Download Epub Format Û From Fatigued to Fantastic!: A Proven Program to Regain Vibrant Health, Based on a New Scientific Study Showing Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia PDF by È Jacob Teitelbaum

Download Epub Format Û From Fatigued to Fantastic!: A Proven Program to Regain Vibrant Health, Based on a New Scientific Study Showing Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia PDF by È Jacob Teitelbaum This book literally has saved my life D ribose AMAZING stuff I m so thankful I found this book I have a new life and I m starting to do all those things I have wanted to for so long YAY I cannot recall what led me to this book while researching magnesium, iodine, selenium and related supplements but it was a nice find Great piece on Thyroid testing, specific tests to ask for and the difference between T4 and T3 This book is also a great resource for complimentary supplements and dosage amounts.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are vexing conditions that are poorly understood by modern medicine Some, in fact, still think that they are psychological disorders despite the fact that it is now recognized that they have distinct physiological origins Internist Jacob Teitelbaum has spent his career researching these conditions and developing treatments for them From Fatigued to Fantastic is an overview of CFS FMS and what Teitelbaum has found effective in his work with CFS FMS patients.
Part of the reason these conditions are so problematic is that they compromise numerous systems in the body Teitelbaum s treatment protocol is designed to address all of these various components He starts by tackling the disordered sleep patterns that are a hallmark of these conditions From there, he seeks to correct the hormonal deficiencies that are the result of hypothalamic malfunction and then address the chronic infections that plague many CFS FMS patients In addition, he also places heavy emphasis on correcting nutritional deficiencies that are often the result of chronic gut infections, and also seeks to provide support to mitochondrial processes that are suspected to be malfunctioning in these conditions.
The majority of the treatments Teitelbaum recommends are experimental He reports a high rate of success using his protocol, and some of the treatments he suggests appear to have sound reasoning behind them His website contains the text of several research studies he has conducted showing measurable improvement in patients undertaking this protocol Unfortunately, the limited scope of the studies prevents them from providing any real information on which aspects of his multi pronged treatment are most important or effective Teitelbaum considers his approach to be an integrative one, making use of what he has found effective from both conventional and alternative medicine This integrative focus is probably best displayed in his chapter on the various pharmaceutical and supplemental options for treating sleep problems, which extremely comprehensive Unfortunately, Teitelbaum also recommends a significant number of alternative treatments that I consider highly questionable that are not only expensive, but also not backed by either plausible rational or quality research Because of this major flaw, I am reluctant to recommend this book outright There is some good information about CFS FMS in it, but I don t think there is enough evidence to support spending a lot of money on his recommendations.
I love the fact that Dr Teitelbaum provides both alternative medicine approaches along with traditional medicine I ve tried many of the natural approaches recommended in this book have had success with them Through my own personal Fibromyalgia journey, I advocate holistic natural alternatives, rather than traditional medicine Primarily, the reason I oppose traditional medicine is because I almost lost my life, due to multiple physicians prescribing medications WITHOUT checking for adverse side effects and potentially life threatening interactions After living hell on earth with mind altering medications, including Cymbalta, I am now medication FREE and reclaiming my health Please never go cold turkey , always taper slowly seek safe, natural approaches before using powerful chemicals Practice advocating for your own health wellness.
People seem to either hail this book as a miracle cure all or want it burned at the proverbial stake for crimes against CFS sufferers as is often the case with victims of such wildly differenciating opinion, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle If you have an illness which involves chronic fatigue whatever that illness may be, and whatever you, your doctor or anyone else may call it you are sure to find some ideas that will be helpful to you among the many in From Fatigued To Fantastic You are extremely unlikely to find any that will cure you, unless your chronic fatigue is very mild, or triggered by something treatable like yeast overgrowth But anything that will help alleviate symptoms, even in the smallest way, is surely welcome news Yes, this book has its shortcomings, and many of them, but to dismiss it entirely because it uses CFS ME interchangably as do many doctors and sufferers, owing to the confusing nature of the illnesses , because some of the research it cites comes from limited studies which I am sure is down to scant funding for such studies, and while much of said research also comes from larger or repeated studies , because of the trial and error nature of the treatments or any other of the myriad reasons you will find is not may mean you miss out on some ways of lightening the load of your illness With the likes of CFS, we cannot afford to cut off our noses to spite our faces we ve too much to lose and everything to gain I think Dr Teitelbaum definitely has his heart and intentions in the right place and, as he repeatedly states, receives no royalties from the products he has created and suggests trying amongst many products he has NOT created and equally recommends and what he has to say is vitally important to people with chronic fatigue right now Use your common sense, and your doctor s help, to give the ideas of your choosing a go I m glad I did and I m sure you will be too.
All my lifelong questions regarding Fibromyalgia were so we ll answered in this book along with a hope to getting better Adrenal underactivity, d ribose, different supplements and sleep suggestions are so helpful and on point for patients of CFS Fibromyalgia.
Thanks to the author Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, the book proved to be a boon and a new ray of hope for me in times of pain and hopelessness of having tried and still failing in any recovery.
I suggest this book to patients having pain, fatigue, sleep disorders and Fibromyalgia.
Must read.
Have made my own notes and gonna try each of those things now not because I blindly believe but because his suggestions in the book are well backed with research and experiments conducted.
A Proven Program To Regain Vibrant Health, Based On A New Scientific Study Showing Effective Treatment For Chronic Fatigue And FibromyalgiaWith Than , Copies Sold, The Most Authoritative Book On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Fibromyalgia Has Been Completely Revised And Updated From Fatigued To Fantasticoffers The Most Effective Treatment Plan To Help People Recover From These Disorders, And Will Coincide With The Publication Of A Groundbreaking Study In The Journal Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Announcing The Author S Findings To The Medical Community Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFIDS And Fibromyalgia Are Illnesses Characterized By Severe Long Term Fatigue, Achiness, Brain Fog, And Recurrent Infections, Among Other Symptoms The Conditions Are Frequently Misdiagnosed And Patients Often Receive Confusing And Misleading Information From Health PractitionersDr Teitelbaum, One Of The Country S Leading Experts On CFIDS And Fibromyalgia, Has Experienced And Overcome These Illnesses Himself In This Revised Edition Of His Landmark Book, He Examines The Possible Causes Of The Disorders And Provides Instructions For Patients On How To Eliminate Them, Using Both Natural And Pharmacological Methods He Offers Compelling Evidence That These Disorders Can Be Treated Effectively, And Provides The Latest Scientific Research And Cutting Edge Discoveries About These Diseases As Well As Sound, Compassionate Advice On Dealing With Them Notes Index Quote return return Role entrapped people were taught that they have to be the perfect spouse or the perfect parent or the perfect employee The superwoman complex is a good example CFIDS can be your body s way of getting out of the roles in which you are trapped Most of us have so bought into society s expectations of us that we have taken them on as our own What we fail to recognize is that because of its tremendous rate of acceleration, our current society is an aberration There has been no other stable society during the last three thousand plus years, nor are there many others presently on the planet, in which normal change occurred so rapidly Despite all our modern conveniences and labor saving devices, which were supposed to give usfree time, most people find that they are running ever faster Whereas one parent used to be home to take care of the children while the other parent worked, both even when both parents are in the same household now often must work to maintain the family s stand of living return Because our whole society is trapped in roles, this chaos may seem normal It is not It is abnormal Although some people thrive on it,people every day are becoming burned out.
Wonderful information It empowered me to know about my fatigue, the possible catalysts, and possible treatments This doctor is highly knowledgeable and well respected in the medical community I have far fewer infections now, and ultimately found out that I have a neurocardiogenic syncope issue that causes the fatigue I wouldn t have kept pushing my doctors to finding out what my issues were without having read this book which made me feel like there was hope to getting better Excellent and well researched advice from a doctor and sufferer of CFS and FE who has helped thousands of patients achieve relief from these devastating illnesses Although I have sourced my own vitamins and supplements from his list of recommended products, I have found that some of his recommendations have been excellent The SHINE protocol makes sense.