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[ Read Online Confessions of Butterflies ↠´ wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Joanna Dwyer » I Belong To A Secret Society A Quiet Community Filled With Some Of The Strongest, Toughest, And Most Compassionate People In The World Until Recently, We Have Suffered In Silence, Our Voices Snuffed Out By The Stigmas And Assumptions Of A Culture Programmed To Believe Only What They Can See I Am Young And I Have Fibromyalgia Millions Live With Chronic Pain, But Not Everyone Suffers Through Their Younger Years With It We Work, Go To School, Raise Our Kids, Run Our Businesses And Attempt To Maintain Some Semblance Of A Social Life, While Enduring Relentless, Hopeless, Unforgiving Pain And Fatigue That We Try Our Best To Minimize Because We Have To We Have To Push Through It, Often Without Any Help, Understanding Or Support We Are The Voices Of Chronic Pain And This Book Is Our Butterfly Effect, Our Story, Without Holding Back This Is An Honest And Candid Window Into Our World The Stories Shared Here Are All Real, Collected From Pain Warriors Who Are Tired Of Living A Secret Life These Are The Truths We Are Ashamed To Speak Of Because They Are Ugly, They Are Raw, And Sharing Isn T Easy When You Ve Been Conditioned To Believe You Shouldn T If You Are Lucky Enough To Live Without Relentless Pain, I Hope This Book Helps You To Be Understanding, Compassionate And Empathetic To Those In Your Life Who Do Suffer For My Fellow Butterflies, I Hope You Find Comfort And Realize Your Struggles And Pain Are Both Real And Shared I absolutely loved reading this book Having suffered from chronic pain, fatigue and arthritis for many years I can really relate with Joanna.
You go through so many emotions, tears, anger, loss of who you once were and bringing up young children is very hard.
Although I m under hospital investigations for fibromyalgia, you really have got to have a good rheumatologist, I have so many symptoms, I think I could write a book just on those alone Thank you for writing this brilliant book I even wrote down some really great advice and learned from it so thank you for putting your struggles to paper.
I m learning to pace myself so well, I have been on a CBT course and do tai chi to relax I bought a brilliant weighted blanket and use pillow spray at night for a better nights sleep touch wood anything that helps you lead a bit of a better life is great We aren t pill seekers, we just want to live a life xxx A constant Voice of Strength for the butterfliesThank you Joanna for this amazing Book I hope to share this unique view with my friends and family soon I am evenappreciative that I get to enjoy your strength every day You have truly been life changing for me I do hope you ll keep writing We do need your voicenow than ever.
This is a great book that shows what it s really like to live with Fibromyalgia It was a hard read at times, especially as one living with this illness, because it truly lays bare many of the truths that so many of us have become used to hiding I felt that the title was quite apt reading the confessions of other Fibro Fighters like me really felt like having our darkest secrets brought to light.
It was a welcomed experience though, as speaking these truths is a liberating experience in itself I found myself wishing that everyone I know would read this book so that they might finally understand what I m going through Sometimes I imagine giving books like this to someone with post its on relevant pages that say this is me this book felt like I would need to put that post it on every page in the sections about marriage and children being single myself I felt like I wanted to stick post its that said this is what I m afraid of.
As I read every statement, I felt as though I could have said them myself many of them I have said in the past This book gave some very poignant descriptions of what the pain is like and accurate explanations of the frustrations that we face on a daily basis What I really loved is that Joanna Dwyer even addressed the reasons we keep these thoughts and feelings secret.
It is not an altogether bleak outlook though Amid the raw confessions of what we face on a daily basis, there is an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance This is written by someone who knows what we re going through she experiences it herself and who fights for a better life, refuses to give up hope and acknowledges the blessings that can come with this illness, such as the friends we meet through support groups.
For fellow butterflies, this book offers solidarity and that sense of being part of a larger community we are not alone, there are other people like us For those who do not live with chronic pain, I truly believe that this book can help one to gain a deeper understanding and becomeempathetic helping friends and loved ones to support us.
It felt like someone bearing their soulThis title felt like a monologue or speech about a very personal and heavy subject in the writers heart The is a plea to be understood and helpful motivation for others in similar situations If you are in a similar situation or have a friend or loved one going through this please take an hour or two out of your day and give this a read.
Exactly what needs to be said Thank you for writing this book The information in this book is so valuable both in it s comfort and support for people suffering with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia AND in it s blunt but honest depictions of the trials caused when we try to explain to doctors and friends exactly what we are going through The affirmations are welcome, wonderful, and so supportive I hope many people will read it doctors, sufferers, family, and friends.
Wonderful bookI enjoy reading this book because i have fibromyalgia and i felt alone I have been dealing it for 14 years It is not easy life After reading , I felt encouraged.
Every page felt realI loved it and wish there werestories from butterflies I wantedGreat book More stories please Thanks Roxy N Placerville CA No one understands unless they re living it Dwyer has written a book of the perfect length for this topic It covers all the perils, pitfalls, struggles and disappointments without being repetitive.
Wish I read it sooner As someone with fibro, I would highly recommend it to others Beautifully touching and everything I could relate with Awesome.