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☆ Animals Don't Blush è Download by ↠´ David R. Gross Just Out Of Veterinary School, David Gross Takes A Job In Montana Where He S Eager To Learn As Much As He Can As Quickly As He Can He Does, And Using His Training, Intelligence, And Intuition, He Seemingly Works Miracles With The Pets And Farm Animals He Treats Laugh At Some Of The Stories Poor Frick And Frack That Never Learn To Avoid Porcupines And Banty The Chicken That Doesn T End Up In The Pot Cry As A Few Hit Your Heart The Animals That Are Beyond The Work Of A Vet S Miracles And Cringe At Others The Cat That Swallowed The Darning Needle You D Yowl Too Animals Don T Blush Sweeps You Into The Community Welcoming Gross And His New Wife With Open Hearts And Makes You Feel, Despite The Harsh Conditions, It S A Wonderful Place To Live As Tough And Sensitive As His Clients, Gross Cares For All His Animals With Kindness And Respect And Despite Intrusive Examinations And Heroic Treatments, None Of His Patients Ever Blush This is a very sweet, folksy book about a young vet freshly out of school in Colorado but from Arizona and newly married, starting his vet career in a small practice in rural Montana I enjoy books about veterinarians and there are few of them in libraries, so i was happy to find this one This book tells as much about rural life in Montana 50 years ago as about the veterinarian experience The book could have used a better editor as I found words missing, as well as punctuation and spelling errors.
The 4 stars would only apply to a reader truly interested in rural veterinarian practices in the 60s I was fascinated by the detail but many wouldn t be.
Except for the fact that All Creatures Great and Small and this book are both about small town veterinarians, the similarity ends there This is the memoir of a vet during the early 1960s who practiced in Montana Most of his patients were large farm animals but a few were family pets The author mentioned many times that he and his wife were Jewish Most of their rancher neighbors never gave this a thought with a few notable exceptions of bigotry Dr Gross describes his cases in technical detail easily understandable by the layman reader.
It was well written and I liked it but I just never connected with the author The book lacked real emotion It is a reasonably well written chronicle of the facts but lacked the depth it needed to make you care.
A fun read of a country vet s startI enjoyed this book immensely A fun, easy read that reminded me of neighbors and farms of my youth The author used a great narrative voice and descriptions to bring the stories alive.
Animals don t blush is a great read for those who have the care of animals as a profession It does get a little technical for those who have not pulled out a calf or foal or administered medications to large animals, however I enjoyed every minute of it, reliving my own experiencing as I read those of Dr Gross.
Very fun book.
I thought this book started out pretty strong with anecdotes that I found touching and the seeds of some of the authors new relationships in his new town are planted As the book progresses, though, I found he got very technical and I really didn t care to hear how he reaches into a cow or horse behind after the second such description I also felt that he lost the thread of developing how his relationships with the townsfolk evolved I was left hanging with how things worked out with certain people, did he maintain friendships once he moved on Great storyThe author wrote a very good story about the human and animal sides of his practice Some of the stories could have been fleshed out and the book ended rather abruptly But it was still an interesting read with a good look at veterinary practices during the time period.