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↠´ The Danger from Within Ó Download by » Charity Parkerson Welcome To The Underworld Of The US Defense Against Homeland TerrorismThe Assignment Caitlin Meets A Pair Of Sexy Detectives And Finds Her Once Secure Life Turned On Its HeadThe Agent Agent Jackson Cook Doesn T Know Who He Is Any, But A Hot Reporter Is Getting Ready To Ruin All Three Of His NamesThe Assassin Dan Simmons Has Met The Woman Of His Dreams, Now All He Has To Do Is Convince Her That Killing Comes With A Great KThe Informant A Tragedy Carries Catriona To Scotland Where She Comes Face To Face With A GhostWhen Danger Is Undercover, Sometimes Your Friends Are Your Enemies, And Strangers Are Your Only Friends Danger Undercover by Charity Parkerson is a winding, suspenseful road through the lives of her characters, where no one is who or what they seem to be As the book opens, readers meet Caitlin, a good woman in a bad situation, with a BFF from hell As the story continues, Caitlin s journey takes her to the lives of the other characters, each with their own tale to tell One by one, the mysterious layers of the story drop, to come full circle in Scotland where an apparition is waiting Or is he Parkerson s characters are good hearted, romantic, sexy and funny as they strive to reach their goals and care for each other Several premises in Danger Undercover will resonate with readers, as characters fall in love, get angry, face their challenges and find ways to move on And come together Parkerson s voice as an author is particularly strong, as she weaves the connections that join them, after allowing readers to see the surface of situations first Fans will not be disappointed nor, will new readers.
This book takes a different angle to some of the other erotic romantic fiction by Charity Parkerson The book follows the stories of four interconnected men and women as they meet under very unusual circumstances, and fall in love Each story is somehow connected with the U.
S Defense against Homeland Terrorism department and operatives, and in each case the characters find themselves facing dangerous circumstances, and fighting the odds to forge relationships.
The book is exciting in that it is not afraid to confront the realities of life, grief, pregnancy, the sense of betrayal As with all of the books by this author there are some smoking hot erotic scenes, but this novella takes us further into the world of the characters, allowing us to see how their lives together develop, and how each relationship handles the pressure that arises from the unique situations they find themselves in Another reviewer has stated that women may find this book appealing than men, and to an extent I feel that this is the case I do not believe however, that men should be put off from reading it Indeed some may find themselves reaching for cooling fans and cold showers afterwards as well.
Caitlin has led an average life up until she catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend In her anger she plots an escape from reality and meets a sexy detective After a one night stand she finds herself thrown into a world of danger and being stalked by a crazed man whom she has never met Jackson Cook is ghost agent working for The U.
S Defense against Homeland Terrorism He is trying to retire and return to a normal life but a determined journalist is hounding his steps and threatening to blow the cover on all three of his identities.
Dan Simmons is a computer hacker working for the same agency as Jackson, and he is the man giving hope to many with his efforts on creating new identities for retiring agents, his codename is the assisin for his ability to destroy any evidence of your existence He has met the love of his life the very eccentric Lena The problem is that Lena thinks he is a computer programmer and Dan doesn t want to lie, but doesn t know how to fix it.
Catriona Walter is a high school teacher abducted by an ex student, Ewen Maclean When the kidnapping goes awry and Ewen is killed Catriona finds her life turned upside down When her life doesn t seem to fit her any she travels to Scotland in an attempt to find anwers but what she finds there blows her away.
This was an awesome book By the time I was finished reading it I was ready to hop a plane to Scotland.
The Undefeated series takes you on a journey as seen through the lives of four main characters, gorgeously vulnerable and flawed men in their own lives Author Charity Parkerson has done very well melding all four books into one to bring you the entire Undefeated series It is deliciously sexy, sweaty and at times heartbreaking and leaves you wanting.
Sexy men, black ops, and steamy scenes You can t go wrong This story starts with Caitlin kidnapped and no idea why something like this has happened to her This is what sets the ball in motion and as the story unfolds you learn that some of the characters are not who they claim to be It was great I can t tell too much without including spoilers so I will just say go get this book This review might be spoileryso you decide if you want to continue readind.
Well,I didn t know exactly what to expect from this book,maybe a good story.
Instead,I got four great stories.
But it didn t feel like it,because they were all very closely linked together.
Actually enjoyed reading it.
This is a great book It contains four stories that are an explosive combination of intrigue and romance.
Five stars for the gals three and a half for the guys.
Well now, this was interesting to say the least I have read a few books over the years that tie characters together but never anything quite like this.
Charity has done a very interesting feat in combing the lives of all her characters Avery, Caitlin, Autumn, Jake Lewis, Jackson, Ewin, Catriona, and Dan Nothing, I mean nothing appears as it seems The reader is whisked right into the action with our heroin Caitlin or one of them finds herself in a not so appeasing situation She is the unwiiling guest of Allie and James her ex boyfriend From this moment on, the plot only thickens, thickens, and keeps thickening as characters become involved with solving why Caitlin was kidnapped and almost unceremoniously eliminated The reader will enjoy how when each new character is introduced You find out there is connection, whether it is work, an old acquaintance or family Yes family From childhood friends to connections with the Underworld Military contractors to a distant aspiring newspaper writer Tell me that doesn t encompass the full spectrum Tom Clancy might need to check this one out for future ideas Who do I think would enjoy this read the most Women, hands down No doubt about Gals like a whole lot of romance with a bit of tension She excels in this area Being of the male persuasion, I prefer a bit action, but hey, I can see where Charity could build a very large following with her description of males who rival the Gods of Greece or Rome What women wouldn t enjoy sliding their hands over very well sculptured muscles I chose not to look in the mirror at this time, thank you Why three and a half stars If there would have a little time spent on the scenes when the bad guys meet their demise and the aftermath, that would have garnished the extra half star Could be because I might be just a tad jealous of the men she summoned to the pages Personal problem I know.
So gals, if you are looking for a book that will keep you on the edge or your seat wanting from the male characters, wait not another minute longer, get a copy with an ample supply of batteries and prepare to have your imagination rocked Loved this All four of the stories were interlinked and the characters were related not necessarily by blood.
Situations were real and it gave me another view of the shadow world that exists.