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Trailer ↠´ Familiar Ties PDF by ↠´ Naya Nikki It was a good short story Sometimes I don t like reading ARCs because I m not sure if the things I pick up on are also discovered during the editing process or not This was a complicated story and I noted a few inconsistencies in the plot read full review at Girl Who Reads.
Familiar Ties by Naya NikkiI was very fortunate to receive a great ARC copy of a book called Familiar Ties by Naya Nikki This was a wonderful and heartfelt journey that the characters went on and by reading it I was drawn into this storyline Max is a widower raising his daughter Phoebe after his wife dies during childbirth He is helped through this tragedy of not only losing his wife but being a single father to a baby by Amy who was best friends with his wife Soon after Max s wife dies Amy finds out that she is pregnant From the beginning Max shows that he is a loyal and dear friend to Amy He is there during her pregnancy and even at th birth of Grace who he even helped name Where was Amy s good for nothing lake boyfriend Following his all important career These two families go through everything together as one big family whoever but yet separate known to one another s kids as Aunt Amy and Uncle Max Many complications threaten this friendship can they overcome this Can they truly realize what s staring them in the face I highly recommend this book when it is released Is there hope in finding love you will get a taste in this wonderful book Thank you Naya for sharing your story.
Max West Is A Widower Raising Phoebe, His Four Year Old Daughter Phoebe Has To Live With The Fact That The Day She Was Born Is Also The Day Of Her Mother S Death As Her Fifth Year Without Her Mother Approaches, Phoebe Finds Solace In Her Godmother, Amy Riley, And Her Daughter, Grace Crawford, Another Single Parent FamilyAmy Riley Is A Successful Fashion Designer Who Spends Most Of Her Days Raising Her Four Year Old Daughter, Grace, While Her Wayward Boyfriend Is Travelling The World Making The Next Best Film As The Fifth Year Without Her Best Friend Looms She Finds Comfort In Her Ex Boyfriend, Max, And His Daughter, PhoebeThese Two Broken Families Have A Tough Week To Face As The Dreaded Day Approaches However Through Their Past, Present And Debatable Future Will Their Choices Affect The Outcome Both Parents Clearly Want And Are Simply Denying Or Will Phoebe And Grace Lose The Only Whole Family They Have Ever Known After the death of Max s wife, Anna, the day that his daughter was born, his life begins to start spiraling out of control He isn t sure how he can raise their daughter alone and he misses his wife But he wasn t really alone Max had his best friend Amy helping him whether he realized it at the time or not.
Amy knew, than anything, that she wanted to be a mother, and when her one time best friend Anna died, she turned to her boyfriend, who was rarely ever home, for comfort When she found out she was going to be a mother, it was the happiest day of her life Unfortunately for Amy, Jack didn t feel the same way For Jack, what was most important to him was following his dreams.
From the moment that Anna died, the tragedy brought Max and Amy closer together for the sake of both of their children For whatever reasons though, neither one of them would admit how they really felt about the other For Amy, it was primarily because she wanted what was best for her daughter, even if that was a father that rarely spent time with Grace and was thousands of miles away most of the time She thought, for Grace s sake, that she needed to try to make things work with Jack.
Everything was going pretty well for both Max and Amy until Jack unexpected shows back up in their lives When Jack realizes that Amy and Grace have feelings for Max beyond just simple friendship, he puts into motion efforts to win Amy over.
Familiar Ties is such a sweet, heart warming story I found myself reading it into the early morning hours in an attempt to get to the end quicker to find out what happens The story goes back and forth between present and past events but are easy to follow along with Just when I thought that a past event wouldn t be touched on, it was I felt like most everything that you could want to know about Max and Amy s history together was told About the only thing that I find myself still wondering about is what exactly happened to Anna You know that Anna died on the day of Phoebe s birth, but it s never specifically stated that she died giving birth They knew that Anna was at risk with the pregnancy but unless I just don t remember, I can t recall what exactly happened to her.
I found myself laughing out loud at times and crying at other times I really enjoyed the interaction with the kids, and I could see an innocent child saying things like what you ll find in this book.
I have to say that even when things weren t going so well for Max or Amy, I envied their lives The friendships they have, the loving families I enjoyed being in their world for all the longer it took me to read the book I can certainly see myself reading Familiar Ties again at some point.
Although there were some issues, overall it was a well written story, and I look forward to reading from Naya Nikki I received an eARC copy of the book from InkSpell Publishing for review.
This is a story about two people, their lives and their connection to each other Max is an author, a widower and also a single father of a 4 year old He lost his wife to childbirth and has been raising Phoebe singlehandedly ever since Well, almost singlehandedly Amy, a successful designer, also almost a single mother since her wayward boyfriend is always away chasing his own dreams in the tinsel town They are not only best friends but also a huge lifeline for each other when it comes to raising their kids Grace and Phoebe They have a history too They had dated back in college but then Max had ended up marrying Amy s best friend Anna Amy had been heartbroken but she never really stopped loving him The plot covers about a week when suddenly things change What changes, you might ask Max and Amy finally confront their feelings for each other But there are the kids to be considered and not to forget Jack, Amy s boyfriend What happens and how it happens is for you to find out.
This is really a heartwarming story not only about love, but also friendship and family Max s relationship with his brother sister in law and Amy s relationship with her mother and Jack are all very different from each other Also, the different stages of love, friendship and companionship that Amy and Max go through over the time are portrayed beautifully Also, I liked the way the author has slowly eased us into their lives by alternating between the past the present.
And of course Grace Phoebe are so sweet You can t help but falling in love with them Especially when Phoebe makes a cheese sammitch for Grace, I couldn t help but go awwwww.
Overall it is a great read so go ahead and get yourself a copy There are books that leave an impression on you long after they are finished Familiar Ties is one of them It cling to me long after I finished the book I had read this book couple of months back and I can still feel the warmth between Max and Amy The whole family practically glowed with love and I found myself basking the glory of their love The trials and tribulations were heartfelt but so natural that I found myself nodding I cried, i laughed and rejoiced with the family over their small wins and losses Naya has a way with emotions thats hard to describe I have read her short story Coming Together as well and it gave out the same glow to me She writes from heart and has a bright future in writing Its unique and quite homey A must read for anyone who is looking for some cuddling and warm love.
5 starsFamiliar Ties is a cute little book that welcomes you into its small world a lovely family with 2 adorable girls and some adults I really liked the way the book is structured, it is very clever Firstly, unlike chapters, the book is divided into 7 days And secondly, I like the way the book moves between the past and present so effortlessly picking up with the same sentence I am sure a lot of Naya s thoughts and hard work went into making it seem so effortless.
Regarding the plot, it is a sweet romantic book about how destiny plays a role in our life and how so many words are left unsaid.
I am especially in awe of the way Naya depicts the kids and how they think and act and talk It is spot on I personally find it difficult to get into the mind of a kid and bring forward his her reactions and thoughts that will resemble the thoughts of a kid and not an adult Naya has completely mastered this At times, I got frustrated with how the characters acted though.
The book makes for a simple, quick reading in one sitting like I read it.
My favorite aspect of the book the way Naya depicts these little magical moments of our everyday life Very sweet Seven days can change your life, are you ready Familiar Ties is a very sweet love story between two best friends, Max and Amy Both of them have a family of their own, and without realising it themselves they have one together as well Which will they choose This story is so very sweet, and the children seem like the perfect children I have ever encountered In my opinion this book contains one of the largest childhood dreams we all have ever had We want our best friend as our sibling This was a fun quick read that made me smile same cover picture, or less,

Familiar Ties by Naya NikkiA sentimental journey about second chances and the importance of family and friends My favorite line Little moments like these when the two broken families became one Amy Riley has a beautiful daughter, a husband that s always away following his dreams, and a devoted best friend that needs her than he knows Max West is a widower raising his daughter, who happens to be best friends with his ex girlfriend, Amy Riley He s struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, and how to explain it to his daughter Told in flashbacks and alternating point of views, Familiar Ties is a sweet romance that deals with big issues Explaining death to kids, following your dreams verses family responsibilities, tense custody battles, and how an unconventional family can pull together in tough times Past, present, and future converge in a nicely woven tapestry of special, life changing moments in each character s life This dreamy, melancholy journey will make you laugh, cry, and jump for joy.
This book was heart achingly lovely I adored the alternate views, as I ve done that in some of my own books, though not as successfully, and I adore knowing how different characters are feeling I loved the premise, as I am a HUGE fan of friends to lovers stories, and I also felt my heart squeeze with the defining death to children subplot To sad, to tender, to moving not to feel affected by it Well done, Ms Nikki, your books will be an auto buy for me from now on I m a fan