Download Epub Format ↠´ Honeymoon at the Hilton PDF by ☆ Stephen B. Cooper

Download Epub Format ↠´ Honeymoon at the Hilton PDF by ☆ Stephen B. Cooper I received this free from the publisher for a review This book from the very first page never takes itself seriously and that s a good thing The author pokes fun at almost every genre available in this book from romance to erotica to espionage thrillers and never stops They basic plot is almost a side story to the absurdity that occurs in almost every scene This isn t a book for everyone as it does get explicit in some of the scenes, but I recommend it for the satire that it is.
Before I get started on my review, I have to mention the obligatory Mature Content Warning on this one.
I was hesitant when Stephen approached me about reviewing his book, Honeymoon at the Hilton I thought to myself, What in the world is erotic espionage I worried there would be no story under the steamy and detailed sex scenes.
My worries were put to rest early on as Stephen delivers a story outside of the erotic aspects of the book Personally, I felt the story stood just fine without all of the sex scenes I was reminded of the Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie movie, Mr and Mrs Smith, in some ways.
Mark and Pyah Fischer are private security agents trying to enjoy their honeymoon when everything goes wrong An attempt on their lives sends them on a chase where they don t know where the next attack will come from.
Soon they are on a globe trotting mission to track down their attempted assassin and retrieve a special briefcase Along the way they manage to get into an assortment of lewd and lascivious adventures.
Underneath this, in my opinion unnecessary and sometimes overdone filler, is a decent story that will keep you turning the page The non sexual action scenes are well done with dialogue that will make you chuckle at least once I did find the British slang phrasing coming from an American Yankee a little off putting at times.
Overall, I enjoyed the book despite it being a departure from my usual genres If you like a chunk of erotica mixed with action, humor, and a bit of sass, grab Honeymoon at the Hilton today.
Newlyweds Pyah And Mark Fischer On Honeymoon Find Themselves Interrupted While In Their First Wedded Throws Of Passion By An Assassination Attempt On Their LivesUnder The Employ Of Carl Sinclair, A Personal Security Assassin Specialist, Pyah And Mark Are Thrust Into The Sleazy World Of Erotica Sexually Na Ve, They Set Off Down A Dark, Depraved Road Of Lust Their Journey Takes Them To Exotic Places, Meeting Erotic People Where Seduction Is The Main Course On A Menu Of Sleaze With A Side Order Of Decadent Immorality For DessertA Tale Of Lust, High Octane Action And Erotica With A Little Humour, A Touch Of Heart Wrenching Sorrow, A Smidgen Of Quirky, A Handful Of CrazyAn Erotic Romp Through The Karma Sutra Of Espionage a good balance of action and erotica with plenty of WTF moments Fast paced and will leaving you not wanting to put it down.
This was not really my cup of tea but the overall plot was good and it was very well written, so I praise the author for that A little warning the sexual content is very erotic, so unless you re used to reading it I am not lol , you re in for a shocker hahaRecommended if you like action, sex and a fast paced crime novel.
Sexy, amusing, and a with a few great moments An enjoyable romp with some thrills and intrigue along the way.
It was an unusual read for me Would be good for summer reading or sitting by the fire on a winter s night.
I love this style of descriptive writing It really places you in the story and lets you visualise the surroundings whilst enjoying the story as well.
This book has everything high octane action, barbed asides and sex by the shovel load It is well told and has characters that you genuinely put your weight behind.
I look forward to a follow up if there is one although I hope it won t be called Divorce in the Desert.
Great enjoyable read This crazy, quirky read is a great example of why I love indie fiction there s always the possibility of coming across something completely fresh and surprising This is a really well written book with great action and plenty of sex Escapist, exciting and original Great fun.

For a new author this is a story of two halves the mild erotica and the spy action Both generally work well together and the story had me gripped within the first two pages The descriptive writing is used well to draw you in and you can almost watch the action unfolding before your eyes For the most part the erotica is not overpowering and remains true to the story line However, a little emphasis is put onto the erotica and away from the underlying spy action story at times which left me asking what is happening elsewhere That said, I enjoyed the read, the characters were believable, the story line in general was also believable and I found I had read the book in only two sittings due to not wanting to put it down.
I am now waiting to see if there is a next book, not sure if there is one, but this author is now on my reading list Susan Tierney I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review This was a bit of a surprising read I had read a few erotic novels before and though its not one of my favourite genres, it was executed rather well With light, playful comedy and a sassy newlywed couple, it makes for an intriguing read as they uncover new passions in life I found myself laughing at intervals throughout the book as some of the situations took me by surprise With guns, assassins, and no shortage of action, Honeymoon at the Hilton is sure to intrigue.
So, for wit, charm, and a steamy plot line, why not give it a read My rating 3.
5 stars.