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Trailer ✓ Booke of the Hidden PDF by é Jeri Westerson Generally speaking, I don t gravitate towards witchy books but this one had a couple of things going for it before I even started the description sounds awesome and I already knew I d enjoy this because it s written by Jeri Westerson If you ask me, Ms Westerson is one of those authors who is way under recognized and I ve been happy with everything by her I ve ever read.
When Kylie finds that book, she does what anybody would do, she opens it What follows a coven of witches, a possible demon, murder and a bit of romance turn this find into something quite out of the ordinary but Kylie keeps her cool, for the most part, and her interactions with Erasmus are often laugh out loud funny Even the name of the town, Moody Bog, draws out a smile and, while the pacing is a little on the slow side, I chalk that up mostly to setting things up for the books to come I came to feel really attached to the kind of creepy but appealing Moody Bog and its inhabitants and to the story that leads Kylie and her new friends down a most unlikely path on the way to solving the murder.
So, did Booke of the Hidden live up to its description Yes, it certainly did and its essential differences from Ms Westerson s other work make this a really fun departure from her straightforward historical mysteries Despite my slight aversion to witch related stories, I ll definitely be back for the next book in the series.
This was a fantastic paranormal romance Kylie is a fantastic lead, and I loved her snarky attitude Her relationship with Erasmus is interesting and what will happen with the sheriff What is Kylie s family s history I look forward to getting to know the other characters as well I found this book to be one of the best in this genre.
After A Relationship Gone Bad In California, Kylie Strange Moves To Rural Maine For A Fresh Start But She Gets Than She Bargained For When She Finds A Supernatural Book Bricked Into The Wall Of Her New Tea Shop, Strange Herbs And Teas As Soon As She Opens The Booke of the Hidden, The Quiet Town Of Moody Bog Suddenly Becomes A Lot Interesting First The Mysterious And Handsome Erasmus Dark Shows Up Unannounced, Claiming To Be A Demon And Warning Kylie Of Untold Destruction She Waves Him Off, Until A Museum Proprietor Turns Up Dead, And The Sheriff Targets Kylie As A Suspect With The Help Of Erasmus And A Ragtag Group Of Local Wiccans, Kylie Unravels The Booke S Secrets, And They Begin To Believe The Culprit Is Someone Or Something Much Sinister Than A Run Of The Mill Human Murderer Award Winning Author Jeri Westerson Crafts A Tale Of Magic, Murder, And Romance, Drawing Us Into The Mystical World That Surrounds Strange Herbs And Teas Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI was pretty consistently amused by everything in Booke of the Hidden which is one of my favorite feelings to have while reading From the absolutely ridiculous plot, quirky small town characters, to the kind of random and weird but working for me romance between Kylie and Erasmus I love books where the main character just randomly stumbles into a world and has to figure everything out before some doom befalls them or the world This book is basically your classic example of that with an intriguingly mysterious book wrapped in a dark history and a burgeoning romance.
I loved Kylie right off the bat She owns a tea shop my favorite kind of shop and is just trying to get start her life again after a bad break up She s kind of sarcastic, quirky, and pretty open minded for someone who just discovered witches and demons are real I really enjoyed Erasmus s introduction as you don t know if he is supposed to be the antagonist or not so you are kind of left feeling persistently suspicious of him for a long time That suspicion wanes as he ends up working closer with Kylie to clean up the mess that opening the Booke of the Hidden caused While I enjoy some sexy flirty, I am wondering if they are going to continue with developing this relationship in future books Their banter is really fun but they don t really click with me as a long term romance.
As I got to the end of Booke of the Hidden I began to get concerned that nothing was resolved and hoped this was the beginning of a series Luckily, it is as per the author note at the end The writing is engaging with a mystery plot that can easily be expanded into a fewbooks I enjoyed spending time with Kylie and all of the other characters and am looking forward to what new paranormal creature they will meet in the next book.
I m always in the mood for a fantastic Urban Fantasy, there s something about that mix of magic, adventure and romance in a, normally, somewhat familiar setting that I love However, it has been a while since I have found anything new that s whetted by appetite, so I decided to go all Indiana Jones and explore and in the wilds of NetGalley I came across Booke of the Hidden Unfortunately, it wasn t quite the treasure that I was hoping for When I read UF I like something to be a little gritty, I want the heroine to have depth, strength even if she doesn t know it and intelligence I want the love interest to dothan decorate the book with his gorgeous abs and massive biceps And lastly I want an interesting story set in world that is well thought out and full of potential Unless it is a superb 5 star book you don t always get these things all at once especially on book 1 of a series, but you get enough to get stuck in and encourage you to continue However, Booke of the Hidden didn t really have any of the things I love, it didn t feel like an UF it had the feel of a trying to be charming, yet ultimately shallow cozy mystery.
It s mixture of cookie cutter eccentric secondary characters, a broody love interest with as much depth as a paddling pool and the clueless, yet plucky heroine made this predictable and shallow There was nothing below the surface, the world although not really explained also didn t leave me intrigued about what wasn t said, mainly because I didn t feel like there wasn t anything further to learn And the storyline of a demon on the loose I completely lost interest in I read this book to get to the end rather than out of enjoyment.
Needless to say, I won t be continuing reading this series it wasn t quite what I expected and wasn t to my taste A book that I did love and the premises are kind of similar is Deadly Curiosities by Gail Z Martin, which I recommend you check out if you like the type of UF I do ARC provided by publisherReviewed by Suzanne Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email I received a free copy via NetGalley I was torn about how to rate this book for a while It was a tie between 4 and 5 stars and I settled for 5 because I liked some aspects a lot and I m already looking forward to possible future books in the series Booke of the Hidden had a bumpy start and I wasn t sure if I would like it for maybe the first 50 pages Overused tropes and cringe worthy dialogue made me anxious but it turned out to be an awesome read that I would recommend to fans of urban fantasy.
The story is set in the small Maine town of Moody Bog one of those places where people can track their families back for generations It s a small town community that promises the calm, fresh start Kylie is looking for After leaving her Californian life behind she just wants to look forward and focus on the opening of her very own tea and herb shop Within days of the big day she comes across a mysterious book in the old house she bought and soon her life is filled with Wiccans, demons and much less calm days than expected The book intertwines old family stories, demonology and a romance that isn t allowed to be What I expected when I started to read the book was an urban fantasy which was delivered I m just muchused to urban fantasy novels playing in big cities but honestly, the lovely Maine backdrop added its own add on to the setting Whenever I spot a Maine setting I always get excited because it reminds me of some of my favorite King novels which are mostly set in Maine I haven t been there yet and I don t believe that a vacation will take me there but you ll never know Needless to say, this was a big plus in my book The author did a good job showing some of the usual small town aspects but I was missing something that would make the town of Moody Bog unique Haven t found that yet but this seems to be the first novel in a series maybe there ll beabout the place in later books You could definitely tell that the town and its inhabitants are important.
First, I ve got to say that I liked most of the characters especially those side characters that played a huge part in progressing the story but and this is a big one My biggest pet peeve is a main character I can t relate to because I get bored just reading about them I know that with all the books that are published these days it s hard to come up with someone entirely new and intriguing but I at least expect an author to try Somehow, I also felt reminded of Buffy The Vampire Slayer To be honest, the bow is a big deus ex machina but I was willing to overlook it.
Kylie wasn t easy for me to relate to Just leaving her old life head over heels because of an ex boyfriend and then starting anew where every guy falls for her is just something I m not interested in However, as the story progressed I started to seein her character and I came to a point where I might enjoy to readabout her story Her relationship with Erasmus let s not talk about the names in this book wasn t something I enjoyed reading about in the beginning Seriously, I haven t seen that much cringe worthy situations in a while It got a lot better as the story progressed which is why even after finishing the book I still hope that the author would fix the beginning It almost ruined the book for me And while I like the whole he s a demon now what issue, I can t stand love triangle Why did I think that its golden age has come and gone I never was a fan and probably never will be It was kind of okay with this novel because there s a whole lot of philosophical discussion linked to it but I hope that the author will resolve it soon I was happy to see that there were tidbits of information about tea and herbs scattered throughout the story and I would love to see the author to addof them in future books The fact that I already think about what to expect from future books shows you that despite the few annoying points I had a great time reading Booke of the Hidden The writing was entertaining and made me laugh occasionally and once I made it past the beginning of the novel I wasn t able to put it down again Great read Kylie Strange is the heart of Booke of the Hidden How could she not be It is after all her fault for accidently causing all this mayhem by taking down that blasted wall, finding the BOOKE, then opening said book as I now call the book of Hell that not only released a succubus but a demon Lets face it since opening the BOOKE her life has gone to hell But at least she has an attractive demon helping her, right It seems Kylie isn t 100% sure about Erasmus Darkwhat she does know is that he s tall, dark pun intended and handsome and seems to be the silent type How is Kylie supposed to figure what to do if he doesn t answer any of her questions Needless to say it is frustrating, luckily for Kylie her new friends of Moody Bog are there to help My overall thoughts on the book It s an enjoyable read if you love magic, mystery, and a bit of romance The author has really brought the characters to life and created a world in which you ll wantof Until next time Kyle Strange.
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5 StarsI haven t read a good Paranormal Urban Fantasy story in a while and with Halloween around the corner I was looking for something to satisfy my craving for a spooky read Booke of the Hidden sounded exactly the type of read I was looking for I really liked the setting, it was atmospheric and creepy, and just perfect for this time of year I also found the premise of the book very interesting Kylie moves away from her annoying ex to a small town in Maine and opens a herb tea shop While renovating the shop she finds an old book hidden in the wall When she opens the book she unknowingly unleashes demons and other vile creatures that were trapped in the book It s now up to her to capture and send them back She gets some help from Erasmus, a demon attached to the Booke and Wiccans, the local coven Booke of the Hidden is full of action, interesting characters, and a touch of romance I liked our main heroine, Kylie She is funny and quirky There are also a number of endearing secondary characters I especially liked Wiccans and the Sheriff , and interesting villains, both human and supernatural I wasn t entirely sold on the romance between Kylie and Erasmus, it wasn t very convincing and felt forced a little I wantedsparks and chemistry I hope the romance will get better in the next book According to the author there will be six books in the series and I definitely will be checking them out and following Kylie s adventures ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley 4.
5 5 stars The Booke of the Hidden is the first book in a new series by the same name, by Jeri Westerson I really, really enjoyed this supernatural urban fantasy read It follows our main character Kylie, as she moves across the country to a town in Maine, where she opens up her own Herb Tea shop There she finds a book hidden in the wall, called the Booke of the Hidden From there, she is swept up in a crazy whirlwind demon hunting adventure that reminded me of part Buffy the Vampire Slayer and part Supernatural I cannot wait to readabout this series.
Kylie is a feisty main heroine She has no problem standing up for herself, which I loved about her Even when she first meets the mysterious Mr Dark, she doesn t mind putting him in his place I loved that Kylie was immediately embraced into this quirky small town It is already a spiritual town Kind of like in Buffy, where the town seemed to be the epicenter of supernatural activity Except in this case, it is not because of a hell mouth, but rather because of the Booke The Booke is really rather fascinating, so I am going to put a spoiler in place right here, which is really not much of a spoiler since it s descirbed within the first 50 pages of the story, but click on if you want to see how the Booke works view spoiler When Kylie finds the Booke of the Hidden she opens it and sees that it is blank The book forms a connection with Kylie and she is the only one that can open it The Booke acts like a kind of pandora s box, and when she opened it she released a whole bunch of demons into the world She is then tasked with rounding up and defeating the demons by killing them and writing in the Booke to trap them there Cool, right hide spoiler Kylie Strange, after breaking up with her boyfriend, moves from California to the village of Moody Bog, Maine, to open up a tea and herb shop After finding a mysterious book with occult powers hidden in a wall in her shop, she soon becomes involved with a friendly Wiccan coven, a helpful demon named Erasmus Strange, the local sheriff, and a biker gang that has its own demon.
I thoroughly enjoyed this supernatural fantasy It s very well written, with some laugh out loud moments, some scary encounters with a succubus and an incubus, a bit of romance, and a cast of colorful, well portrayed characters that were fun to read about.
Highly recommended, and I ll be reading the next book in the series very soon.