î Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors Ð Download by î Joseph A. Citro

î Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors Ð Download by î Joseph A. Citro spooky stories from around New England fun and scary none really substantiated A fun book for Halloween.
Lot of anecdotal and researched stories that will keep you interested into reading this book Again, nothing extra ordinary that keeps the page turning but something that you can pick anytime, read for half hour and leave it for next time Believe in every story with your own judgement and just enjoy the various and expansive list of topics discussed in this book.
Liked the read but just don t believe inthan half of what is mentioned here.

This is my favorite book I love the mysterious tales of New England and how the author describes the scenes I always wanted to go to all of the places when I lived in Boston, but I never got the chance.
Joe Citro s book, PASSING STRANGE, is another readable and intriguing look into a variety of strange happenings in the New England area While it has some overlap with his previous book, GREEN MOUNTAIN GHOSTS, this book is muchexhaustive and covers a great dealmaterial.
Part of what makes the book so successful is its readability I ve read many books of this sort, and they usually aren t so well written Citro s a talented writer, which makes the book that muchfun to read There were plenty of stories here that I hadn t heard, and Citro s research and voice made this one those books that I looked forward to spending time with.
HIGHLY recommended, even for those who don t live in the region It s still weird reading books that mention places I grew up around Citro did a lovely job organizing and grouping these stories and retelling them with a lovely, snarky sense of humor and love of alliteration Things got a bit repetitive at times, but overall an enjoyable read.
A fantastic collection of stories and folklore from the Green Mountain State Citro brings his usual humor and eloquent prose to these stories A must read for anyone interested in folklore or the supernatural It is an amusing book, which I owned years ago I resisted it as research for writing literary gothic fiction.
Some great folk tales, delivered in conversational prose Fun to read.
New England S Dark Hills, Fogbound Coasts, And Hidden Villages Have Inspired Generations Of Writers Such As Hawthorne, Lovecraft, And King But These Authors Dark Imaginings Pale When Compared To Little Known But Well Documented And True Tales In This Delightfully Spine Tingling Tour Of All Six New England States, Citro Chronicles The Haunted History And Folklore Of A Region Steeped In Hardship And Horror, Humor And Pathos I loved this Most of the stories in the book I d never heard before and the telling of them was perfect