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ê Read â From the Rafters by Lynne Tommy â After Hearing An Urban Legend Of A Young Woman Named Emily, A Couple Is Motivated To Visit The Site Of Her Death, A Haunted Covered Bridge The Couple Soon Becomes Intrigued With The Paranormal When The Ghost Of The Young Woman From The Legend Appears To Them As An Apparition Together They Decide To Try To Help Free Her From The Dark Dreadful Place Where Her Spirit Resides Through A Quest To Set Emily Free, They Encounter The Forces Of Good And Evil Which Puts Their Romance And Convictions To The Test Their Lives Become Consumed With The Ghost Of Emily And What They Encounter On The Bridge As They Poke And Prod To Find The Truth, They Engage Aggressive Entities, Orb Spirits, Hooded Dark Shadows, Vortexes And Both Must Stay Durable To Help Emily As The Underworld Raises Havoc In Their Lives They Not Only Battle For Emily, But For Their Own Lives As Well Although The Story Is A Work Of Fiction, It Is Based On Actual Events This Book Contains Amazing Photographs Of The Ghost Of Emily And Astonishing Interactions With The Supernatural These Never Seen Before, Rare Photographs Of The Spirit World Are Real And Unaltered If You Are Not A Believer In The Afterlife, You Will Be When You read This Book