Download Epub Format ß Fantacia (Voxian, #1) PDF by ¹ Ruth Watson-Morris

Download Epub Format ß Fantacia (Voxian, #1) PDF by ¹ Ruth Watson-Morris Sorry Ruth not for me Well written but just too fanciful for my taste.
The Powers That Be have decreed it, so it must be true.
Right It seems that enough people believe it the ships leaving for Titan are full of escapees But here s the thing those people are only on the voyage out because they are the Best and Brightest.
Among them are Fantacia and her family partner Drakos, son Orion with his dog, Shadow , daughter Sky, and granddaughter Emmina They are part of the last group to leave, carried away from the supposedly doomed planet and all they knew and loved.
Having arrived on Titan, a lot happens to them in a very short time Fantacia and Drakos are assigned to the task of searching for artefacts, especially a book called The Book of Demons Incantations from its pages can destroy worlds and obliterate entire universes.
Fantacia knows where this book is, and is concerned as to why others would want to find it Her questions are answered by some bizarre turns of events that change her family s lives forever.
Angels and alien worlds are pitted against demons and the undead, as the battle rages for the ownership of the book that holds the fates of galaxies between its pages The first book in The Voxian Series, this has set the groundwork for what will surely be a fantastic tale From winter choked Earth, to sterile Titan, to bounteous Vox, the author has created very real and believable worlds that bring us easily into the story.
The reader is introduced to a wide panoply of characters fortunately, they are all noted in an index in the back that settles into the reader s heart right away Not only does Fantacia s family set up house on Titan and, later, on faraway Vox but they find their way into our lives as well Happy go lucky Orion, perplexed but loving Fantacia, grumbling but kind hearted Drakos, the mother child relationship between Sky and Emmina they all become the characters we all cheer for memorable, heroic, and loving This goes beyond their own family, and when their alien relatives are introduced, the circle only becomes wider It is this love and faith in each other that sets the stage for the good they do beyond what is necessary for their own personal survival.
Of course, there s the evil side too but even these characters, with rare exception, seem redeemable throughout the story Ms Watson Morris has done a great job in making these characters, if not lovable, at least understood in light of their circumstances And that is not easy to do.
There is a great deal of entertainment value in the story, and a series that I will definitely follow.
Residing In A Bell Shaped Universe Is Galaxia, A World On The Light Side Of The Wonders There Rules The Goddess With Her Angel Children, Who Are Immortal Warriors Of Virtue To The South There Is A Nebula Bright And True In The Shape Of An Eye, Watching Over All And Inside Rules The Angel King Kathos, With His Warrior Superheroes, Powerful Soldiers With Swords, Who Are Fighting Against The Dark Dimensions, Protecting All In The Universe From Evil Ruth Watson Morris has created and populated an exciting and wonderful sci fi fantasy world The inhabitants are as vibrant and astonishing as the worlds they inhabit The story was well crafted and easily held my attention I did confuse a couple of characters and incidents, requiring me to backtrack once or twice, but after I sorted it, it was clear sailing right to the end The compelling story was tragic, amusing, and exciting and I m looking forward to future installments I unreservedly recommend this book to any reader of science fiction and fantasy.
A great read from this author Set in a Vox Alien World 2512 There are many memorable characters you get to know as the story unfolds The human race is in danger and needs all the help it can get Tragic, amusing as well as exciting If you like sci fi and horror then this is one for you Definitely worth giving this fast paced book a read This fantasy novel has all the concomitants of a futuristic Clash of the Titans type scenario, ending as it does with a battle of good and evil And it is the Voxians who reign supreme The planet Vox, with its large island of Capalia, is something of a paradise, where everybody has all that they want and there is no such thing as money The Voxians have special powers too, they are psychic and can telepathize as well as possessing numerous other talents Most are taller than the norm and usually very beautiful What a pity they have fangs and can switch to Demon mode where they become stronger and vicious.
At an assembly they start chanting, Blood, Fire, War, Hate , so you can imagine they are not all sweetness and light But then the author has a sense of humour and this is often evident in the novel She posits the British Prime Minister as Belial, the Demon He must be overcome to liberate those he oppresses So I guess in many ways the book is an allegory and we can read into it many threads of recent history How good Ed Milliband now looks as Saviour of a vitiated society, vitiated by the Demon, Belial.
Ruth Watson Morris is so good at creating a complete new world, a fantasy world set in 2512, five hundred years into the future When you enter her new world you are in the realms of fantastical things and all around is wonder, disbelief and awe The world of Vox is a special creation and should appeal to anyone that likes reading about mythical fantasy worlds It is fantabulous The creatures she peoples it with are equally amazing and she brings much color and vibrancy to this incredible novel.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book The story line captured the reader straight away and held the concentration through out the entire book Keep up the great writing Ruth xxx

It is a great, epic type of fantasy Vampires, soldiers, all the cool stuff but re imagined Fantacia Voxian, 1 is simply brilliant Ruth Watson Morris has created a unique epic fantasy where humans have depleted the resources of their own planet and must expand their realm in the year 2512 First stop is the ice planet moon Titan where frictions run high However the lure of the planet Vox drags humans into a terrible war of attrition Humans are used as slaves by the demon Belial and the monstrous Beth The equally evil Vardu protect them but the Voxians have Fantacia, and her clan of warriors to rid Vox of this pestilence Fantacia forms an alliance with the Reptilians, led by Bellazard, a wonderful character so richly imbued with righteous qualities The Reptilians are descendants of Earth s dinosaurs and ferocious Humans and Reptilians along with Fantacia s Voxians join forces and mass an army to defeat Belial and Beth, but it won t be easy war never is The alien landscapes are stunningly depicted and the fight sequences are breathtakingly real.
Fantacia is a science fiction fantasy for teenagers who like epic battle scenes reminiscent of Lord of the Rings There is plenty of humour and bloody fighting to keep everyone glued to each and every page.
Fantacia is a FIVE STAR epic scifi fantasy and a must read that will not disappoint.
In Fantacia, Ruth Watson Morris has created a universe teeming with a variety of weird and wonderful species Some are benevolent and protective Others Well, others you wouldn t wish upon your worst enemy The story switches between Earth and the planet Vox, in the Mythus Nebula, where Voxians and Raitharians, Humans Vardu disgusting alien vampires Reptilians and Dragons, wage a final cataclysmic battle for control of the galaxy.
Ruth s writing is wild and enthusiastic, her ideas filled with originality and imagination.
After reading this spirited tale, you certainly won t look at the night sky in the same way again.