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Download Epub Format Á Eyelids of the Morning PDF by Ä Heidi Peltier Ethan Is A Sixteen Year Old Boy Who, With His Twelve Year Old Brother Rory, Reluctantly Leaves His Boarding School For The Summer To Be Dragged To The Other Side Of The World By Their Reclusive And Eccentric Uncle When Their Uncle Finally Explains That He Is Hunting For A True, Living Dinosaur In The Heart Of The Congo River Basin, Ethan Immediately Pegs Him For A Lunatic However, Using Documented Eyewitness Accounts, A Vivid Description Of Dinosaurs From The Bible, And, His Most Powerful Weapon, News That Ethan And Rory S Late Mother Believed That Dinosaurs Exist Too, Their Uncle Has Them Convinced They Journey To The Congo And Meet Shari, A Missionary Nurse, And Her Adopted Daughter Maggie Whose Passion For The Plight Of The Congolese People Leaves Ethan Instantly Smitten Their Dinosaur Hunt Leaves Ethan, Maggie And Rory Separated From Their Group, Facing Danger At Every Turn, And Racing Against The Clock To Get Medical Help For A Serious Injury In The End, They Make The Discovery And Sacrifice Of A Life Time, The Emotional Gap Between The Boys And Their Uncle Is Finally Bridged, And Ethan Learns That Home Truly Is Where The Heart Is Eyelids of the Morning is a great book that I really enjoyed It is well written with believable characters and an enjoyable storyline Brothers Ethan and Rory join their uncle on a summer trip to Africa They are surprised however to learn that their trip is to look for dinosaurs Once in Africa the brothers, along with a new friend Maggie, find themselves in the midst of an adventure It was a fast and enjoyable read.
There were a few info dumps in the first chapter as the characters and background were introduced I know from my own writing how very difficult this is to avoid I also found myself somewhat distracted by the use of OK versus okay That probably wouldn t bother most people, but it is one of those things I always notice Overall this was a great, fun read I probably would have given it five stars, but while it was fun it was definitely YA The very best complement I can give this book is this this is a book I would recommend or give to my nieces and nephews I think they would love it 2.
5 stars Premise of dinosaurs co existing with man is believable, but I thoroughly disliked the denial of the Age of the Dinosaurs because it wasn t in the Bible Christians that push this belief make the rest of us lose credibility.
The author seemed concerned with the spiritual aspect and Congo environmental issues than with the plot or characters I liked Rory best because he sounded the most true to life.
Uncle Paul and Shari seemed like shy teenagers in their first relationship and Ethan and Maggie s attempts at kissing read like a middle school girl s diary Likes Dragons are real Dragons are related to dinosaurs Proof from various sources both written historical accounts and artistic renderings Rory s knack with mechanical things Rory s accomplice is a girl Rory s comic relief view spoiler Ethan smitten with Maggie Uncle Paul attracted to nurse Aunt Shari Biblical support for sea dragons Job 41 Leviathan in sea who breathes fire, Isaiah 27 1 3 Lucien feeding and protecting the kids Healing dragon spit Ecology theme geared for children was a good lesson Dirt bike track for Rory, batting cage for Ethan and video recording studio for Maggie hide spoiler 3.
5 stars A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Once again, Heidi Peltier wrote a truly original story The only way I could think of describing this book was, Kinda like Jurassic Park, but not really Dinosaurs are really under appreciated in the YA genre There could be such an interesting story about them, but it seems like they get passed up for pixies, fae, werewolves, vampires, etc And sometimes it s just so the main character can have a cute non human boyfriend girlfriend So sad However, this book DOES contain dinosaurs And it was a breath of fresh air.
However, I kept comparing it to Isola di Squalo, a book also by the author, and I felt like Eyelids of the Morning wasn t as good For example, while the characters in this book aren t flat by any means, but they aren t as fleshed out as Dylan and Terra were in Isola di Squalo And I felt that the story wasn t as complex, either Another thing I didn t like was that sometimes the book became a bit preachy I m fine with books having messages, and Eyelids of the Morning had some really good ones But, I don t want a book to seem like a public service announcement, and a few times I felt that Eyelids of the Morning was just on the border All together, a good book Not my favorite of the author s, but still good What a wonderful adventure story I thoroughly enjoyed it Boys of all ages will love reading this book, and although I can t vouch for the girls, I suspect they would enjoy it too.
Heidi has managed to blend fantasy, and the harsh reality of Africa in such a way that it draws you in, and makes you want to find out The story moves along at a steady pace that kept me turning the pages Her characters are believable and real I could feel their pain and be exited with them in their achievements.
Highly recommended.
This story is about Ethan who is a sixteen year old boy, and his twelve year old brothers Rory They have been living at a boarding school for a while Their reclusive and eccentric uncle decide to finally explains what he has been hunting for a very longtime is a living dinosaur in the heart of the Congo River basin However, there are documented and eyewitness accounts that gave a description of the dinosaurs from the Bible Ethan and Rory s found out that their mother believed that the dinosaurs exist too this is something that their uncle has told them But you are going to have to read the story to found out if this brings the boys and their uncle closer together or tear them apart This was an enjoyable read, and I enjoyed reading it for fun Not usually my type of story, but I enjoy reading a new author that I have never read before.
I wrote this book for my sons whose names are used for the two main characters brothers whose eccentric uncle drags them into the Congo River Basin in search of a living dinosaur Both my boys were having a dinosaur craze at the time, and the idea for this story literally popped into my head I hoped when they were older they could read it and enjoy that Mom wrote something just for them and gave them an adventure they will never have in real life Because, really, who wouldn t love to go looking for dinosaurs I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I liked this book a lot It was a new and different than all the other fiction books as it was about dragons I haven t read a lot of books about them I really like the relationship between Ethan and Rory an dhow both of their relationships with their Uncle develops slowly over time It was an adventure filled book with all kinds of fun described minutely I would love to read the next book in the series.
First of all, I have to say this author is really good As in, she s one of the best new authors I ve seen recently This lady has REAL talent ButThis book isn t her at her best.
The story is a great idea, and she puts in a lot of content in a short space of time a rare thing in novelists The hero and his brother were good, believable characters they actually reminded me of some boys I babysat years ago Other characters were nicely fleshed out too She knows how to make all the people different from each other, how to make their dialogue ring true to their personalities Also she can do good action sequences A ton of authors labor at long, dull action scenes battles, but I rarely find a writer who knows how to keep the action real and fast paced She writes in a factual, journalistic manner at all times, making the story feel like a series of actual events I admire this ability to keep storytelling down to earth, and it seriously improves any areas with action.
The best parts of the book involve plane travel, school, and family She s great with mentioning specific details without boring you to tears like what snacks the boys ate on their journey etc and she has a gift for seeing the humor in every day situations In fact, humor is one of her strong points, and I think she should use it often She would be great at high school comedy adventure With some romantic comedy too, to make things perfect But this specific story was a bit disappointing It started out great, and it has strong spots all the way through, but the middle sections began to feel less Heidi Peltier and Jumanji If you ve seen Jumanji, you ll know what I mean It s the ultimate example of a 90s family movie that s great in spots and dumb in spots The romance between Ethan and Maggie was fine at first, but rapidly became oddly 90s in some scenes I actually had trouble not visualizing Ethan with floppy 90s bangs The dinosaurs were handled nicely in general although the character of Lucien, the super intelligent dragon, was a little odd I think he has an allegorical function he sort of represents the dinosaurs pleading with Man not to kill them out You might even say Lucien is remembering Adam and Eve were appointed to care for the animals and is trying to appeal to the kids for help It s a nice symbol, in some ways, but it always feels a bit weird, at least to me The story ended well I was satisfied with it I was very impressed with the author But the whole thing was just a little bit too much Jumanji for me I think she can do better.
Very creative story and plot Didn t want to put it down.