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[ Read Online The Fibromyalgia Relief Book: 213 Ideas for Improving Your Quality of Life ☆ ghana PDF ] by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson é The Fibromyalgia Relief Book Is The First Self Help Book For TheMillion People Who Suffer From Fibromyalgia FM And For Those Who Care For Them Miryam Ehrlich Williamson, Who Wrote The Best Selling Fibromyalgia A Comprehensive Approach, Has Spent Two Years Consulting Health Professionals And Hundreds Of Fellow FM Sufferers To Assemble The Most Extensive And Useful Advice To Improve Your Quality Of Life HerProven Pointers Cover All Aspects Of Your Life And Include Dietary Changes And Supplements To Alleviate Symptoms Remedies And Modifications To Help You Sleep How To Make Household And Leisure Activities Bearable Tips For Lifting Your Mood And Strengthening Personal Relationships Strategies For Making Your Job FM Friendly How To Develop Mind Body Techniques To Control Pain, Relieve Stress, And Oversome Memory Lapses The Fibromyalgia Relief Book Is The Key To A Comfortable, Rewarding Lifestyle For Anyone Who Has FM Or The Many Illnesses Associated With The Syndrome, And Is An Important Resource For Anyone Caring For Or Living With An FM Sufferer It Is Sure To Change People S Lives Some ideas were really great and helpful, others had nothing to do with fibromyalgia and I quickly skimmed them A good part of the book was basic communication and self help techniques that apply to everyone and that I ve read or heard a million times before Had a few good tips in it but it was a bit dated She had moments where she Introduced some interesting things for me to consider and doresearch into and then she had moments where she said something that seemed false and lacked any evidence It was pretty easy to read and straightforward She seems to know what she s talking about However this book wasn t written for someone in the stage of life I am at I m not in my 30s 40s I m not married I haven t gotten pass my education yet I don t have the time to lay in bed 24 7 and sulk in my misery until I can magically get myself in the path of recovery guided by her while she pats herself on the back I was never any of the women she described.
This book was super useful I loved the tips and the research As someone who recently went to my dr to ask what she can do to help me explore what vitamins minerals I specifically may need and how to try to get better for the sake of my baby, and got eatfruit and vegetables, less meat, havesalt and that s all private I really appreciated the timing of reading this book it s encouraged me on my journey to acknowledge my struggles despite having no one else understand I m writing a blog about it www.
wordpress thanks Miryam I really enjoyed this book It offers very practical and eye opening tips into helping fibromyalgia I already knew most of the things, but it s so nice to have them in a handy place for reminders.
This book has helped me so much It s just what the title says ways to improve your life with fibromyalgia She is clear, helpful and practical and she knows what she s talking about because she s tried it herself She has one other book out about FMS that I haven t read.
I felt like I just do not fit the person woman, really, that this book is directed to That woman has astable life when fibro strikes and is diagnosed than in her 30s 50s, married or in a long term relationship, perhaps with children, finished with her education with an established career, etc I m in my 20s, perpetually single, and moving from place to place and job to job and school to school And to be honest, it was hard to trust this book once I saw it was published in 1998, when fibromyalgia was perceived diagnosed treated so differently.
There were some suggestions that still applied to the 2010s Either of these issues alone might have been fine, but together, I couldn t get comfortable enough reading this to finish it I m on the lookout for somethinggeneral orrecent or geared to younger spoonies.