their 20s and 30s That wasof what I expected, but most of the experiences represented were of those who were chronically ill through childhood, as well Of course this perspective was helpful as well, I would have just enjoyeddiscussion on adapting to a new world.
An Inspiring Guide To Staying In Control Of Your Health Care, Your Life, And Your Dreams Despite Having Chronic Illness, By A Popular Journalist And Award Winning BloggerTwenty Seven Year Old Laurie Edwards Is One OfMillion Americans Who Have A Chronic Illness, In Her Case A Rare Genetic Respiratory Disease Because Of Medical Advances In The Treatment Of Serious Childhood Diseases, , Chronically Ill Teens Enter Adulthood Every Year Who Decades Ago Would Not Have Survived They And People Diagnosed In Adulthood Face The Same Challenges Of College, Career, And Starting A Family As Others In Their Twenties And Thirties, But With The Added Circumstance Of Having Chronic Illness Life Disrupted Is A Personal And Unflinching Guide To Living Well With A Chronic Illness Managing Your Own Health Care Without Letting It Take Over Your Life, Dealing With Difficult Doctors And Frequent Hospitalizations, Having A Productive And Satisfying Career That Accommodates Your Health Needs, And Nurturing Friendships And A Loving, Committed Relationship Regardless Of Recurring Health Problems Laurie Edwards Also Addresses The Particular Needs Of People Who Have Than One Chronic Illness Or Who Are Among The Twenty Five Million Americans With A Rare Disorder She Shares Her Own Story And The Experiences Of Others With Chronic Illness, As Well As Advice From Life Coaches, Employment Specialists, And Health ProfessionalsReading Life Disrupted Is Like Having A Best Friend And Mentor Who Truly Does Know What You Re Going Through Full disclosure A friend wrote this book, so I may not have the most objective review Having said that, while not affected by chronic illness myself, others experiencing a wide spectrum of chronic illnesses have impacted my life both personally and professionally I picked up this book to gain a greater understanding of their struggles and, through this understanding, to become aempathetic friend and colleague Edwards does a great job in conveying the broad range of issues those with chronic illness face, both on a daily basis and long reaching lifelong goals Also, it s often quite a funny and touching read, with warm and witty prose I read it in two days and enjoyed every page.
Although I m no longer in my 20s or 30s, I found this book insightful for anyone living with chronic illness Many of the topics are relevant no matter your decade in life And the author clearly has an analytical approach to the real life situations she shares, including but not limited to her own experiences On the other hand, this isn t all black white, dry science It s about the realities of living with chronic illness, and Edwards strikes just the right balance between witty and wise.