Trailer ¿ Maine Ghosts and Legends PDF by ↠´ Thomas Verde

Trailer ¿ Maine Ghosts and Legends PDF by ↠´ Thomas Verde Some interesting stories A couple gave me goose bumps, a couple were dull enough that I had to skim.
Tom Verde Became Interested In Eerie Phenomena When He Was Researching Supernatural Encounters For A Public Radio Program He Discovered That Maine Has A Rich History Of Supernatural Occurrences And Colorful Legends, So He Decided To Write A Book About Them I did not choose 5 stars for this book because of the writingit was finebut because of what I discovered about my own family history through reading it I am electrified to learn that a 2nd cousin 2x removed is active despite his death in 1952 There were other tidbits as wellincluding the vampire to consumption link right at the time when at least one ancestor passed from this horrible disease If you have ties to Maine do read this book This was a ghost story book on a par with my beloved Haunted Ohio books Well written, well researched.

I think that if you like ghosts than this is the book for you It has many details about many different ghost stories and each one of them made me want to havehistory about it While reading this book I felt as if there was a ghost watching me and I got goosebumps while reading it at home in the dark I think you should really read this book if you like ghosts I think this book is cool It s not scary to me but it seems so cool I like all the legends and ghosts in the book is was super fun reading it.