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↠´ Read ☆ Ghosts on the Red Line by Peter David Shapiro ☆ I found Ghosts on the Red Line amazing It was very intreging I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to read about Boston.
I may be kind giving this book three stars the writing in this self published novel sorely lacks the hand of a good editor, but the essential elements of the plot, that ghosts that first began appearing on Boston s Red Line subway cars due to an MIT research project can be reliably summoned, and that summoning turned into a business, is so strong and taken relatively well to its logical conclusions, that I had to at least give it a three Shapiro knows the world of consultants, start ups, Boston politics and Boston area police procedure, but he doesn t know when to stop telling you irrelevant details, or that a woman s eyes shouldn t be described as dark as dark chocolate You have been warned.

I ride the Red Line every day, I must read this Ghosts on the Red Line explores what happens when commuters see their Departed on Boston s subway trains The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority hires consultant Harry West to investigate Harry s project turns personal when his ex wife Alexandra Ben Tov meets their daughter on the Red Line, who looks like the teenager she might have become if she had lived Included in what one reader review calls an engaging cast of characters are a Boston psychic, the Archbishop of Boston, members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, MIT researchers, Cambridge police, and a notorious gangster.
Buzz from readers imaginative, strange account great read compelling storyline Review on BN.
com I really enjoyed this book being from Boston, but it is great for anyone even if you have never have ridden the infamous Red Line Review on .
com A great story with surprising twists and turns Reads like a good mystery novel Atin paperback and for Kindle 2.
Check it out at www.
com or atat Not that good I wanted to like this book because it was recommended by a good friend Shapiro got too bogged down in describing the details that didn t add to the plot or character development He had an interesting premise, but didn t take it far enough It didn t help that I couldn t care about the main characters I ll stick to Philip R Craig for my local mystery color.
This was a pretty good story and I might have rated ithighly had it not had so many editing errors Basically, people start seeing dead friends, relatives, and sometimes even enemies on Boston s Red Train Line A group of MIT scientists and engineers become involved and so does the Catholic Church and a local crime boss It has a fairly sweet ending and on balance was a nice little story but it really did have an annoying number of editing errors.
I probably enjoyed itthan I otherwise would have simply because it s set on the Red Line and that is the train that I take to work every day So I recognized a lot of the settings, etc Overall a nice story, nothing earthshaking.
I tried to read this and just could not get into it I will try again another time As a real Red Line rider, the Red Line could use some ghosts over what I normally see on the train Passengers Report Seeing Their Departed In Boston S Red Line Subway TrainsManagement Consultant Harry West Is Hired By The MBTA, Operator Of The Red Line, To Investigate His Project Turns Personal When His Ex Wife Alexandra Ben Tov Meets Their Beloved Daughter, Who Looks Like The Teenager She Might Have Become If She Had LivedAre The Visitors On The Red Line Ghosts Or Hallucinations Either Way, When Harry S Team Discovers The Source Of The Visitations, The MBTA Declares It Will Bring Them To An EndAlexandra Has A Brilliant Idea Build A Visitation Room That Replicates The Features Of Red Line Trains So That People Can Continue To Meet Their Loved OnesBut Not Everyone Approves The Archbishop Of Boston Wants To Ban Visitation Rooms And A Gangster Who Frets That His Victims Might Come Back From The Dead Warns Harry And Alexandra Cancel Opening Day For The Visitation Room, Or Else Interesting in parts but boring and too much information in others.