Õ Eye of the Storm (Black Eagle Force, #1) î Download by Ë Buck Stienke

Õ Eye of the Storm (Black Eagle Force, #1) î Download by Ë Buck Stienke This book gets your attention quickly, and sends you on a great ride Tying history into current day, the first tale of the Black Eagle Force is hard to put down Introducing the organization and what they do I don t want to spoil anything all fits very well with today s headlines And from the look of things, tomorrow s headlines, and headlines to come.
Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm is the best novel I ve read in decades And I read all the time The weaving of historical facts and present day events is unparallelled by any other Authors writing today I was immersed in the story from page one and it seemed the pages turned themselves from beginning to end The action is so realistic one can smell the cordite, hear and feel the bullets cracking as they pass thru and by the readers mind Sensations I know of all too well first hand It is evident immediately the Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer know of what they write Technical details are woven so seamlessly into the tale that it is easy for the reader to remain on point without being distracted Character development is outstanding creating individuals that are real and worthy of the readers interest and care for what they are going through as the story hurtles towards it s conclusion As an inactive US Marine I found the dialogue to be completely believable between the Warriors of Black Eagle Force No fluff, no senseless dribble, just dead on get er done exchanges of men and women doing what they are trained to do I found myself wanting to slow down my read as I near the end of BEF Eye of the Storm knowing I would be leaving the world of the Black Eagle Force when finished I highly recommend Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm to everyone It is a blue print, in my humble opinion, of what America should be doing to defend it s self against all enemies who seek to destroy her.
Doran W IngrhamInactive US MarineRetired Risk Management Specialist Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke have teamed up to write an exciting, adventure riddled, subtly romantic book entitled Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm They begin the story with a history lesson how Santa Anna came across the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the Alamo This short lesson is actually personalized by naming the owners of a large ranch that the Mexicans had to go through to reach that part of Texas in the fight for Texas Independence Fast forward to modern times The family of the 1836 ancestors still lives on the ranch Gunter Hermann, the patriarch and father of Mike and Blaze, keep the ranch operating with the help of several employees Another war is in the making This war is still with Mexicans, but there is a different reason for it Michael Otto Hermann had had it He had damn well had it with all the BS in the new war on terror He had had it with all the illegal aliens, liberal politicians and pontificators, violent drug gangs, sleazy Mexican politicians, and corrupt members of the army The reader is carried along with the characters, both good and bad, as they become embroiled in a spine tingling adventure that will keep the reader wanting Some readers will be put off by the pages of technical information about vehicles, airplanes and guns, but the information gives the reader insight into how intense the situation is Will the ranch family get help to protect their ranch Tune in to find out I liked the plot and the characters The plot is well thought out and executed and the characters are well defined and interesting I believe that the novel is written so that it could be adapted to a movie or TV miniseries Let s hope that if that is the case, they will keep the character of the book Buck Stienke is a retired captain and fighter pilot for the United States Air Force and a graduate from the Air Force Academy He was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over 25 years and also executive producer of the award winning film Rockabilly Baby Ken Farmer served in the Marine Corps and graduated from Stephen F Austin State University Ken has been a professional actor, writer and director with memorable roles in Silverado, Friday Night Lights and Uncommon Valor He continues to write and direct award winning films, including Rockabilly Baby.
I absolutely loved the fighting and action scenes The technical descriptions of the advanced weapons were first rate It was like reading a dream list for special ops So many weapons, aircraft, advanced electronic equipment The homemade EMF 16 gauge nail spittin coyote gun was also a wonder to behold.
While the initial action as non stop, bloody and exciting, the story slowed to the pace of a country BBQ complete with sweet tea and a picnic Unfortunately for our heroes, the villains were really bad, into drugs, arms dealing and even human trafficking, kidnapping people for sex slaves.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, flirtation was going on full force Now, we all know men love six foot blondes with dark blue, almost violet eyes But how many knew they had expertly applied eyeliner, smokey grey eyeshadow and glossy red lipstick in the middle of a firefight The tea and beer continue to pour while the bad guys regroup on their private island All the way back to the ranch, the two beauties carried on like a couple of school girls at a sleepover My favorite character is a the red headed sister, a technical whiz, named Blaze who improved her coil gun to multibarreled and replaced the 16 gauge nails with 7mm bullets while her brother flirted with the 6 ft blonde and stirfrying Hunan shrimp, she was busy redesigning her EMF 6 barrel Gatling Wow Of course there s a conspiracy involving high government officials and the final showdown was exciting as they rescue the sex slaves because some of them were Americans, but not before the hero and the 6 ft blonde share some quiet time in her condo A bigger problem remains, but I ll leave it to the reader Suffice it to say, the ending was full of serious weapons, including MIG 29 s and of course Blaze saves the day with her incredible brains.
It is often said of Vince Flynn s CIA hero, I hope there is a Mitch Rapp out there, by those concerned about terrorism Well the same could be said about the Black Eagle Force by those concerned about border control as it pertains to drug cartels At the beginning of this action packed book, we find Iraq war veteran, Captain Mike Hermann out of the Marine Corps and back home on his family ranch along the Mexican border in Texas Stumbling onto a slaughter perpetrated by a Mexican drug gang, Mike intervenes The tough Marine finds himself crossways with a powerful drug kingpin who lays siege to the Hermann ranch as Santa Anna had during the war for Texas Independence Enter the Black Eagle Force, a military contract organization used to handle operations our military are prevented from exercising under the Posse Comitatus Act Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm kicks off a series of BEF books with a bang The action starts soon after page one and barely lets up until the end So crack the cover and hang on tight.
Reviewed by J Keith JonesAuthor of In Due Time The Boys of Diamond Hill

book review by Brandi i received this book from the Author Black Eagle Force is a top secret, Special Ops unit of ex military men and women created for its ultra rapid deployment capabilities and intended to operate outside of governmental restrictions In Eye of the Storm, a fast paced new military thriller novel by Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer, a border skirmish on a Texas ranch catches the attention of the DoD, and within minutes, the BEF is scrambled in their high tech VTOL aircraft to investigate and to protect the United States border Joining forces with the former Marine family that owns the Texas ranch, their mission deepens to preventing suitcase nuclear weapons from being detonated by terrorists in the United States, while struggling to penetrate a criminal empire on a remote, heavily defended island in the Gulf of Mexico They are tasked by President Annette Henry Thompson to sanction with extreme prejudice the mastermind behind the acquisition of the nuclear devices, also a trafficker in drugs and human lives, and in the quest to accomplish this before Hurricane Ellen hits the island fortress, BEF finds itself challenged to live up to its motto Semper Paro Bellum this book started off really slow at first and than it picked it s pace up, this was a very good book, but not my kind of book s that i usually read though, I Recommended this book to everyone, i give this book 4 stars, everyone go check this book out i recommended this book to anyone that likes military books this is not my kind of book at all that i am use to reading.
See More Move over Tom Clancy.
I am a big fan of Tom Clancy but I found this book to be even better.
I like the way the history lesson at the first laid the foundation for the rest of the story It was a great story of how a family came back to rebuild after such a horrible loss.
I like the way the women were strong but yet the men respected them for it.
It was also a look at the way things could happen in this country if we don t keep our guard up along our borders.
I don t want to give any spoilers but I will say it is a great read for old young, male or female and I am a 78 year old female that loved it.
Thanks to Ken Buck for a really good book Will be looking forward to the next one.
I highly recommend this book to my family friends.
Prepare yourself for one riveting, action packed, in your face reading experience That s what you get with Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm Imagine the A Team, The Expendables, and Commando all rolled up into one non stop story that grips you from page one and keeps you riveted until the very end Although the military jargon and weapon references might have you rushing off to Google every page, the authors, Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke keep the action moving In fact, one could easily see this as a movie, or better yet, a video game If you like your novels fast, hard, and action packed, Black Eagle Force Eye of the Storm is for you.
The fast paced action in Black Eagle Force Eye Of The Storm by Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer reminds me of a big summer action blockbuster in the theater, only in book form The heroes are handsome and tough, and the heroines are beautiful and tough as well The action is hard hitting, edge of your seat, can t wait to turn the page to find out what happens next And the characters that make up Black Eagle Force are characters I want to read about again In fact, if they turned this series into a film franchise, I d be lining up to buy my ticket and popcorn on opening weekend In a nutshell, just like the big summer blockbusters, this book is FUN It s not a deep character study of anguished souls told in dark dreary scenes for readers that spend their movie time in small art house theaters It s a swashbuckling action filled yarn about a special operations force that engages the enemies of our country with the newest technology and weapons, combined with utmost training, bravery, and commitment to their missions But the book is not all action, the authors also do a great job of developing the characters so you care about them when they enter the thick of battle.
Another reason I compare this to the summer blockbusters rather than the indie art house films is that it is a bit predictable in parts By this, I mean, you see some relationships coming, and as I said in the beginning, the characters are good looking, tough as nails, highly trained, and so on When you go to a summer blockbuster, you know the hero is a stud, he ll get the beautiful woman, and he ll kick butt throughout the film That s what you get with Eye of the Storm Heroes and Heroines kicking butt throughout the book, and the good guy winning the beautiful woman who s also one of those kicking butt , and just a rollicking good time So, just like those huge action movies have you on the edge of your seat and make you cheer and want to see them again, this book has you turning each page to see what happens next, enjoying the entire read As I said earlier, the book is fun.
Stienke and Farmer have created a great Tough Guy franchise with their Black Eagle Force They are good story tellers and have a great command of tactical operations and weapon systems I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the likes of Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, and the other military special ops action writers out there I see Stienke and Farmer rising to the top of spec ops writer s club, and I for one look forward to the continuing stories about Black Eagle Force.
A Group Of Patriotic, Heroic Men And Women Elite Former Military Special Op Experts And Crack Pilots Who Protect American Interests And Fight Evil Wherever It Exists You Never Saw Us This Never Happened We Don T Exist We Are The Black Eagle Force BLACK EAGLE FORCE BEF Explodes Out Of The Current Day Violence Now Occurring On The US Border With Mexico, Involving Mexican Drug Cartels And Terrorists President Annette Henry Thompson Calls On The BEF To Intercept Suitcase Nuclear Devices Headed To A Mexican Terrorist Group Planning To Detonate The Nukes In The US The Nukes And Twenty Female Sex Slaves Are Being Held By The Notorious Terrorist Arms Dealer And Human Trafficker, Javier Cojone, On His Remote, Heavily Defended, Island North Of The Yucatan Peninsula In The Gulf Of Mexico Dare Phillips And Mike Hermann Deploy Their Elite Special Ops Force With Their Unique And Deadly Black Eagle VTOL S In The Path Of Hurricane Ellen