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[Anna Erishkigal] Ï A Gothic Christmas Angel [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ A Gothic Christmas Angel by Anna ErishkigalI have to begin by saying that I absolutely loved this book It has all the elements I look for in a good book I was pleasantly surprised with this book as the story is original and unpredictable despite it being a retelling of the Christmas Carol The main character is strong and spunky, add into the mix a well thought out cast of supporting characters and a very sexy angel, leaving you with a brilliant read This book is rich and descriptive, with a well crafted story and a well thought out plot, all which unfold in a smooth and effortless manner The writing is descriptive and flows well making this an easy read All the elements of this story are well thought out and structured ensuring a fast paced book that will keep you turning the pages until the very end I was sad when the book ended A very entertaining read from a very talented author I will definitely be looking out forof Anna s work.
Beautifully touching story The main character is a young woman who feels her life is over and that suicide is better than going forward Her emotions are all too real to anyone who has ever had one of those bleak periods in their own life And haven t most of us been devastated at some point only to learn that things do get better with time Although told in the form of the classics It s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol this story is a unique read It s emotionally satisfying with a beautiful ending and I highly recommend it.

My disclaimer is that I know the author But as she s part of my critique group and I m usually reading her work with the proverbial red pen in hand, that s a bit of an opposite disclaimer than you may expect If anything, I went into the story needing to remind myself that I was not editing but merely enjoying the story as a reader.
And enjoy it I did While the theology behind the after life may not be one I d ascribe to, the message of the story certainly is I was immediately interested in the characters and their histories She made me care And she made me cry And I m very, very thankful for the ending There were various ways she could have taken it, but she chose the one I believe best suited to the story This story isn t just for Christmas, despite the title It s a short, easy to read, encouraging piece that can be enjoyed any time of year Recommended I thought this book was fantastic It s a variation of The Christmas Carol The Scrooge in this novel is a barista named Cassie Around Christmas time, she s visited by an angel who gives her a lesson or two The original Dickens tale is about a miserly jerk the angels try to teach him to becaring and generous That s not the case with Cassie Her lessons areabout appreciating those who love us and letting go of those who mistreat us.
What impressed me most about the book was how sad and uncomfortable moments were portrayed They made my heartache There s some interesting angel mythology in the book It s part of a series about angels, and I look forward to readingof them.
At first I didn t know what to think about this story I rolled my eyes at some of the dialogue, I disliked the main character, and wondered why I was reading Goth romance It didn t turn out to be what I expected throughout the tale and improved gradually as I reached completion until I found that I was actually pleased with the end read it with an open mind, or if you can tolerate Goth lit If you don t like goth stories and if you re really picky about your reading, this probably isn t the book for you.
This was an enjoyable variant on A Christmas Carol featuring a girl who has had a lot of things go wrong in her life, and an angel who isn t quite the guardian that she is looking for, but might just be the one she needs.
The story follows a familiar pattern, but the characters keep it interesting There s good detail, a surprising amount of backstory for a short book, and a solid emotional punch The author creates a nice internally consistent cosmology in a short amount of pages and it never slows down the story.
This was well paced and fun.
I m on an angel book rampage After finishing End of Days, I was gripped by this intense need to read about any luscious archangels Yeah, I m here I got what I want This is a very sad, depressing story that made me cry Even though Cassie was such a crabby person in life, she eventually becamewell, she became something else.
A very good story A real twist on the expected Christmas Carol type story.
The characters were well defined in a short space of time and interacted well I loved the different version of ghosts of past, present and future with just the angel doing the lot.
The downside to the story, if there is one Not enough Jeremiel I was left wanting to knowabout him and his past that Cassie was guessing at A book based on him would be great The Ghosts Of Old Miseries Are Never Far Behind Dumped By Her Boyfriend On Christmas Eve, Cassie Baruch Thought Her Pain Would End When She Aimed Her Car At An Ancient Beech Tree But When A Gorgeous Black Winged Angel Appears And Tells Her This Ain T No Stinking Paranormal Romance, Kid, She Realizes Death Hasn T Solved Her Problems Can Jeremiel Help Her Exorcise The Ghosts Of Problems Past And Find A Little Closure Written For Anyone Who Ever Wished Their Problems Would Just Go Away, This Modern Paranormal Spin On A Christmas Carol Was Written To Give People Hope They Can Come To Grips With The Ghosts Of Christmas Miseries PastWINNER Of TheEFestival Of Words Best Of The Independent Ebooks Awards In The Best Novella Category Perfect holiday read Once again Anna spins words into gold The gothic twist to this modern Christmas Carol is terrific Who are Jeremeil s parents Hmmmm