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[ Pdf Nineteen Eighty-Four Ì star-trek-voyager PDF ] by George Orwell ↠´ This was an up and down kind of read for me There were parts that I really enjoyed and parts that I found extremely difficult to maneuver through I m glad that I decided to pick it up and give it a go, because it s one that I ve been curious about for a long time I can definitely see why so many people love this book It explores a lot of things that we see happening in the world today I can t say I m leaving it as a massive fan, but I m sure it s one that I ll continue to think about.
I m gonna ask myself a mandatory question and say nothing.
Why the fuck had I not read this book before Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BJTHWKUFor Previous Cover Edition See HereAmong The Seminal Texts Of The Th Century, Nineteen Eighty Four Is A Rare Work That Grows Haunting As Its Futuristic Purgatory Becomes Real Published In , The Book Offers Political Satirist George Orwell S Nightmarish Vision Of A Totalitarian, Bureaucratic World And One Poor Stiff S Attempt To Find Individuality The Brilliance Of The Novel Is Orwell S Prescience Of Modern Life The Ubiquity Of Television, The Distortion Of The Language And His Ability To Construct Such A Thorough Version Of Hell Required Reading For Students Since It Was Published, It Ranks Among The Most Terrifying Novels Ever Written 1984 is not a particularly good novel, but it is a very good essay On the novel front, the characters are bland and you only care about them because of the awful things they live through As a novel all the political exposition is heavyhanded, and the message completely overrides any sense of storytelling As an essay, the points it makes can be earthshaking It seems everyone who has so much as gotten a parking ticket thinks he lives in a 1984 dystopia Every administration that reaches for power, injures civil liberties or collaborates too much with media is accused of playing Big Brother These are the successes of 1984 s paranoia, far outliving its original intent as a battery against where Communism was going Orwell was a severely disappointed Marxist , and while people who compare their leaders to Big Brother are usually overreaching themselves and speak far away from Orwell s intent and vision, it is a useful catchcloth for dissent Like so many immortalized books with a social vision, 1984 s actual substance is so thin that its ideologies and fear mongering aspects can be stretched and skewed to suit the readers If you d like a better sense of the real world and Orwell s intents, rather than third hand interpretations of his fiction, then his Homage to Catalonia is highly recommended.
2 2 5 view spoiler hide spoiler It s written 1948 Clearly History has its twisted ways to repeat itself.
A Note that MUST be written in the cover of every edition 1948 40 , The Hunger Games The Maze Runner Divergent 1984 1948 , 40 1984 3 Unperson , , 85% , 24 7 2% , view spoiler hide spoiler , 1949 1984 19 101.

I am a big fan of speculative fiction and in my literary travels I have encountered a myriad of dystopias, anti utopias and places and societies that make one want to scream andwith or without contemporaneous loss of bladder and other bodily functions .
Simply put, George Orwell s 1984 is unquestionably the most memorable and MOST DISTURBING vision of a world gone mad utterly bat shit psycho that I have ever experienced Ever Despite being published back in 1948, I have yet to find a chilling, nightmarish locale than Orwell s iconic world of BIG BROTHER and INGSOC The very mention of either of those terms invokes images of Nazis and Soviet gulags in my mind Yet Orwell s creation is in many ways even insidious than these real world bogeymen.
I first read this book when I was 12 years old in 7th grade as aget thisclass reading assignment Looking back on it, I have NO IDEA why on Earth we were reading this book at that age but I do recall we spent quite a bit of time discussing it I wish I could recall the substance of those discussions because I can only imagine the kind of PIERCING INSIGHT that a group of hormonally challenged pre teens thought up in regards to this book Needless to say, I think that this is a book that is best appreciated AFTER your first pimple Anyway, I decided to re read this book recently as an adult in the hopes that I would be able to gain a great appreciation for this classic Well, the book did than that IT ABSOLUTELY FLOORED ME From the very first sentence,It was a bright, cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteento the unforgettable final sentence which I will not give away here , this story sucked me in, beat the living shit out of me and through me out the other side a hollow, wasted wreck I know, it doesn t sound very cheery, but it is a life changing experience I have always thought that one of the best and most important qualities of science fiction is that it frees the author to take the controversial, politically charged issues and trends of the day and create a possible future based on exaggerations of such trends and in so doing present a compelling and critical argument for change Well NO ONE has ever done a better job than better Orwell in showing the possible nightmare and thus potential danger of a society without basic civil liberties and a government with complete and unchallenged control This book is bleak, dreary, frightening, upsetting and absolutely BRILLIANT and one of my All Time Favorite novels HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION 6.
0 stars.
Those words keep sounding in my head since I read this book Gosh, probably the most haunting not to mention frightening book I ve ever read 1984 should also be included in the horror genre.
1984 describes a Utopia Not Thomas More s version of Utopia, but this is one is the antithesis, i.
e Dystopia Imagine living in a country, whose leaders apply a totalitarian system in regulating their citizen, in the most extreme ways, which make Hitler, Mao, Stalin and that old bloke in V for Vendetta look like sissies.
Working, eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, thinking, procreatingin short living, all are controlled by the state Any hint of obedience or dislike can be detected by various state apparatus such as the Thought Police, telescreen, or even your children, who will not hesitate to betray you to the authorities Even language is modified in such ways that you cannot express yourself, since individualism is a crime.
The past is controlled, rewritten into something that will strengthen the incumbent ruler Who controls the past, controls the future Who controls the present, controls the past There is no real truth The truth is what the state says it is Black is white, 2 2 5, if the state says so.
The world in 1984 is divided into three states, originated from the ashes from World War II Oceania British Isles, the Americas, Pacific, Australia , Eurasia Europe Russia , and Eastasia the rest of it Continuous warfare between those three who hold similar ideologies is required to keep the society s order and peace Si vis pacem para bellum That s describes the first slogan.
The second slogan, freedom is slavery, means the only way to be free is by letting you lose yourself and to be integrated within the Party That way, you ll be indestructible and immortal.
Ignorance is strength, means the division on high, middle, low classes in society will never be changed The middle wants to be the high and they ll act on behalf of the low to dethrone the high Afterwards, a new middle class arises, all will change except the low The high and middle make and uphold the law, the low proletarian is just too stupid to revolt The state maintains its structure by torture, intimidation, violence, and brainwashing.
Blimey, Orwell s Animal Farm is already depressing, but 1984 gives depression a new meaning, at least for me.
In George Orwell s 1984, Winston Smith is an open source developer who writes his code offline because his ISP has installed packet sniffers that are regulated by the government under the Patriot Act It s really for his own protection, though From, like, terrorists and DVD pirates and stuff Like every good American, he drinks Coca Cola and his processed food has desensitized his palate to all but four flavors sweet, salty so that you will drink coca cola, sweet, and Cooler Ranch tm His benevolent overlords have provided him with some war happening somewhere for some reason so that he, and the rest of the population, can be sure that the government is really in his best interests In fact, the news always has some story about Paris Hilton or yet another white girl who has been abducted by some evil bastard who is biologically wired by 200,000 years of human evolution to fuck 12 year olds, but is socially conditioned to be obsessed with sex, yet also to feel guilty about it This culminates into a distorted view of sexuality, and results in rape and murder, which both make for very good news topics This, too, is in Winston s best interests because, while fear is healthy, thinking too much about his own mortality is strictly taboo, as it may lead to something dangerously insightful, and he might lose his taste for Coca Cola and breast implants The television also plays on his fears of the unknown by exaggerating stereotypes of minorities and homosexuals, under the guise of celebrating diversity , but even these images of being ghetto fabulous and a lisping interior designer actually exist solely to promote racism and homophobia, which also prove to be efficient distractions.
For some reason, Winston gets tired of eating recycled Pop Tarts and eating happy pills and pretending to be interested in sports and manufactured news items But, in the end, they fix him and he s happy again Or something.