Trailer Ü Legend of Witchtrot Road (Spirit Guide, #3) PDF by ½ E.J. Stevens

Trailer Ü Legend of Witchtrot Road (Spirit Guide, #3) PDF by ½ E.J. Stevens Surviving Agitated Ghosts, Irritated Witches, Angry Werewolves, And The Horrors Of High School Has Never Been So HardThe Night Of Samhain May Be Behind Them, But Yuki And Her Friends Have Only Begun To Face The Challenges Of Their Paranormal Gifts Tensions Are Rising In The Pack, At School, And Within Their Tightly Knit Group Of Friends The Tragic Death Of Wakefield High Student Dylan Jacobs Has Emotions Boiling Over The J Team, Yuki S Arch Nemesis, Have Turned The Entire Football Team Against Her They Claim That Yuki Is A Witch And Blame Her For The Death Of Their Fellow Teammate Will Yuki Be Able To Solve The Mystery Of Dylan S Death, And The Legend Of Witchtrot Road, Before Tempers Flare And Things Turn Violent Emma Is The Friend That Yuki Turns To When Things Get Tough, But She S Been Behaving Strangely Emma Has Been Acting Distant And Seems To Be Coming Down With A Mysterious Illness What Will Yuki And Her Friends Do If Their Healer Is Truly Sick Calvin Has Become Alpha And Wants The Best For His Pack He Is A Dedicated And Compassionate Leader Willing To Do Anything For The Good Of His People, But Will Cal Be Able To Hold The Pack Together When A Fiery, Young Werewolf Comes Seeking Revenge Simon May Still Be A Roguish Playboy, But He Is Taking His Role As Calvin S Second In Command Deadly Serious Will Simon Be Able To Focus On His Pack Duties When He Is Forced To Face His Dark, Emotional Past E J Stevens returns with the third instalment of her popular Spirit Guide series, Legend of Witchtrot Road If you are new to this series, I highly recommend checking out the two preceding books She Smells the Dead and Spirit Storm This will allow you to appreciate the story and characters thus far.
For those of you that follow my reviews, you may already be aware of my feelings towards this series If not well, I love it I am a huge fan of the Spirit Guide series and as a result, Stevens has earned her place as one of my new favourite authors After completing the second instalment, I was left begging forSo I picked up Legend of Witchtrot Road with a combination of feelings excitement and apprehension I was excited to readbut apprehensive as to whether it would live up to the high expectations I have with this series.
Yuki, Cal, Simon and Emma pick up where the last instalment ended Having survived the traumas of Samhain night, the gang can breathe a sigh of relied and life can get back to normal for the time being Perhaps not When a fellow student loses his life on the allegedly cursed Witchtrot Road, it is down to Yuki with her friends help to get to the bottom of who or what caused his death.
Yuki is the protagonist of this series and I cannot sing her praises enough She is honest, easy to relate to and has wit whatcould a reader want As an avid reader, it takes a lot for me to like a protagonist this much but Yuki is, in my eyes, impossible not to like She isn t afraid to stand out from the crowd and I love how she doesn t attempt to conform to the social norm There are times when she is vulnerable and times when she is strong and I cannot help but care for her In this instalment, she seems to comeinto her own and hasbelief in herself as a person Her unique gift of experiencing the smell impressions of restless souls is one that she seems to be gainingcontrol over I feel as though as Yuki grows, I am there for the ride with her and I am so proud of her for the woman she is becoming.
Then there s Cal Yuki s other half He is everything a girl could want in a boyfriend He is protective of Yuki and his love for her is genuine Oh and did I mention that he also happens to be an Alpha wolf He is the leader of the pack and takes his responsibilities seriously and is the best person for the job while also possessing a bit of a wild streak Yuki and Cal s relationship is full of love and chemistry I have said it before and I will say it again, this is a coupling that has the potential to be the new power couple in young adult fiction They are genuine, believable, caring of each other and just so adorable In this instalment there are hints that their relationship could move to the next level I can t wait to see how the pair continue to grow.
Simon, Cal s second in command, made me fall in love with him in this instalment I mean, he is the typical bad boy but he has a sweet side to him too Even though he might not like to show it a lot, I know its there It is that combination that makes him my new crush In Spirit Storm, readers learnt of a great loss he has faced in his life and Legend of Witchtrot Road develops on this when the introduction to a new character, Gabriel, is made Tensions run high between Simon and Gabriel and I get the feeling this is going to progress even further in the upcoming book.
When I mention Simon, I have to mention Emma Why The chemistry between these two have been brewing since day one and in this instalment there relationship really steps up a level This pair are interesting to read about and Stevens does an excellent job of keeping me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if anything is going to happen Emma is Yuki s best friend and I loved readingabout their friendship.
The characters in this series are amazing I like each of the four main characters for different reasons and very much enjoy reading about them The plot, although not as full of drama as the previous instalments, was fast paced and flowed well As a result, once , I was able to complete the book quickly Legend of Witchtrot Road ended with the problem solved but I m still left with questions about the characters and what is going to happen next This series shows no signs of slowing down in terms of it s readability and quality I cannot wait to readabout Yuki and her friends in the next instalment This series is a must read for fans of the paranormal young adult genre May contain spoilers I didn t think it possible to fall evenin love with this series and the characters, oh the amazingly swoon worthy male characters and the super snarky female characters , but after having read this book, the third installment of this series, I found that it is indeed possible While I liked the majority of the earlier books, I liked everything about this one While in the earlier books the characters were somewhat melodramatic, they were stronger andconfident in this book and they showed up sides of them that we had to yet to see Simon beingthan a playboy GASP and while the plot in the earlier books seemed dragged out at times, in this book it was completely entirely gripping and unputdownable It becomes extremely evident that E.
J has really grown as an author.
All in all, if you have yet to read one of E.
J s books, well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR You are seriously missing out Not only will her books suck you in with their unique paranormal elements, but also the humor her characters are some of the most humorous I have read in the world of YA and dare I say it, she possess comedic talents similar to that of Rachel Hawkins and Kiersten White my two all time favourite YA funny ladies.
Review Posted on Reading Lark 10 4 11 many Reading Lark followers know, I love the Spirit Guide series These reads are fast, quirky, and inventive I have grown to love the characters and always look forward to spending time with them E.
J Stevens is also an incredible Indie author who does so much for the writing community on her blog When she contacted me about reviewing an ARC for the newest installment in the series, I jumped at the chance.
Legend of Witchtrot Road picks up almost immediately where Spirit Storm left off Yuki has managed to survive Samhain and all the spirits running loose with the help of her friends and a powerful amulet Now she just has to survive high school which is a lot harder than it may sound considering Yuki is still battling the J team, a pair of football thugs, who aren t very accepting of alternate lifestyles They are convinced that Yuki is a witch who is practicing dark magic When the quarterback, Dylan Jacobs, dies in a motorcycle accident on Witchtrot Road, the J team immediately assume Yuki is behind the death and vow to get revenge Also, Yuki can t stop smelling motor oil and she is convinced that Dylan s spirit is haunting her She and her friends must put Dylan s soul to rest by finding out exactly what happened the night he died.
The sections of the story revolving around the football team s thirst for revenge were really hard for me to read This installment alludes heavily to the Salem Witch Trials so I liked how Stevens mirrored the hysteria and finger pointing of that era with Yuki s story However, it has always been hard for me to read scenes that involve bullying As a kid, I had my fair share of experiences with mean kids and those moments can scar you for life I was lucky enough to never have to deal with violet issues, but Yuki is not so lucky I was terrified for her in those moments and I couldn t believe that not one adult in the school saw or heard anything Further, any time Yuki is being taunted by the boys, I never see any school officials intervene This installment really focuses on Yuki and her need to help spirits find peace In past books, there has beenof a focus on Cal and the pack You still get to deal with pack drama in this one, but it s not the focus, which was a nice change Like relationships, I think series that have two main characters with interesting traits should be balanced I didn t feel like Cal s plot was trying to overshadow Yuki s in this one.
I wasn t able to give this one a five rating because of the ending I felt like it was too rushed and too easy Everything seemed to be tied up nice and neat with a bow There were some serious issues that arose and I just don t feel like realistically they would have been handled so easily.
Legend of Witchtrot Road also left me with so many questions Why did Gabriel choose now to come back What s going on with Simon and Emma If Cal and Yuki get married and have kids, will they be werewolves who smell the dead What is Yuki going to do about the amulet Why can Yuki suddenly see the outlines of spirits after the car accident The list goes on and on I am holding out hope that all of these answers will come in future books For now, I m anxiously awaiting book number four.
This series isn t one that is highly polished and perfect in every way, but that doesn t bother me because I am so invested in these characters and the story lines I also go into these books knowing that I am not going to get the highly edited sort of book I would get from a major publishing house I often find it frustrating that so many readers won t take a chance on Indie works when there is so much good stuff lurking behind non traditional publishing The wonderful thing about reading is there is something for everyone So, if you re looking for great characters and interesting story lines, you should give the Spirit Guide series a try.
One Last Gripe My biggest complaint was with a typo The character Gabriel was often spelled Gabrielle This would throw me off and disrupt the flow of my reading I am hoping that this issue was fixed before publication EDIT This was confirmed by the author that it was only an issue in the ARC My Favorite Thing About This Book the charactersFirst Sentence I heard the harsh, grinding creak of a ship s hull straining against stormy seas just as I felt the vertiginous tilt and roll of the waves beneath me.
Favorite Character CalLeast Favorite Character Gabriel In this, the third book of the Spirit Guide Series, Yuki and company have their hands full They are trying to solve the death of one of their fellow students, Cal is dealing with his ongoing responsibilities of pack alpha, Emma is acting weird and doesn t seem to have her head fully in the game, a new member joins the pack and he and Simon are not getting along, all the while they are all dealing with the usual teenage problems at school and learning to live with their own abilities Wow, what an action packed book this was, Ms Stevens masterfully leads us down the road of solving mysteries, young love, high school drama and things that go bump in the night with humor andthan a little suspense Yuki continues to grow into her abilities, learningandhow to deal with her gift and gaining a few new abilities as well I love hearing how her mind works, she is growing into quite the mature young lady and I feel so proud of her Yuki and Call s relationship is still going strong they are both handling the growing adult feelings they are having for each other with a rare maturity Cal is such a great guy, he tempers his very adult responsibilities as alpha to his pack with his own brand of playfulness and humor in his other day to day life If I were a teenage girl I would have such a crush on him Emma seems to be dealing with some issues she is not ready to admit to yet, and watching her was both fun and painful at the same time And Simon, well what can be said about Simon, such a sexy, naughty, mysterious, sexy, strong guy I do have a crush on him, I can t help it, and I like the bad boy As usual, there are a number of supporting characters that keep the story flowing well, some we love, some not so much.
This book was a little darker than the previous two, the kids are growing up and their lives are gettingcomplicated Because this book is darker, it made a great read for this time of year There is a great mystery to be solved, and I have to say, it kept me going through the entire book There are some really nasty moments dealing with the mean guys from the high school team and I was so proud of how Yuki handled herself This series just keeps getting better and better, the basics from the beginning are still there, Yuki s favorite expression is still Son of a Dung Beetle, Cal can still raise one eyebrow, Emma is still a committed vegan, and Simon is still a pain in the rear on occasion While written as a YA book, I don t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal mystery romance filled with humor and great characters.
Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI have to give props to E.
J and to her Spirit Guide series This is the third time that she s delivered a high quality, straightforward and entertaining read Her success is no fluke The momentum of this story is still holding strong and there s no sign of it wavering anytime in the near future especially with two other installments already in the works As reluctant as I was at first to read a book titled She Smells The Dead now I find myself eagerly anticipating Yuki s next adventure I guess that just goes to show that you shouldn t judge a book by its cover err I mean title.
I probably mentioned this point in my earlier reviews of this series but it s worth reiterating I adore E.
J s no nonsense, straight to the point writing style Her direct approach ensures that there s zero confusion Readers always know what s what and Stevens doesn t waste our time with useless details in an attempt to camouflage holes in the plot line There are no gaps in the Spirit Guide series I ve never once felt lost or had to flip back to previous chapters to figure out what the heck is going on and for that I m grateful There s nothing I hatethan having to construct a flow chart while reading a book in order to be able to keep up with the convoluted story line Keep it simple that s my motto I also like the fact that her novels are relatively short Like most of you, my TBR pile is massive so I m elated whenever I can burn through a story in mere hours I never skim parts of E.
J s books because there s no need Every page is essential to the development of the plot line Forget about Yuki and Cal I want to know what s up with Emma and Simon The path of the main power couple is obvious There s no real conflict between these love birds but the same can t be said of their sidekicks There s a definite storm brewing between these two and I for one can t wait to see lighting Did Emma almost say the L word or did I just imagine that part It slipped out so quickly and was covered up even faster that it s hard to say for sure E.
J gives us absolutely nothing in that area for the rest of this tale until a small glimpse at the end Talk about MEAN After all of the nice reviews I ve written for this series Hmph I kid of course about that last bit but that s not to say that I m any less frustrated with her blatant teasing The sense of urgency wasn t as prevalent in Legend of Witchtrot Road as its predecessors The pace was still blisteringly fast but I just didn t feel like everything was on the line this time around That s not a criticism Obviously Yuki s world can t be threatening to end in every book, that would just be ridiculous This story wasabout her accepting her new found powers and using them to do good The whole novel felt like a smell mission Cal s also adjusting to his new role as alpha nicely He s a strong character with a lot of responsibility but he handles it all in stride How very grown up of him The ending wasn t what I expected There was nothing really supernatural about it at all Which struck me as a bit odd and somewhat disappointing Wading through all of the mystery surrounding the Legend of Witchtrot Road only to discover that the answer is simple and 100% human Also, other than the bit of intrigue surrounding Simon and Emma s possible relationship progression, the resolution didn t leave much of a segue to Brush With Death But, who am I to question E.
J Stevens methods She hasn t lead me astray yet so I m just going to have to trust her and go with it A great addition to the Spirit Guide series Here s hoping for many Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level Young AdultRecommended for Fans of YA fiction, esp paranormal and urban fantasy, those interested in ghosts and spirits.
My Thoughts In this third book in the Spirit Guide series, after She Smells the Dead and Spirit Storm, we continue to follow Yuki as she learns about her abilities and tries to survive high school.
Looking at this series as a whole, as I finish this omnibus edition, it occurs to me that it might be nice to have had some idea of how Yuki came into her powers In the first book, She Smells the Dead, we re introduced to Yuki as she already has her powers and is coming to grips with them, but we only get hints about exactly how it was she figured out the weird smells she was noticing were ghosts, or how she dealt with the first ghost she ran across Perhaps Ms Stevens might consider a prequel novella or even full novel detailing some of that, so we get a better feel for the background of this story This book deals, in part, with the problem of bullying, which is becoming a bit of an issue lately all over the place We also see further development in the characters Brush With Death, the fourth book in this series, is scheduled for release soon I have the ARC and will be reading it next, so will have an early look at it for you soon.
I maintain my recommendations as to who will enjoy this book it is definitely YA fiction, focused on high school issues, but if you enjoy such, you will enjoy this.
Disclosure I received this book as part of an omnibus, including the first three books in the Spirit Guide series, from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Synopsis Surviving agitated ghosts, irritated witches, angry werewolves, and the horrors of high school has never been so hard.
The night of Samhain may be behind them, but Yuki and her friends have only begun to face the challenges of their paranormal gifts Tensions are rising in the pack, at school, and within their tightly knit group of friends.
The tragic death of Wakefield High student Dylan Jacobs has emotions boiling over The J Team, Yuki s arch nemeses, have turned the entire football team against her They claim that Yuki is a witch and blame her for the death of their fellow teammate Will Yuki be able to solve the mystery of Dylan s death, and the legend of Witchtrot Road, before tempers flare and things turn violent Rating 4.
7 out of 5Man, do I love E.
J Stevens She has such a pure innocence in her prose, as if she s capturing just what it means to be young and in love and also, at the same time, have the weight of the world on your shoulders.
In The Legend of Witchtrot Road, the third installment in her Spirit Guide series, Stevens steps back a bit The far reaching story arch that encompassed the first two books is still present, but it is allowed to linger in the background, to heighten naturally As a storyteller she reins herself in, focusing on the tale at hand rather than building her world outright.
In many ways, The Legend of Witchtrot Road is very similar to a midseason event episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Yuki, our main character who smells the dead, has her own Scooby gang, and together they must solve the mysterious death of a classmate, whose untimely end came on the Witchtrot Road of the title The road itself is steeped in myth, superstition, and dark history, and if the always stalwart Yuki is going to have a semblance of peace from her classmate s lingering ghost, the answers to the mystery need to come quickly.
This is a tale of social conscience and, just like the great television show I mentioned earlier, takes some of thepressing concerns facing our nation s youth bullying, eating disorders, the proliferation of drugs in the community, etc and presents them in a fantastic manner It s a type of storytelling that s pure in intention and beautiful in message, especially when presented in a professional manner, which E.
J Stevens does with every book she puts out.
Now, even though the specifics of Yuki and company s world aren t explored in depth, as I already stated, they are still there There are some interesting developments when it comes to Simon perhaps the best character in the series , and also certain events that made me, the reader, question whether or not Yuki and werewolf boyfriend Cal will indeed have the happily ever after they ve seemed, until now, destined to live.
Yes, The Legend of Witchtrot Road is a fantastically na ve, touching, and thoughtful novel Stevens continues on her journey as a writer, and you can plainly tell when you read the words she puts on the page that she continues to grow The author has a wonderful story to tell, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and will certainly be passing down to my own daughter To me, this is a coup of the YA genre, one that shouldn t be missed.
August 22, 2010 was my first introduction into to the world of EJ Stevens and the first Book in her Spirit Guide Series She Smells The Dead I was hooked This was the first paragraph of my first review written for the Paranormal Romance Guild I have just come upon an enchanting new Paranormal Mystery Story written by Dark Poetess, EJ Stevens She Smells the Dead is just what the Moms and Librarians have been looking for A New Series of books with enchantment, mystery, love and commitment I have continued the journey in this series following Yuki, Calvin, Emma and Simon from the original book, through the Second book called Spirit Storm and now the newest release Legend of Witchtrot Road Yuki is our heroine, a high school girl who is affected by the dead through smell She is not part of the in crowd At her age, she walks to her own beat, has been called witch by her classmates, which is exaggerated by her looks and Goth dress Her best friend is Emma an animal lover and vegan, who compliments her in every way.
Calvin has been her friend since childhood They each share the secret of who they are Calvin has been told by his family that he is an Alpha wolf At camp one summer Calvin finds his wolf form and Yuki finds her form is a Dung Beetle She does not think that is funny The fourth member of our group is Simon a little older than the three and as a wolf himself, mentor to Cal His story is slowly unfolding from book to book, as we learnabout him and his past Simon is now second to Calvin in the pack Through these stories, Yuki and Calvin find their relationship growing, with school to attend, mysteries to solve, with smells from the offending ghosts of vinegar, burnt cookies and finally motor oil The relationship between Yuki and Cal grows Their concern and respect for each other make their relationship easy and fun Yuki does not take herself too seriously and her inner voice is charming.
We solve mysteries as these ghosts have unfinished business they need to take care of before they can rest Yuki is the spirit guide chosen to help them Thankfully, she has Calvin, her strong and handsome Alpha wolf, helping her out of the scrapes her ghosts get her into EJ Stevens has written a charming, lighthearted YA series that is sharp, witty and wholesome A Winner in my book I see coming soon is Spirit Guide 4, Brush With Death I look forward to it.
Review by Gloria LakritzSenior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild GENRE YA Paranormal RomanceTHEME Ghost Romance MysteryRECEIVED Received for Review from AuthorBLOG third novel in the Spirit Guide series is definitely my favorite in the series E.
J Stevens really pulled me into Legend of Witchtrot Road, right at the first page by putting two lead characters in a scary and tough situation I read this book in one sitting and really wished it never would end.
Yuki and the gang are back, after a tragic death occurs in their school and once again with Yuki s ability to smell the dead, a new mystery begins The death is connecting to a very dangerous legend known as Witchtrot Road But that s not the only problem, Cal has to deal with the responsibility of being an alpha, Emma her best friend seems to be acting odd and mean boys at school are starting to get rougher with Yuki Yuki has a lot on her hands this time around, but I felt like she grew up a littleI love her spunk as usual and I noticed how much she relies on her friends in tough situation But she s starting to understand that she has to start doingon her own and learningabout her gift Emma, Yuki s best friend was aprominent character this time around She seems to be dealing with a lot and also gets herself into some dangerous situations No matter what Emma is always there for friends and I think Yuki starts to realize that her friend needs her now Cal, is as protective as ever with Yuki but with his role as the pack leader keeps him away at times Then a wolf from Simons past comes barreling in making trouble for Cal and wanting to fight with Simon I really enjoyed gettingandinto Simons past again and watch him change and move on in this book Cal and Yuki of course have the cute moments, I just love them together I see how their relationship is progressing and I like how Cal is respectful and not pushy like some werewolves in other stories.
Overall I enjoyed the third novel, the plot was a lotintense and really surprised me with some scary moments and some major fan girl moments I can t wait to seechallenges and ghost come around for this group RECOMENDATION This is a Young Adult novel suited for any age Fans of Rachel Hawkins A Hex Hall Series and Lauren Kate s Fallen Series will love this