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[ Read Online The First Year: Fibromyalgia: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (First Year, The) é young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Claudia Craig Marek ☆ A very easy to read book esp for someone who s newly diagnosed or someone who has a family member or friend with fibromyalgia I didn t give it a 5, because I thought it lacked some details I might be a bit biased as my first read on the subject about 3 years ago wastechnical and detailed Fibromyalgia Chronic Myofascial Pain by Davin Starlanyl Mary Ellen Copeland and I m a details girl.
just starting Fibromyalgia Affects Between Three And Six Million AmericansPercent Of Whom Are Women Yet Remains One Of The Most Difficult Conditions To Identify And Diagnose In The Tradition Of The Other Titles In The First Year Series, The First Year Fibromyalgia Uses A Unique Approach Guiding Readers Through Their First Seven Days Following Diagnosis, Then The Next Three Weeks Of Their First Month, And Finally The Next Eleven Months Of Their First Year To Provide Answers And Advice That Will Help Everyone Newly Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia Come To Terms With Their Condition And The Lifestyle Changes That Accompany It Starting With The Day Of Diagnosis, Patient Experts Florence And Marek Provide Vital Information About The Nature Of Fibromyalgia, Choosing The Right Doctors, Treatment Options, Psychological Issues, Holistic Alternatives, Self Management Strategies, Illustrative Charts And Tables, And Much The First Year Fibromyalgia Will Be A Supportive And Educational Resource For Everyone Who Wants To Take An Active Role In The Management Of Their Condition A good overview and game plan the parts about nutrition advocate of low carb glycemic were particularly helpful This is a no excuses, just do it to feel better approach, some tough love, which I related to well I just haven t focused on the diet change yet, but will reread that chapter when I m ready for it.
This was kind of a mixed bag Parts of it were really outdated chapters on how to use a computer and a search engine , but parts were helpful and something I haven t seen in a lot of other fibro books the psychological emotional impact, helping other people understand, etc I could have done without the 3 chapters proselytizing low carb diets as if that s the only food diet information to consider there s nothing here about how artificial sweeteners and chemical additives can trigger symptoms, how food sensitivities or allergies OTHER THAN carbs can play a role, etc.
I like this book because it s written by a woman who suffers from fibro It s very different than reading someone whose medical specialty is fibro but they don t have it Also, women s experiences, particularly with getting doctors to take them seriously, are different than men s What I don t like about this book is that she s also employed in the health care industry by a doctor whose speciality is fibro He uses a particular protocol to treat it, but it hasn t been verified by research Her slant toward that treatment is a little off putting.
All in all though, not a bad read for people who have fibro.
Fibromyalgia affects between three and six million Americans 80 percent of whom are women yet remains one of the most difficult conditions to identify and diagnose In the tradition of the other titles in the First Year series, The First Year Fibromyalgia uses a unique approach guiding readers through their first seven days following diagnosis, then the next three weeks of their first month, and finally the next eleven months of their first year to provide answers and advice that will help everyone newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia come to terms with their condition and the lifestyle changes that accompany it Starting with the day of diagnosis, patient experts Florence and Marek provide vital information about the nature of fibromyalgia, choosing the right doctors, treatment options, psychological issues, holistic alternatives, self management strategies, illustrative charts and tables, and muchThe First Year Fibromyalgia will be a supportive and educational resource for everyone who wants to take an active role in the management of their condition.

I gave this book to a friend newly diagnosed with FMS it has a lot of info for those just starting out and for me it was a lot of I already know that since I received official diagnoises over 3 yrs ago but have faced issues for about 15 yrs now without a name for them.
Its a good one to go back and look at when you need a reminder that you need to keep a journal because you just cant remember a thing that happened on monday sometimes and that when pain levels are high its hard to remember if they went down in the afternoon or not and was it in the joints or was it only in the muscles on tuesday because now its thursday and its gotten so bad and hurts all over This book was by far the best book that I ve read on Fibromyalgia It went in to different aspects that are not normally talked about such as travel, pregnancy, etc.
Look at me, taking care of my health all responsible like Also, the first half of the book made me feel relief, seeing my symptoms and experiences shared with another person The last half was all resources, redundant for an obsessive Google searcher like myself but beneficial for those who aren t as enchanted by search engines.